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9+ Best Recruitment Practices For Businesses In 2023

Recent technological advancement and post-pandemic implications from 2020 are forcing the modern workplace to evolve. With just a few months left of the new year, you must stay on top of the best recruitment practices to attract the best talent. … Read More

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Top 18 Medical Device Marketing Strategies To Watch in 2023

When it comes to healthcare marketing, the competition is stiff. Whether you are in the pharmaceutical or in the medical device industry, to sell your product or market your service you need a marketing strategy to scale your business. And … Read More

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10 Easy Tips and Strategies to Deal with Nurse Burnout

Long working hours, stressful working conditions, and a higher workload have made nurse burnout a very common phenomenon. Burnout among nurses was very common before the pandemic also, but the pandemic made it worse. As of a 2017, Kronos study, … Read More

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The Effects of Nurse Burnout

Nurse burnout was very common before the pandemic also, but the pandemic has worsened the situation.  Increased workload, long working hours, work-life imbalance, and emotional and physical exhaustion have made nurse burnout a very common term among healthcare professionals.  What … Read More

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Signs Of Nurse Burnout And Ways To Prevent It

Workplace burnout is a common issue every industry is facing today, and the nursing industry is no different. Nurse burnout is the major challenge the healthcare industry is facing today. Due to long working hours, work-life imbalance, emotional and physical … Read More

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Top 10 Short Term Acute Care Hospital In the USA

Short-term acute care hospital is the most common type of medical facility or hospitals in the US intended to provide care for sudden sickness, injury, or chronic sickness.  According to one report, there are almost 3900 short-term acute care hospitals in … Read More

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How To Clean Your Healthcare Contact Database

Cleaning up healthcare contact databases is so important to take full advantage of healthcare big data. All the benefits of healthcare big data, namely improved care, increased revenue, and better decision making will be realized only if the quality of … Read More

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How to Recruit Healthcare Professionals

How to recruit healthcare professionals is the question every healthcare organization in the USA is facing today. Recruiting healthcare professionals with the right skills and talent is the prerequisite for delivering good patient care. Experienced and qualified healthcare professionals are … Read More

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List of Top Pharma Companies in the USA by Revenue

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the USA have a significant impact on global health, prosperity, and economic productivity.  Most of the top US pharmaceutical companies are multinational companies that are engaged in research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of chemical … Read More

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Top 20 Assisted Living Facilities In California By Bed Count

Do you consider the size of the organization of your prospects before pitching them? One of the very important traits to look for in your prospects is the size of their organization. Because very small organizations have a very small capacity … Read More

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Top 10 Largest Nursing Home Companies in the United States by Bed Counts

As a marketer you must be always wondering about the market size of your target audience, the future of the targeted industry, their need, and most importantly ways to get its contact details to take your business to the next … Read More

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7 Proven Nursing Homes Marketing Strategies

Selling becomes much easier when your products meet the demands of your target audience. And that’s why the first and foremost thing when it comes to marketing strategy to nursing homes is to get to know nursing homes, i.e. their … Read More

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List Of Long-Term Care Facilities In The USA

The increased amount of chronic diseases, the high number of baby boomers, and their unmet needs have increased the demands for long-term care facilities in the USA. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2016, nearly 8.3 million … Read More

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Top 25 Skilled Nursing Facilities In the USA By Net Patient Revenue

There are almost 16,963 skilled nursing facilities in the USA but do you think these all 16,963 facilities will become your customer? Clearly no, right? As some of them may not require your product and some of them may not … Read More

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Workforce Shortage In Long Term Care Facilities

The long-term care worker shortage has brought this highly demanding and profitable industry of long-term care facilities to the verge of closing. As per the study, 73% of long-term care facilities are on the verge of closing. Like many other … Read More

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Proven Ways to Recruit Physicians

How to recruit physicians is the biggest question healthcare organizations are facing today. So many physicians are suffering through burnout for many reasons namely long working hours, less time with patients, lack of resources and higher administrative tasks  This burnout … Read More

