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MQL vs. SQL: What’s The Difference and Why Does It Matter?

MQL vs SQL MQL is a lead that marketing deems fit for a sales pitch and is more likely to become a customer. SQL is a lead who has been identified by the sales team as a prospect. MQLs are … Read More

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Sales Prospecting Techniques

10 Ultimate Sales Prospecting Techniques

62% of buyers prefer to hear from the sellers when they are actively looking for the solutions of their pain points and 75% sellers mentioned that sales prospecting is the biggest challenge for them. When 62% of buyers are ready … Read More

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Best Sales Tools: The Ultimate List (2019)

Best Sales Tools: The Ultimate List For Sales Teams

The sales team in any organization is one of the most important, if not the most, revenue-generating sources. But sadly, most organizations do not even think about providing the team with the various sales tools available in the market today. … Read More

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websummit Startup List

Startups Exhibiting at Web Summit – 2019

Web Summit is an annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal which hosts startups from around the world under one roof. It is the biggest and one fo the most important techs event in the world. From startups to Fortune … Read More

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How To Get Qualified Leads

How To Get Qualified Leads: 5 Proven Techniques

More than 60% of B2B marketers send random leads to their sales team out of which only 27% turn out to be qualified for sales. Thus, it’s a no-brainer that your sales will improve by a huge margin if you … Read More

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Top 10 Website Metrics to track

Top 10 Website Metrics You Should Track

Analyzing Website Analysis Metrics is crucial to any business. There are things to keep in mind while measuring key matrices. … Read More

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Sales call routine

Sales Call Routine That Will Skyrocket Your Deal Closure Rates

Every sales call is crucial. No matter how it went, it would help if you were on your toes, even after you think you aced it. Every marketing division has a cold calling sales guy. It is because cold calls … Read More

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Email Campaigns: When to send them

Email Campaigns: When to Send Them? – Explained

What is the best time to send out your email campaigns? The answer is not as simple as picking up a time slot. It is because email marketing in itself is a complex ecosystem that changes dynamically. … Read More

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Personalize Email Marketing Campaigns

Personalize Email Marketing For Better ROI

Personalize your email marketing. It delivers the highest ROI among all digital marketing channels. The personalized emails hold the helm of the highest open rate and click-through-rates. Yes, it is a fact, and there are various reasons for the same. You earn 38$ for every dollar spent. … Read More

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