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Sales Skills every sales rep should have

13 Sales Skills Every Sales Rep Should Have

If you want to grow in the world of business development, there are certain sales skills you must possess. As easy as it sounds, business development actually requires a lot of strategies, planning and certain basic skills. There are diverse … Read More

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How to generate B2B leads

21 Ways To Generate B2B Leads In 2020

Lead generation for B2B is not about hurtling towards a “secret recipe” that can get you a massive number of leads. Instead, try building the best lead generation strategy that works for your business. It is about understanding and inculcating … Read More

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Cold email templates

12 Cold Email Templates To Generate More Sales

Almost every sales process starts with a series of cold emails. If you’re a newbie in the world of business development, learning how to write effective cold call emails is very crucial. And what better way to write these emails … Read More

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Sales follow up email templates

16 Sales Follow up Email Templates that Convert

Sales reset its strategy clock every month. The strategies keep changing each month based on their effectiveness. Likewise, the email templates should be updated if the existing one is not outcome-driven.  A sales email template is always followed by several … Read More

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7 aspects of digital marketing for startups in 2020

7 Aspects of Digital Marketing For Hyper-Growth Start-ups in 2020

Marketing is solely dependent on the customers you cater to. With the needs and expectations of your customers changing every day, your strategies, tools and messaging continue to develop.  In the modern era, we have moved into a mobile-first strategy … Read More

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How to launch on Product Hunt

How To Launch on Product Hunt: An Actionable Checklist For 2020

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer in a nascent startup, Product Hunt might be THE place for you to launch your product. Launching a new product isn’t easy, especially since the online space is already super crowded with … Read More

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B2B data providers

Top 20 B2B data providers

Data is the core of sales and marketing function today. The performance of sales and marketing campaigns depends significantly on data quality. Many B2B sales professionals and marketers are still averse to the usage of a B2B Database. Therefore, this … Read More

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What is outbound sales?

What is Outbound Sales?

The Outbound sales is a process in which a seller or someone on behalf of the seller reaches out to the customer to engage. The “cold calls” initiates the first contact to leads. Contact details are usually acquired from a … Read More

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4 Ultimate B2B Sales Strategies

4 Ultimate B2B Sales Strategies To Scale Your Revenue

A business requires several well-crafted strategies to thrive. Especially if you sell products and/or services to other businesses, having good B2B sales strategies are a must. We have been in the B2B space for more than 2 decades now and … Read More

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