Ampliz Enterprise

Turn your entire target market into leads

The key to an effective campaign lies in identifying the right Target segment. With Ampliz global database of 400 Million contacts and 9M+ companies , you can use 100+ firmographic and contact filters - Industry, Revenue, Location, Title, Seniority - to get actionable leads you can add to your campaigns.

With Ampliz Enterprise, you get the scale to access more companies and contacts in a click.

Ampliz Contextual Intelligence

Buyer Intent tailor-made to your business

A reliable data partner like Ampliz can build scale in your marketing data and get 1000s of companies & contacts. Prioritizing the leads to work on requires more insight into your buyer’s business and intent.

Get the intent data Personalized to your business with Ampliz Contextual Intelligence.

Ampliz Enhance

Consistent growth needs a Strong B2B Data Partner

Your marketing database is a living entity which needs to be cleaned and kept up-to-date regularly. Bad & missing data is not an option. Neither are the costs of campaigns using this incomplete data.

Ampliz Enhance provides you with real-time access to a global database of 400+ Million contacts & 9M+ companies and a team of 300+ data research pros to keep your data healthy and your campaigns successful.

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Ampliz Enterprise

With Ampliz Enterprise, you can turn your email campaigns to lead gen machines with targeted Contact lists

Ampliz SalesBuddy

Get Company, Contact and Contextual Intelligence without switching platforms via our chrome extension.

Contextual Intelligence

Ace your ABM campaigns with personalized intelligence about your prospect that will help you close the deal faster.

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