Best Healthcare Email Lists Providers in US


You have made up your mind to take help from database providers for your need for a healthcare email list

This decision of yours not only helps you to improve your targeting but also enhances your campaign performance. 

Now onwards only upwards and beyond.

But, it seems you are still confused. You are not able to decide which data provider you should trust.

It’s quite obvious to feel confused when the market is flooded with hundreds of email list providers.

And to overcome your confusion we have written this blog for you.

We have listed 11 top email list providers you should consider for your need for an email list.

Before we share top industry players, let’s discuss important traits you should consider while choosing the healthcare email list provider.

The email list provider you choose should provide you with a list of emails that are accurate, real-time updated, targeted, and compliant with all the security standards.

If your data provider doesn’t fulfill any of these requirements, then it will do more harm than good.

Ampliz provides an 85% accurate, real-time updated, targeted, and compliant database.

Ampliz lets you choose the recency of data, with data as latest at 30 days, 60 days, and 120 days, with accuracy levels of >85%, >75%, and <75%.

With this kept in mind let’s see some of the popular healthcare email list providers.


With the changing landscape of medical marketing, it’s more important than ever to get your message out.

And the best way to do that is through email lists. But not just any email list – you need a top-quality healthcare email list provider who can provide you with verified and refreshed contacts on an ongoing basis.

Enter Ampliz: one of the leading providers of healthcare email lists, we have everything you need for your next marketing campaign!

The pandemic transformed the whole world in ways we still have not been able to understand and neither comprehend.

When on one side, medical units around the world suffered a huge blow which they probably did not even think of, on the other side, it also evolved to be as efficient as one can hope for.

Ampliz’s Healthcare Intelligence platform is one such example. During this pandemic, our team dedicated their time to building something exceptional that would help healthcare businesses out there to reach out to their potential prospects just by sitting in their remote place.

We came up with a 360-degree healthcare intelligence platform that collects, store, manage, and delivers high-quality healthcare intelligence that businesses leverage for their client outreach.

It stores millions of data of entities including hospitals, other healthcare centres, physicians, nurses, and HC executives.

Get Customized Medical Email List Mail Store, Cardiologist Email List Mails Store, Medical Mailing List by SIC Code.

Improve your ROI with medical email list mails store, nurses email list mails store, and hospital email list mails store.

Let’s have a detailed look into the product in the listing section.

Just like a surgeon cannot operate in the absence of the right tools, so does the medical industry need healthcare marketing email list, to strengthen its power.

The USA healthcare companies bring to you a spectrum of professionals who are surgeons, physicians, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, pharmacists, and many more.

Healthcare Contact Lists

Top healthcare email lists providers

Here are the top 11 best healthcare email lists providers in the USA, to help you with a list of medical contacts, doctors, healthcare sectors, therapists, and healthcare marketing email lists so on.

Don’t forget to verify email addresses before reaching out, to avoid unwanted bounces or spammy emails.

1. Ampliz

2. Lake B2B

3. H C Marketers

4. MMSLists

5. BinaryClues

6. Redi-Data

7. ZoomInfo

8. Definitive Healthcare

9. Mail Prospects

10. Medicoleads

11. Doctor databases

#1. Ampliz

Ampliz is one of the leading and best healthcare email list providers in USA having the largest set of healthcare databases.

Above 4 million+ physicians data and more than 8K+ hospitals data, hospitals mailing list is serving thousands of healthcare businesses across the US.

healthcare email lists providers

It has helped businesses to promote their business and generate high campaign ROI through validated data sets.

Ampliz’s advanced healthcare intelligence platform helps you search customized and personalized data through 25 search filters and advanced algorithms.

Get access to the most segmented datasets that satisfy your deepest data thirst by visiting Ampliz.

