While searching for high-quality data providers for your need of data, you must have come across the very popular B2B data provider known as ZoomInfo, aren’t you?

There is no doubt that ZoomInfo is the best data provider for the needs of your B2B data, but it’s always better to explore more options. Considering other options will enable you to compare better, and decide better. 

Moreover, different features of different data providers will help you to decide your ultimate requirements, and that help you to choose better.

Let’s start with ZoomInfo pricing plans.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what is zoomInfo pricing, various features of ZoomInfo, how much does ZoomInfo costs and what is professional plan pricing, Advanced plan pricing, and Zoominfo Elite pricing

We are going to discuss the same with other competitors too.

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What is ZoomInfo?

By looking at its website and reviews you must have considered ZoomInfo to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads. Like Ampliz,  ZoomInfo is a powerful prospecting tool containing many contact databases. 

ZoomInfo is a leading business data platform that provides comprehensive information about companies and their employees. 

It offers accurate and up-to-date data on millions of businesses, including their size, industry, location, contact information, revenue estimates, news mentions, and more.

The platform uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to collect and analyze data from various sources such as company websites, job postings, social media profiles, press releases, and other publicly available resources. 

This allows users to get a holistic view of the target organization along with key decision-makers contact details.

Zoominfo makes it easy for sales teams to identify potential leads by providing detailed insights into each prospect’s role within an organization. 

Salespeople can use these insights to tailor their pitches better and increase conversion rates by reaching out to the right people at the right time.

In addition to sales professionals, Zoominfo also helps marketers in building targeted campaigns with its highly specific segmentation capabilities based on firmographics like geographical locations or industries which allows them to create personalized messaging according to demographics.

Overall ZoomInfo streamlines the lead generation process while reducing research times allowing you to get back valuable hours spent searching for prospects so that you can concentrate on closing deals instead.

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ZoomInfo Pricing Plans and It’s Features

ZoomInfo is a powerful B2B (business-to-business) prospecting and sales intelligence platform that offers an array of features to help businesses identify, engage, and close deals with their ideal prospects.

Here are the key features of ZoomInfo:

1. Comprehensive Database: 

One of the standout features of ZoomInfo is its vast database of accurate and up-to-date information on companies, contacts, and industries. The platform boasts over 500 million professional profiles that are regularly updated by machine learning algorithms.

2. Advanced Search Capabilities: 

With advanced search capabilities, users can easily find relevant prospects based on various criteria such as job title, industry verticals, company size, or geography.

3. Company Insights: 

In-depth insights into a company’s organizational structure like hierarchy charts detailing who reports to whom across different departments allow you to build targeted account lists for your sales team.

4. Contact Information: 

Along with detailed information about companies comes contact details for each employee listed in the directory including email addresses and phone numbers which makes it easy to get in touch with decision-makers directly rather than going through gatekeepers.

5. Sales Intelligence Tools: 

These tools include alerts when there’s news about a particular company or person you’re tracking; triggers such as funding rounds or executive changes that signal potential opportunities; competitive analysis tools so you can see how your competitors stack up against you etc.

6. Easy Integration: 

Zoominfo integrates seamlessly with CRM software (Customer Relationship Management), Marketing Automation Platforms & other third-party software thereby streamlining your workflow process without switching between multiple platforms

Overall ZoomInfo is packed full of useful features for marketers and sales reps alike making it an all-in-one tool designed to enhance business growth strategies by delivering actionable insights from a single data.

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What Determines Zoominfo Pricing?

ZoomInfo pricing is determined by several factors, including the size of the organization, the level of data required, and the scope of usage. 

ZoomInfo offers a wide range of solutions that cater to different needs, such as lead generation, account-based marketing (ABM), sales intelligence, and more. Each solution has its own features and functionalities that determine its cost.

The size of an organization plays a crucial role in determining ZoomInfo individual pricing. Larger organizations typically require access to more contacts and data points than smaller businesses.

For this reason, ZoomInfo offers tiered pricing models based on company size or number of employees.

The level of data required also impacts ZoomInfo api pricing structure. The platform provides access to millions of verified contacts across various industries and geographies, along with firmographic information like company revenue and employee count.

Some users may only need basic contact details like name and email address while others require detailed insights into prospects’ buying behavior or recent news about their company.

Scope of usage refers to how many users within an organization will be utilizing ZoomInfo’s services. Companies may opt for single-user licenses or team-wide subscriptions depending on their needs.

What is ZoomInfo Pricing?

After looking at the features of ZoomInfo you must be eager to know how much is ZoomInfo per month?

Zoominfo offers several pricing plans to cater to businesses of different sizes and needs. 

The first plan is the ZoomInfo Professional pricing Plan which includes advanced search filters, access to the customer contact database, direct dial contacts, a tailored prospect list, and contacts- all starting at $15000 annually per user.

If you are a small firm or just starting out, then this would be much higher to afford. However, you can try its free version before making any decision.