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The Shortage of Healthcare Workers in US And Its Solution

Have you ever thought that the healthcare worker shortage at your organization is impacting not only your organization but the entire nation? Yes, health is wealth, not only for any individual but for the entire economy of the country and … Read More

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What’s the Best Healthcare Recruitment Database

According to the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, due to the increased aging population, and chronic disease, employment in healthcare is projected to grow 16% from 2020-2030, adding about a 2.6million new jobs. These much of massive openings prove to … Read More

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Nurse Burnout In US: How To Prevent Nurse Burnout

Nurses are the backbone of any healthcare organization. From advocating, observing, and speaking about patients’ history, preparing them for exams and treatment, to administering medications and treatments nurses are always overloaded with work and often overlooked. And this may affect … Read More

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Physician Burnout In US: How To Prevent Physicians Burnout

According to the study, physician burnout has reached a new epidemic level with the prevalence of near or exceeding 50% among physicians in practicing and in training in the U.S. Burnout makes physicians and other healthcare professionals less empathetic toward … Read More

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How To Recruit Registered Nurses In The USA

Recruiting registered nurses who are qualified, can work in stressful conditions, good listening and problem-solving ability have become more challenging than ever before. A satisfied customer for any healthcare organization is a timely recovered patient. That smile of gratitude and … Read More

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The 6 Biggest HR Trends In 2022

Post pandemic, using HR management tools to survive in industry has become vital.  Human resource management is a challenging part of the corporate world. A skilled and efficient staff plays a vital role in taking the organization to greater heights … Read More

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Physician Recruitment Strategies

How to staff and recruit physicians in shortage is the biggest challenge every other healthcare organization is facing today. The physician shortage has shown up it’s just going to get worse. Healthcare institutions around the nation are already seeing the … Read More

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Physician Shortage In The USA, Here is the reason

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a global shortage of 4.3 million physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.  The term physician supply is used to describe the number of trained healthcare professionals working as physicians in the healthcare system. It … Read More

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12 Proven Tips to Hire Primary care Physician

The high demand for physicians is impeding the recruiters from implementing physician recruitment best practices to secure the top ones! However, a concentrated effort and the best physician recruitment strategies can help in the successful hiring of primary care physicians. … Read More

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5 Talent Acquisition Trends To Watch In 2022

Preparing for challenges and keeping up with trends in talent acquisition is essential for any healthcare hiring manager in 2022 No matter where in the world you are or what you do for work, the past couple of years have … Read More

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15 Proven Recruitment Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

Recruitment strategies for healthcare organizations have always been a challenge. It is true that the opportunities in the Healthcare Industry have increased tenfold in the post covid era, but it also unfolded the other side of the scenario. Even before … Read More

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Zoominfo Alternative

List of Best ZoomInfo Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

If you are searching for a perfect alternative for Zoominfo, then we must say that Ampliz is the alternative of Zoominfo.
Read More

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Opportunities for the Medical Billing Industry in 2022- A Complete Guide

What is Medical Billing? “Medical Billing” is the backbone of the healthcare revenue cycle. It oversees the payment process for the services offered by a healthcare facility to a patient. A quick and efficient billing process can increase hospital revenue … Read More

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Proven Ways to Build the Ultimate Sales Prospect List

A “prospect list” or a “sales prospect list” is a list of potential clients. These are the people who benefit from your brands’ products or services. … Read More

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How to launch on Product Hunt

How To Launch on Product Hunt: An Actionable Checklist For 2022

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer in a nascent startup, Product Hunt might be the place for you to launch your product. Launching a new product isn’t easy, especially since the online space is already super crowded with … Read More

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Top Hospitals In US

Top Hospitals In the USA 2022

Ampliz provides you with the list of top 20 hospitals in us for the year 2022, along with their specialties, to help you find the right place for your healthcare requirements as we believe – “the groundwork for all happiness is good health”. … Read More

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Best Leadbook Alternatives and Competitors