Some of its most popular Healthcare industry email lists include:

Healthcare Specialty ListCounts_UpdatedContact Ampliz
Healthcare Email List2,301,484Request More Info
Orthopedic surgeons Email List25,834Request More Info
Oncologist Email List26,504Request More Info
Doctor Email List844,957Request More Info
Dermatologists Email List16,590Request More Info
Hospital Email List8,957Request More Info
Nurses Email List358,840Request More Info
Physician Email List844,957Request More Info
Pharmacist Email List52,103Request More Info
Urologist Email List8,986Request More Info
Cardiologist Email List35,931Request More Info
Pediatric dentists Email List1,829Request More Info
Neurologist Email List24,827Request More Info
Radiologist Email List39,498Request More Info
Gynecologist Email List2,977Request More Info
General Practitioners Email List35,763Request More Info
Primary Care Physician Email Database286,893Request More Info
Mental Health Professionals Lists288,414Request More Info
Physician Assistants (PAs) Mailing List283,005Request More Info
Ophthalmologist Email Lists16,996Request More Info
Physiotherapists Email List71,686Request More Info
Acupuncturist Email List4,672Request More Info
Dental Laboratories Email Lists3,508Request More Info
Plastic Surgeons Email List8,652Request More Info
Endocrinologist Email List8,994Request More Info
Vascular Surgeon Email List3,424Request More Info
Dentists Email Lists105,942Request More Info
Chiropractors Email List24,107Request More Info
Psychiatrist Email List32,423Request More Info
Optometrist Email List21,839Request More Info

And Many More!!

Ampliz is a leading healthcare contact list provider company that offers predictive and prescriptive data-driven solutions to help healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and government agencies achieve their goals.

Ampliz can quickly identify new business opportunities by analyzing hospital claims data or quality metrics in real time.

If you’re looking for new sales opportunities or want to make your go-to-market strategy more effective, sign up for a free trial of our Hospitals email list today!

Healthcare Data – Contact Us

Ampliz’s physician email lists connect you to the right prospects

Ampliz is a leading provider of email lists for physicians.

We provide physician email lists across the globe, enabling you to reach the right prospects and increase your business network.

Our innovative technology filters down data based on criteria set by our clients, so that they can get in touch with the right people as quickly as possible.

Our personalized services include professional research, custom website design and marketing strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

If you are looking for a way to expand your physician email list, then Ampliz is the perfect place for you.

Ampliz has a wide range of healthcare lists that include both physicians and nurses, including specialties such as orthopedics, physiatrist email list mails store, nurse practitioner email database, doctors email list mails store, ophthalmologists email list, general surgery, neurology and cardiology.

Need Physician Email Lists?

Ampliz offers one of the largest physician email lists in the USA.

If you’re looking for a physician mailing list or doctors email list mails store, then you have come to the right place.

With our company’s vast experience and years of data collection, we are able to provide a range of medical professionals with targeted marketing campaigns.

Our mailing lists are carefully screened so that your message is only sent to qualified prospects who will be interested in what you offer.

Ampliz is one of the best places to buy healthcare and physician email lists.


#2. Lake B2B

Lake B2B is an alternative to AMPLIZ is among the most trusted healthcare email list providers in USA. Its email list is absolutely authentic, verified, and updated.


It gathers important contact details of healthcare experts that are extensively verified by data professionals and are perfectly categorized before adding each of them to the final Healthcare industry email list and top choice for healthcare digital marketing agency.

It invests a lot of time and a range of resources to collect the directed healthcare mailing list.

Some of its most popular Healthcare email lists include:

  • Brain Injury Specialists Email List
  • Clinical Pharmacologist Email List
  • Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiologist Database
  • Anesthesiologist Email List
  • Clinical Lipidologist Email List
  • Psychologist Email List

#3. H C Marketers

H C Marketers or Healthcare Marketers, are one of the best healthcare email list providers, which brings to you quality and trust.

Their email list helps to bridge the communication break between your target audience and you.

It also gives you access to the best leads worldwide, that is based on lifestyle, specialty and geographical data.

H C Marketers

H C Marketers email list is uniquely designed to provide you with the most precise and constructive path towards your business targets.

The healthcare mailing lists are provided by a team of dedicated professionals to accumulate all the available data and verify them so that you get access to 98% deliverable and 100% accurate healthcare contact database.

