Aren’t you tired of making a list of your prospective number of psychiatrists in the US? Making a list of active psychiatrists is not an easy task. You have to consider all the cities, states, and all the specialties to make this list. This takes lots of your time and energy.

But having the list of your prospects is vital, it helps you to categorize and segment your audience. It helps you plan your outreach better. Without it, it’s like working in the dark. 

So what’s the solution?

The answer lies in this blog. 

Read till the end to get many ideas for your ideal client acquisition.

Let’s get started with the number of psychiatrists in the US per specialty. There are many kinds of specialty within psychiatrists too, which include

  • Behavioral neurologist and neuropsychiatrist, 
  • child and adolescent psychiatry, 
  • neuropsychiatrist, 
  • pediatric psychiatry, 
  • pharmacist psychiatrists, 

and so on.

Let’s see how many psychiatrists are there in the US in each specialty.


Number of Psychiatrists in the US

SpecialtyNumber of psychiatrists

Behavioral neurologist and neuropsychiatrist117
Child and adolescent psychiatry4290
pediatric psychiatry66
pharmacist psychiatrists636
Addiction psychiatrists472
Forensic psychiatrist786
Geriatric psychiatrist597

Once you have the number of psychiatrists in each of these specialties, next comes searching for the list of psychiatrists in the category for which your product is suitable.

There are many ways of preparing this list includes

  1. Use online health directories
  2. Contact a mental health organization
  3. Consult professional licensing board
  4. Seek referrals from trusted sources
  5. Utilize academic institution
  6. Check the local hospital website
  7. Consider private practice network

But as discussed above these methods are time-consuming and tedious. To solve this problem you can get help from various data providers or purchase healthcare contact intelligence tools.

Both methods are an easier and more effective way of getting a list of your prospective psychiatrists in no time.

One such contact intelligence tool is Ampliz. With comprehensive data of 4.6 million healthcare professionals, Ampliz helps you get the list of your prospects along with their email addresses, direct numbers, and mobile numbers with 25+ search filters.

Ampliz Healthcare contact intelligence provides you with the list of psychiatrists in the US that looks like below.

NameHospital nameLocationEmail addressDirect dial
Michael William KahnBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterBoston, MA, USA[email protected]617-667-8322
Narayan Murti koduriGreat Plains Regional Medical CenterNorth Platte, NE, USA[email protected]308-696-7251
Kelly E ErvinAurora Psychiatric Hospital;Boston, MA, USA
[email protected]617-726-2000
William Wayne HollifiedShands AGH hospitalGainesville, FL, USA[email protected]352-265-7999
Ryan Alexander mallPresbyterian medical groupAlbuquerque, NM, USA[email protected]505-291-5300
Tolani AjagbeSUNY Upstate Medical University HospitalSyracuse, NY, USA[email protected]315-464-5540
Vinnet MehtaHolmes Regional Medical CenterMelbourne, FL, USA[email protected]321-434-1771
Samata Sharma[email protected]Brigham & Women’s Hospital[email protected][email protected]
Prasanti tatiniTallahassee memorial healthcareTallahassee, FL, USA[email protected]850-431-5119

Thus if you are subscribing to Ampliz healthcare intelligence tool, you can get all the details of your prospective psychiatrist.

Not only this, but Ampliz lets you choose the recency of the data. You can choose the data as latest as 30 days, 60 days, and 120 days, that offers you accuracy of >85%, >75% and <75% respectively.

In each specialty of psychiatrist you can further narrow down your search by choosing the particular disease treated by physicians. This helps you plan your outreach effectively.

Now when you have the list of your prospects along with their contact details, next comes how to approach them. No matter how accurate details of the prospects you have, how you approach them matters the most. 

Let’s see how you should approach so that your prospects can’t resist saying yes.

How to approach psychiatrists in the US

When it comes to approaching psychiatrists in the US, there are several effective strategies you can employ. Here’s a creative and concise approach:

1. Personalize your outreach

Start by researching the psychiatrist you wish to connect with. Understand their background, specialties, and interests. Tailor your email or message accordingly to show that you’ve done your homework and have a genuine interest in collaborating.

2. Offer value through content

Psychiatrists are always looking for valuable resources that can benefit their patients or enhance their knowledge base. Create informative content such as blog posts, eBooks, or webinars specifically designed for mental health professionals. Share these resources with the psychiatrist as a gesture of goodwill and establish yourself as an expert in the field.

3. Highlight success stories

Gather testimonials from other psychiatrists who have successfully used your product or service in their practice. Showcase how it has positively impacted patient outcomes or improved efficiency within the clinic setting. These success stories will draw attention and generate interest among psychiatrists who may be considering similar solutions.

4. Attend industry conferences or events

Actively participate in psychiatric conferences where you can network with professionals face-to-face while expanding your knowledge of current trends and challenges within the field of mental health care marketing.

5 Collaborate on research studies

Psychiatrists often engage in research projects to advance medical understanding and develop new treatments/therapies for various mental illnesses.

Approach them with proposals for collaborative research studies focusing on areas relevant to both parties’ interests, expertise, or products/services offered.

6 Provide continuing education opportunities

Offer educational workshops/webinars/seminars aimed at helping psychiatrists stay updated with emerging tools, techniques, technologies in marketing specifically tailored towards healthcare providers like themselves.


7 Leverage social media platforms

Establish an online presence by creating informative yet engaging content related to psychiatric practices on social media platforms such as LinkedIn groups dedicated to mental health professionals or Twitter chats centered around psychological well-being topics.

8. Foster referral partnerships

Build relationships with psychiatrists by acknowledging their expertise and referring patients who may require additional specialized care or services that complement their practice. This mutually beneficial collaboration can help establish trust and credibility.

Remember, approaching psychiatrists as a marketer requires empathy, understanding, and an appreciation for the sensitive nature of mental health care.

By demonstrating your commitment to improving patient outcomes and providing valuable resources, you can foster meaningful connections with these professionals while making a positive impact in the field of psychiatric healthcare marketing.


Thus success of your outreach depends upon an accurate list of psychiatrists and how you approach them. And if you have a list that tells you all the details of your potential customer, then approaching them at the right time and with the right message becomes easier.