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Sales qualification with BANT

What Is Bant? And B2B Sales Qualification in 2022

“BANT” describes the sales qualification process for stimulating and acquiring an interest in a product or service to develop a high-quality sales pipeline. Sales qualification is the process of deciding whether the prospect in front of you (the potential customer) is … Read More

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What is Intent Data And Its types

“Intent Data“- this phrase is making quite a noise in today’s B2B and B2C marketing and sales campaigns. But is this only a buzz word or is there a logic behind it? Does it really help close more deals or … Read More

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4 Tips on How to Research New Opportunities for Your Business Using The Right Software & Tools – Obtaining Data and Making Sense of It for Your Benefit

In the world of business, we hear the words “market research” a lot. But what does it mean? How can we use market research to bring our business to success? In this article, we cover the significant know-how of market … Read More

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sales statistics - 2019

31 Mind-Blowing Sales Statistics You Need to Know In 2022

Remember the days when the ONLY way to generate a sales was to find a local business, grab the phone and call them to pitch your product or service. Sales reps used to spend their days like this. But now … Read More

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32 Free & Discounted Sales Productive Tools To Help You Through The Coronavirus Period

People are willingly giving away free/discounted products, subscriptions, templates, cheat sheets, online courses, training modules and much more. This is absolutely crucial because most businesses are bleeding money at this moment. Free or discounted tools/subscriptions are a boon during this pandemic. … Read More

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7 Step Guide to Starting a New Healthcare Business in the USA

There is an ongoing rise in the number of patients with chronic and degenerative diseases in the race of living longer. It has resulted in many challenges faced by the current healthcare infrastructure. This, in turn, triggered innovative entrepreneurs to … Read More

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Virtues of Virtual Health: The New Normal

The healthcare industry is here to stay- but meeting ever-growing demands for the consumer-minded and aging are loaded with their own set of challenges.  How to overcome the challenges? Virtual Health promises to do that. It is accessible, available, and … Read More

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