For businesses looking for more comprehensive solutions beyond just contact databases and searching tools can opt for Zoominfo Advanced pricing Plan. The Advanced Plan starts at $25000 annually per user but offers more features such as access to location data, org charts, social media profile links, tech adoption insight, purchasing intent data, website visitor data, and so on.

Lastly, there’s an ZoomInfo Elite pricing plan at $39000 plus annually per user providing deep insights into companies’ technology stacks & firmographics along with in-depth executive insights & personalized alerts about changes within those accounts. 

Along with all the features of professional+ and advanced+, it also provides you with real-time buying intent signals, automation for common sales activities, constant tracking, and so on.

In conclusion, Zoominfo has designed its pricing plans keeping in mind the diverse needs of businesses from startups to large enterprises. Each option includes varying levels of functionality tailored towards specific business goals while maintaining competitive value compared to other industry leaders’ offerings.

While ZoomInfo is an industry leader when it comes to B2B data, it is too costly, if you are a small firm or starting out. 

That’s why let’s see other alternatives of ZoomInfo which provides you with the same product but at an affordable price.

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ZoomInfo Alternative


Like ZoomInfo, Ampliz is well known for its high-quality B2B database at the best price. There are no different price plans for every other feature like in ZoomInfo. 

Ampliz offers you some amazing tools and platforms to ramp up your sales and marketing efforts. Ampliz has two products namely the SalesBuddy Chrome extension and the prospecting platform.

SalesBuddy Chrome extension gives you email addresses, direct dials, mobile numbers, prospect fit scores, and contextual intelligence of your prospect’s company from the company website itself.

You can get all these details of your prospect’s company located anywhere in the world.

Another product is a prospecting platform that gives you a dataset of your prospect that includes email addresses, direct dials, and LinkedIn profiles of companies located in Asia Pacific countries.

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Key Features of Ampliz

Accurate Data

Ampliz provides you with all the critical decision contact information datasets across all industries. These datasets are accurate, real-time updated, and compliant with all security standards.

Filters to Find Decision-makers

 With Ampliz you can directly browse through the contact information of key decision-makers.

You can preview the information available for each contact such as direct dials, mobile numbers, Email, and LinkedIn profile which helps you to use your credits wisely.

Contextual Intelligence at Request

Request the information about your prospect. You can ask for details like technology stack, funding information, contact location, and more to get closer to conversion.

Easy CRM Integration

Integrate instantly with your CRM of choice to enrich your data across platforms. Automate the sales process to ensure your team spends more time reaching out and less time entering data

Pricing Plan of Ampliz

The pricing plans of Ampliz include

A Free plan for 10 credits. 

And a paid plan that costs $50/month 

This plan gives access to all features. Apart from that, it gives 100 free credits every month.

Compared to ZoomInfo pricing, Ampliz’s plans are straightforward and simple. There are no add-ons or hidden costs. You will get access to every feature for just $50/month.


Taking your sales team to the next level is easy with UpLead, which offers a comprehensive array of tools and features at an affordable price. 

UpLead is another ZoomInfo Competitor because of its industry-leading prospector tool, real-time email search and verification, data enrichment, intent data, and so much more.

The Pricing Plans of UpLead Include

Free trial: 

In the free trial, you will get 5 credits for access to all the features and data


In this plan, you will get 2040 credits annually for $74/month. 


In this plan, the user gets 4800 credits annually with additional features such as data enrichment and an advanced search filter at a cost of $148/month


In this plan, users will get a team account of up to 5 users with 12000 credits annually along with advanced features such as intent data and competitor intelligence at a cost of $299/month.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Finally, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a good option for many sales teams to leverage the power of the world’s largest professional networking platform.

With this tool, you’ll get seamless CRM integration and robust sales reporting to drive successful outbound campaigns, even though it doesn’t offer as many features.

Key Features

In addition to serving as a customer contact database, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers great integration options for popular CRM tools.

  • Lead and company search
  • Lead recommendations
  • CRM integration
  • Real-time sales updates
  • See who viewed your profile
  • TeamLink

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. However, there is a free trial you can use before purchasing.

Pricing Plans of Linkedin Sales Navigator


Besides the lead and company search, you get alerts on your saved leads and top prospects, the ability to create custom contact lists, and more with the Core plan at $79.99 per user per month.


The Advanced plan is $125 per user per month and includes everything in the Core plan and the ability to share content and track engagement.

Advanced Plus: 

Get everything in the Advanced plan as well as automatic CRM updates with data validation and advanced enterprise integrations. Contact LinkedIn’s sales team for custom pricing.


Though Zoominfo pricing is the secondary aspect when it comes to choosing the data providers, you need to consider it to get the full value of your investment.

Before you choose the data provider it’s wise to compare all the features and pricing plans of two or three competitors.

Keeping that in mind we wrote this blog, hope this will help you to choose the right platform.

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FAQs: Related to ZoomInfo Pricing

How much is a ZoomInfo subscription?

It depends upon what plan you choose. There are three options available to you, namely professional, advanced, and elite with annual subscription fees of $15000, $25000, and $39000 respectively.