List of Best 23 LeadBook Alternatives and Competitors – 2022

Leadbook might not be the right fit for your organization or you want another tool to add to the existing data. So, in this article, we shall discuss the list of the best 23 Leadbook Alternatives that you can leverage … Read More

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Lusha Alternatives

Best 20 Lusha Alternatives and Competitors in 2022

Lusha does not cut it anymore for your business? Or, are you looking for Lusha alternatives to complement it? Either way, you should be glad that there are several free lusha alternatives that can uplift your marketing strategies. Ampliz is … Read More

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List of Best Pharmaceutical Companies In Singapore 2022

Singapore or the lion city is famous for its advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, technological sectors, and booming economy.  And with recent innovations and technology, Singapore has seen a significant amount of growth in the pharmaceutical sector.  From pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals … Read More

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How To Find CEO Email Address Of Company

3 Easy Ways To Find CEO Email Address Of Company

CEOs are the top ranking profiles in an organization who play an important role in making corporate decisions. They are busy hopping from one meeting to another, and the best way to reach out to them is via email. This … Read More

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Ultimate List of Sales Intelligence Tools

The Ultimate List of Sales Intelligence Tools

Check out the list of top 20 Sales Intelligence software you can use … Read More

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How to Find Doctors Email Addresses

How to Find Doctors Email Addresses for Free

How to find doctors email addresses for free? Where can I get accurate doctors email addresses? If you are planning for an email marketing run targeting doctors, you will need a targeted doctors email list. There are numerous websites allowing … Read More

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How to Find a Good Chiropractor

How to Find a Qualified Chiropractor In US

Find Chiropractor How do you find a qualified chiropractor? The answer is at Ampliz. We are America’s leading resource for finding healthcare providers and have helped countless people in their search for quality care. With increasing cases of joint pain, … Read More

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Create the ideal customer persona

How to Create Targeted Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)?

A/B testing is primarily used to create compelling landing pages, useful e-mail messages, and designs. It compares two sets of content targeted to the same audience and lets you know what is working. … Read More

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Leading Vendors in Diagnoxtic Imaging Devices

List Of Top Medical Imaging Companies in US

Are you in search of medical imaging devices for procurement or vital contacts for business development purposes? A handy list of contacts from the top medical imaging companies is a must-have. Grab your free sample medical imaging data here.  While … Read More

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All You Need to Know About Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Registered Nurses (RN)

Whether one needs basic first aid care or severe emergencies assistance, nurses are the ones whom you need through the entire process.  Nurses play a vital role in medical care and are considered to be the backbone of the same. … Read More

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Top Healthcare Companies in the US

16 Largest and Biggest Healthcare Companies in the USA

Healthcare companies in the USA are considered to be the world’s greatest healthcare firms because of their state-of-the-art technology and proactive services in the healthcare sector. … Read More

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Top 50 Largest HCA Hospitals in US Based on Net Patient Service Revenue

HCA stands for Healthcare Corporation of America that serves 21 states in the US, some parts of the UK, and different parts of the world. With185 HCA hospitals, 2000 sites of care, and a capacity of staffed beds 40000 has served millions of people to date and is still counting.  … Read More

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B2B email lists

B2B Email Lists Provider In 2022

Ampliz’s B2B mailing list is handy because you will already have a list of all the important people with whom you want to contact when you think of carrying out cold email prospecting. … Read More

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b2b marketing database

Buy A B2B Database

Ampliz brings to you one of the best B2B marketing databases, which is filtered and checked as many times as possible to assure caliber and maintain high accuracy. … Read More

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healthcare b2b database

Get Proven B2B Healthcare Database Access for Successful Campaigns

Ampliz Healthcare data is the most trusted Healthcare email list provider in the USA.