The popular healthcare email list mails store that are provided are:

  • Cardiologist Email List
  • Urologist Email List
  • Dentist Email List
  • Psychiatrists Email List
  • Optometrists email list mails store
  • Hematologist Email List

#4. MMSLists

MSLists is a great healthcare marketing data, which is developed and is delivered to prop up your company’s market.

They guarantee you with a complete, scrubbed, accurate, tailored and ready-to-go dataset.

MMS Lists

It also provides you with Direct Mail Lists which is a key element in any healthcare marketing mix, and especially when it is used in conjunction with any email.

MMSLists makes it sure that you reach the correct mailboxes.

It includes a list of experts that will make a real and immense difference in the healthcare email marketing element of your campaign.

Its popular medical marketing databases are:

  • Pharmacists email list mails store
  • Med-email Physicians
  • Physician Associations
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Diabetes educators

#5. BinaryClues

The Healthcare economy is valued in trillions of dollars across the world and is huge.

The healthcare email lists provided by BinaryClues provide you with numerous US hospitals, medical insurance providers, CME providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical marketers and many more.


It offers one of the best databases for US based healthcare providers and hospitals. It comes up with the contact details, email ID, specialties, contact addresses and other essential information of the US hospitals and enables total flexibility.

The most-known healthcare email contact list are:

  • Internal Medicine Specialists Email List
  • Oral Surgeon’s Email List
  • Pathologists Email List
  • Phlebotomists Email List
  • Anatomical Clinical Pathologist Email List

#6. Redi Data

Redi Data is one of the best healthcare email list providers, as it delivers the most compassed selection of email lists and medical mailing in the market.

It helps you to create the complete scenario of your target audience using appropriate and accurate geographic, practice-related and demographic information.

Redi data

The healthcare email list provided by Redi Data brings you millions of best quality healthcare experts and hc professionals which include dentists, nurses, physician assistants, doctors, pharmacists email list mails store, nurse practitioners and many more.

Redi Data’s Healthcare email list includes:

  • Dentists email list mails store
  • Mental Health Professionals Email List
  • State-Licensed Nurses Email List
  • Nurse practitioner email database
  • Diabetes Educators Email List
  • State-Licensed Pharmacists Email List

#7. ZoomInfo


The list of healthcare emails of ZoomInfo simplifies the manager of business campaigning and communication with their exclusive Healthcare executives mailing list.

It generally combines the database related to business contacts with best tech to point your customers out and deliver the exact intelligence that you need to hit your target number.


#8. Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare is one of the leading providers of healthcare contact database and insights is Definitive Healthcare.

It puts forward a list of physicians, hospitals and several healthcare providers in USA.

definitive healthcare

It helps you to access the market with the most updated and comprehensive data on the following:

  • Technology installations
  • Medical claims
  • Patient population
  • Demographics
  • Provider’s financial data

It provides its clients with the analytics that are needed to successfully segment, research and distinguish the healthcare provider market.

#9. Mail Prospects

Mail Prospects

The healthcare industry email list by Mail Prospects provides healthcare marketers with direct access to break into verticals and niche markets easily.

Their email list makes B2B communication extremely responsive. Their targeted healthcare email list includes:

  • Doctors Email List
  • Diagnostic Radiology Mailing List
  • HMO and PPO Managers Mailing List
  • Cosmetologists Email List
  • Geriatrician Email List
  • General Practice Mailing List
  • Medical and Hospital Equipment Industry Email List

#10. Medicoleads

Medicoleads Healthcare executive’s mailing lists are properly customized and segmented to include areas such as mailing address with state/city, phone numbers, speciality, zip code and hospital affiliation.


It is regularly cleaned to avoid duplicates and remove incorrect data. The validated and verified healthcare email lists contains:

  • Audiologist Mailing List
  • Adolescent Medicine Nurses Email List
  • Asthma Specialist Email List
  • Abortion Information Email List
  • Public Health Nurses Email List
  • Hospital Decision Makers Email List

#11. Doctor databases

It offers you a list of targeted surgeons, doctors, chiropractors and other medical experts, combined in a directory data layout.

