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What is B2B Sales

What Is B2B Sales?

Business development or sales can be classified into 2 broad categories: B2B and B2C. Although some business models include D2C (direct to customer) or B2B2C, the aforementioned two are the most common. B2B sales and B2C sales have more differences … Read More

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Sales qualification with BANT

All About BANT

BANT describes the sales qualification process for stimulating and acquiring an interest in a product or service to develop a high-quality sales pipeline. Sales qualification is the process of deciding whether the prospect in front of you (the potential customer) … Read More

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sales qualification

Sales Qualification Frameworks Beyond BANT

Selling a service or product is like building a relationship. You need to meet the right person at the right time. The question here is, what qualifies (sales qualification) a prospect as the right opportunity. Connecting with a prospect too … Read More

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Cold call scripts

5 Proven Cold calling Scripts

Let’s admit that cold calling is tough and its critics even say that it has gone out of fashion and become dead. If you have ever faced a rude rejection, you might be compelled to say that it’s true. However, … Read More

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what is data enrichment

What is Data Enrichment?

In the B2B domain, data enrichment is one of the important elements of data hygiene. Data is considered to be the livelihood of the modern-day businesses and formulating customer service, marketing, and sales strategies is not possible without data. Business … Read More

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what is lead scoring?

What is Lead Scoring and How Does it Work?

Lead scoring comes into picture when you have a lot of leads in your sales funnel and your sales reps are not able to track them to measure their behavior. If your reps are tracking the leads’ position in your … Read More

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What is account based marketing? (abm)

What Is Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing (ABM) is finding increasing popularity among several B2B marketers. They are making it an essential component of their marketing efforts. ABM is a concept that meets both the short-term goal – to generate leads, and the long-term … Read More

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Sales forecasting - What is it and why is it important?

All About Sales Forecasting: Definition, Methods, and Tools

Forecasting is a prominent business exercise every company should practice. It not only helps to predict things but also reveals the hidden causes of a particular business problem. The companies which don’t have a proper sales forecast have a vague … Read More

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Sales funnel templates

Sales Funnel Templates for Start-ups

If you are seeking inspiration for crafting the perfect funnel for your business, here are 17 sales funnel templates for you to have a look at. A sales funnel is a crucial entity for your sales team and can benefit … Read More

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