Best Saudi Arabia Companies Database

Are you looking for a Saudi Arabia companies database so that you can easily and effectively reach out to prospective customers there?

This is the best time to expand your business in Saudi Arabia, as it offers many benefits to foreign investors like 

  • Openness to foreign investment
  • Political and economic stability
  • Low energy costs
  • Investor friendly policies
  • Supportive culture

You too can get these opportunities if you plan your outreach strategically.

This data-driven world has made it a lot easier for businesses to widen their horizons if they leverage it correctly.

There are many data providers out there that may help you get a Saudi Arabia companies contact details. But choosing the right one is important. 

Want to know how you can choose the right one? What parameters do you need to consider while choosing a data provider?

If yes, then this blog is for you.

Read the blog till the end to not to miss any bit of information.

 Your purpose of buying the Saudi Arabia companies database Riyadh gets fulfilled only when you have up-to-date and targeted data.

You must find a data provider that offers you such data and for that, you need to consider some important factors mentioned below.

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10 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a saudi arabia companies contact details

When considering buying Saudi Arabia companies contact details from a B2B database provider, there are several important parameters to keep in mind. These will ensure you make an informed decision and obtain high-quality data that aligns with your needs. Here are the key factors to consider:

1. Data Accuracy

The accuracy of the database is paramount for its usefulness. Ensure that the provider has rigorous methods in place for collecting and verifying data, minimizing errors or outdated information.

2. Data Relevance

Determine if the provided dataset is relevant to your industry, ideal customer profile, or research goals. Consider whether it covers geographic areas of interest or specific demographics crucial to your project.

3. Data Completeness

Assess whether the database encompasses comprehensive information within its domain or subject matter so that you can leverage it effectively without any significant gaps.

4. Data Updates

Regular updates are vital as they guarantee fresh and current information. Inquire about how frequently the provider refreshes their data to maintain relevance and eliminate inaccuracies caused by changes over time.

5. Data Sources

Understand where the B2B data Saudi Arabia provider acquires their data from — reputable sources like government records, surveys, and publicly available datasets ensure credibility and reliability.

6. Customization Options 

Look for a provider who offers customization options based on your unique requirements—whether it’s selecting specific fields, refining filters, or tailoring datasets according to your preferences.

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7. Legal Compliance & Privacy Standards

Ensure that the database adheres strictly to privacy regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Verify if their approach respects personal privacy while using publicly accessible information ethically.

8. Data Security Measures 

Evaluate how well the provider safeguards their databases against unauthorized access or breaches by implementing robust security protocols such as encryption techniques and secure servers.

9. Pricing Structure & Scalability 

Analyze pricing models offered by different providers; some may charge per record while others have subscription-based plans depending on usage levels – choose one suitable for both short-term projects and long-term scalability.

10. Customer Support 

Consider the level of customer support offered by the provider, including technical assistance, training resources, and responsive communication channels to address any concerns or queries 

that may arise during your data usage journey.

Remember to thoroughly research potential database providers by reading reviews, requesting sample datasets for evaluation purposes if possible, and comparing multiple options before making a final decision. Taking these parameters into account will help you choose a reliable partner who can provide accurate and relevant data tailored specifically to your needs.

This way you will end up having several B2B data providers in Saudi Arabia.

5 Best B2B data providers in Saudi Arabia

Some of the very reliable and reputed B2B data providers in Saudi Arabia that provide you with Saudi Arabia company data are


specializes in providing accurate, updated, and compliant email addresses and direct dials of key decision-makers of prospective companies in Saudi Arabia. 

Ampliz also provides 360-degree information on your target audience, that helps you target and pitch better.

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Known for its vast database of over 50 million professional contacts and extensive company information, ZoomInfo is a leader in providing accurate Saudi Arabia companies database download

Their advanced technology ensures reliable data on job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, industry verticals, and more.

With its constantly updated database and customizable search options, ZoomInfo offers valuable insights for targeted marketing campaigns.


Specializing in direct phone numbers and email addresses enrichment through browser extensions or APIs integrated into CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce, Lusha facilitates efficient prospecting efforts.

Dun & Bradstreet

With a global presence, Dun & Bradstreet has established itself as a reliable source for comprehensive business information and insights in Saudi Arabia. They offer an extensive Saudi Arabia companies database free containing detailed company profiles, financials, industry analysis, and more.


Focusing primarily on tech companies’ sales intelligence needs; Lead411 curates up-to-date company news alongside verified contacts sourced from press releases and other public domains ensuring accuracy of information provided.

You can check with all these data providers and see if they can match your requirements. You can compare the price and features of all these providers and choose the best suitable provider for your need of the Saudi Arabia company database.

When it comes to having data that fulfills all the above-mentioned parameters, Ampliz is the one you can rely upon.

Let’s see why

Why is Ampliz the best dataset provider?

Ampliz collects the data from 100+ credible sources and gets them validated by 800+ experts.

WIth the blend of AI and manual efforts, Ampliz refreshes the data at regular intervals, that keeps the data real time updated.

Ampliz tracks the past buying history of your target audience and thus provides you a dataset of targeted prospects.

Ampliz follows all the security standards that make the data most compliant.

Ampliz also cleans the data at regular intervals to avoid any faulty, duplicate, or outdated data in the list.

Apart from this, Ampliz also helps you in deciding your ICP better and increase your conversion rate by providing your other important details of the target audience like

  • Technographic
  • Demographic
  • Firmographic
  • Geographic


It’s not only a Saudi Arabia companies database, but a good quality Saudi Arabia companies contact details Jeddah that helps you boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction. If you consider the above mentioned factors while choosing your B2B data provider, you will always end up with good quality data and easily achieve your mission and vision.

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