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Top 5 industries growing during COVID-19

Top 5 Industries growing during Covid-19

The novel coronavirus is a horrifying human tragedy that is having an unprecedented global impact. Starting in Wuhan, China, and moving across the globe, the pandemic has today affected almost every individual, either directly or indirectly. People are dying, businesses … Read More

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what is email appending

What Is Email Appending and What Are Some of The Services?

As a marketer or salesperson, you would always want to add emails to your customer list in the most effective way. This becomes more critical because email addresses can change frequently. It is a known fact that around 30% of … Read More

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what is b2b data?

What is B2B data?

Prospecting for new buyers is a tough proposition for every salesperson, especially in the B2B domain. It is quite crucial to have a targeted list, which has pre-qualified leads. Time is money, and it can’t be truer when it comes … Read More

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All about sales promotion

All About Sales Promotion: Definition, Techniques & Examples

Since sales is the key in generating revenue, all organizations put their effort into having more sales. There are different marketing strategies they adopt to achieve good sales, sales promotion is one of them. Sales promotion involves different promotional activities … Read More

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sales and marketing alignment

Aligning Sales & Marketing is Crucial for Success – Here’s Why

Sales and marketing alignment has become the talk of the town these days. It is a crucial factor for any business as both the teams are completely accountable for the revenue generation of an organization directly or indirectly. Let’s see … Read More

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How does account based marketing work?

How Does Account-Based Marketing Actually Work?

These days, many marketers started including account-based marketing into their marketing strategies. As per a Siriusdecision report, in 2016, more than 70% of B2B companies possess staff who are dedicated to the account-based marketing program. Whereas, in 2015, only 20% … Read More

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all about sales playbook

What is a Sales Playbook and how do you create one?

Playbooks are a vital part of any team effort, and sales are no different. A sales playbook can help you build processes that convert into organized winning habits. When you integrate sales playbooks into your business plan, you can expect … Read More

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sales forecasting templates

14 Ultimate Sales Forecasting Templates (Free Download)

Sales forecasting refers to the weekly/monthly/yearly process of projecting revenue by a company. Every company uses some sort of forecasting method to projects its revenue. One of the prime reasons why forecasting is important is to have a set goal … Read More

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how to sell during coronavirus pandemic

How to Sell During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus /COVID-19 took the world by a storm a few months back this year. The impact it has had on businesses is overwhelming, to say the least. With rampant layoffs happening across the globe and the steep decline in business … Read More

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