And it is delivering excellence at each step of healthcare marketing by providing accurate, responsive, and verified Healthcare Email lists of top professionals at a reasonable price. … Read More

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get Physiatrist email lists in usa

Proven ways to reach psychiatrist using Psychiatrist email addresses

Ampliz offers the most authentic email lists of Psychiatrists. We provide emails that are in your target market, so you can build trustworthy business relations and also help your business to spread throughout the world and create huge market presence throughout Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, and many more countries worldwide. Buy Authentic Email Lists of Psychiatrists with Ampliz! … Read More

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Physicians Database USA

Best Physician Database Provider in the USA

Ampliz serves as one of the best physician database providers in the USA. The whole world has experienced a tremendous transformation after the first wave of the deadly pandemic. Since the whole health care industry got affected due to this, … Read More

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Healthcare Database Providers

Top 19 Most Popular Healthcare Database Provider in 2023

Every healthcare organization wants to improve their ROI. Ampliz provides you with verified Healthcare Data, which can be used to promote your healthcare software’s, services and equipment within the Healthcare Industry. … Read More

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Definitive Healthcare Alternatives

Top 10 Definitive Healthcare Data Alternatives to look for

Finding the right healthcare email lists providers with adequate facilities for patient clinical data is of immense value. … Read More

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salesbuddy v1.6 product updates

Ampliz Sales buddy New Functionality Updates

Whenever you visit any website, Ampliz sales buddy does a quick check to see if it has the data for that website/not. If SalesBuddy does have data to populate, the Ampliz icon is colored otherwise, greyed out, all of this, in a blink of an eye! … Read More

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What is B2B Sales

Beginner Guide to B2B Sales: Steps and Techniques for Successful Sales

Business development or sales can be classified into 2 broad categories: B2B and B2C. Although some business models include D2C (direct to customer) or B2B2C, the aforementioned two are the most common. B2B sales and B2C sales have more differences … Read More

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Top B2B Database Providers

Top 20 B2B Data Providers For B2B Sales, Recruiters and Marketers

Best B2B data providers · Ampliz: Ampliz is a B2B Sales Intelligence platform to meet your Lead generation needs. Ampliz help you understand and identify your prospects with enriched data-driven insights in seconds … Read More

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Best Sales Tools: The Ultimate List (2019)

The Ultimate List of Sales Tool

Sales tools are digital tools (generally SaaS products) that Sales professionals use to reduce redundancy and increase their productivity. Sales tools can be classified into various categories like sales intelligence, sales enablement, sales productivity, sales promotion. sales forecasting, sales automation, and CRM. … Read More

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Artificial intelligence in sales

Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in B2B Sales

Today, B2B buyers expect a seamless and customized buying experience supported by value-added insights by the sellers. The introduction of AI in sales has raised endless possibilities for industries and companies to develop compelling products and services and improve customer … Read More

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B2B Marketing Challenges Faced by Indian Start-up

India has witnessed a massive explosion in the number of start-ups over the years and has evolved a lot in terms of entrepreneurship and business.  Over the last six years, the number of start-ups in India has increased by 15,400%. … Read More

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How To Find Assisted Living Facilities In US

Living alone becomes difficult as the person grows old. Doing day-to-day activities also feels like a daunting task in old age. Many old age people look for assisted living facilities when they become disabled to perform daily activities. In assisted … Read More

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The Importance Of Healthcare Investment And Life Insurance

Healthcare and life insurance are investment options for most people. Here you’ll find a valuable guide on the importance of healthcare investment and life insurance. … Read More

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How to Create a B2B Marketing Budget 2023

Creating a B2B marketing budget is an important part of any business’s financial planning and can make or break its performance in the long run. It takes careful consideration, research, and foresight to ensure that the right strategies are allocated … Read More

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SaaS Sales Process: How to Sell SaaS Products

Although SaaS is at the peak among the three tires of cloud computing,  namely PaaS,  IaaS, and SaaS, selling SaaS products requires a well-planned strategy and tactics. As a SaaS provider, you have tons of opportunities in the market as … Read More

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ebook 21 linkedin tips

[Free eBook] 21 Actionable Tips to Generate Quality Leads From LinkedIn

A Hubspot report shows that 65% of businesses say generating traffic and leads is their #1 marketing challenge. . This report doesn’t surprise me at all. . If you want paying customers, you need to generate targeted leads. It’s the … Read More

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