The information that it provides is essential to every type of business or campaign.

It does not strictly limit itself in just providing solutions for healthcare issues but it also provides ideas for you to bargain your services or market a brand new product.

Ampliz brings to you an exclusive list of best healthcare email list providers in the USA, from where you can select the one that suits your requirements.

Dig in the list and give a kick-start to your dreams today!

Frequently Asked Questions On Healthcare Email List

Who are the top providers for healthcare mailing lists?

If you are looking for the best quality healthcare mailing lists, look no further than Ampliz.

Our lists include accurate and verified contact information from thousands of medical professionals.

We specialize in creating custom healthcare marketing campaigns and are committed to providing you with the latest data at competitive prices.

With our services, you can reach out to the right people in a cost-effective manner and get your message across quickly and effectively.

Which is the best portal to buy Healthcare mailing lists?

Ampliz is the best provider of healthcare mailing list, we have a wide selection of lists tailored to your needs.

Our healthcare lists are regularly updated and verified to ensure accuracy, so you can be confident in the precision of your data.

We also offer additional services like email validation, data cleansing and data appending, to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns.

In what formats Healthcare mailing lists are available?

Healthcare mailing lists are available in a variety of formats to suit the needs and preferences of different businesses.

Some common formats include:

1. Excel or CSV files: These are simple, easy-to-use spreadsheets that can be opened with Microsoft Excel or other similar software. They typically contain basic demographic information such as name, address, phone number, and email address.

2. CRM integration: Many healthcare mailing list providers offer integration with popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot. This allows businesses to easily import and manage their healthcare leads within their existing systems.

3. Direct mail lists: For businesses that prefer physical direct mail marketing over electronic communication, some healthcare mailing list providers also offer traditional direct mail lists containing postal addresses for targeted marketing campaigns.

4. Customized databases: In addition to standard pre-built lists, some healthcare mailing list providers allow businesses to create custom databases tailored to specific criteria such as geographic location, physician specialty areas, practice size, etc.

Overall, choosing the right format for your healthcare mailing list depends on your business’s unique needs and goals for reaching potential customers in the industry effectively and efficiently.

How can we generate more leads with healthcare email lists?

Generating more leads with healthcare email lists requires a strategic approach that considers both the quality of the list and the content of your emails.

Here are some tips:

1. Targeted List Building: One way to generate more leads is by building targeted email lists that focus on specific groups of individuals within the healthcare industry, such as doctors, nurses or hospital administrators. By targeting these groups, you can create personalized messages that resonate with their unique needs.

2. Engaging Subject Lines: The subject line is one of the most important parts of an email as it determines whether someone will open your message or not. Use engaging and compelling subject lines to increase open rates and encourage recipients to click through.

3. High-Quality Content: Your email should provide value to your audience by offering insightful information about topics that matter to them in their professional lives. This could be anything from industry trends, best practices, or new regulations affecting healthcare providers.

4. Personalization: Personalizing emails can help establish rapport and build trust with potential customers who receive hundreds of similar marketing emails every day.

5. Call-to-Action (CTA): Every email should have a clear CTA encouraging recipients to take a specific action like scheduling an appointment or signing up for a newsletter.

6. Follow-up Emails: Follow-up emails help keep prospects engaged over time so they don’t forget about you after receiving one initial communication.

7. A/B Testing Campaigns: A/B testing involves creating two variations of an email campaign with different variables like subject line length, tone or design elements then testing which version performs better in terms of opens, clicks, and conversions.

In conclusion, generating more leads with healthcare email lists requires careful planning starting from list building down to crafting high-quality content while always keeping personalization in mind throughout each aspect along with follow-ups and regularly conducting A/B tests are guaranteed ways towards success!

Are healthcare email lists useful?

Yes, healthcare email lists are incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. Healthcare is an industry that requires constant communication and collaboration between professionals, patients, and organizations.