There is hardly any sector that has not been affected by the impact of COVID-19, and Pharmaceutical companies are no exception. Read the top 8 pharma marketing trends 2024.

From supply chain management to addressing medicine development issues, Pharmaceutical companies are at the front of the battle.

However, Pharmaceutical companies have been growing profoundly with increasing demands for their services.

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But there is a need to break away from hackneyed pharmaceutical marketing trends and follow a patient-centric approach to enhance their business and build their brand. 

In the year 2021, digitalization is embracing all spheres of life. And the Pharmaceutical supply chain is also concerned about maintaining closer connections with its consumers like never before. 

On the whole, proper implementation of advanced marketing trends could bring a revolutionary shift in the pharmaceutical business. 

Advanced marketing trends have many advantages, such as data loss prevention, flexible & adaptable service, cybersecurity, and control in quality & operations.

Many advanced marketing trends have the potential to transform your pharmaceutical business.

Let’s have a look at the most popular trends in Pharma marketing to watch in 2024

1. Marketing Automation & AI

2. Telehealth & Online Patient Care

3. Online Video Engagement

4. Google Featured Snippets

5. Expanded use of RWE

1. Marketing Automation & AI

Pharma businesses across the world carry out multiple tasks such as tracking & engaging with individual buyers, prioritizing customers based on their interests, filtering leads based on engagement, and measuring the revenue contribution of marketing campaigns.

On top of that handling, these tasks manually are tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone.

But utilizing marketing automation and AI  in the pharma business will present a vital solution to several healthcare-related concerns.

Marketing automation analyses customer behaviour and content consumption across many platforms such as social clicks and page views.

In this way, it shifts the focus on engagement and enables pharma companies to personalize and templatize the content to keep the customer interest alive.

Moreover, it also enables the business to employ automated chats and email-campaign to deliver a value-driven customer experience that enhances management effectiveness. 

2. Telehealth & Online Patient Care

Telehealth is another top trends in pharmaceutical industry that has gained huge momentum in the Covid-19 era.

Many agencies and businesses are employing telemedicine and online patient care to scale their business.

It expands your reach to more patients. Moreover, the telehealth platform no longer requires big upfront overhead costs. It is cost-effective and easily affordable.

The only thing a customer need is an internet connection and a mobile device.

Additionally, it has other advantages such as improved patient engagement with remote monitoring, enhanced clinical workflows, advanced business models, and improve patient satisfaction.

Online patient care and telehealth are more than just delivering a service. It enhances your customer base by making them believe that you care for them the most.


3. Online Video Engagement

Whether it’s the 90s era or it’s 2023, who doesn’t love visuals? And in 2023, online video engagement is one of the trends in pharma marketing that are grabbing eyeballs.

In today’s tech-driven world, every business and company has its social media profile and website.

And this is one of the efficient ways to scale their business and tell the customer about their business.

Before committing to your services, patients and customers need to believe what you are offering. And to gain their trust video engagement comes in handy.

Medical video content can help you in demonstrating your service, capabilities, results, and your practice method naturally and efficiently. And it also enables you to optimize your content as per customer needs.

Optimization helps you in widening your reach to the customer and scale up your business. The more you will be seen in the market, the more customer will invest in your business.

Google features snippets are one of the revolutionary  pharmaceutical marketing trends that help you rank higher in organic traffic.

And to achieve this you don’t have to be number one in your niche. All you need to produce is quality content and format in the way search engines love. 

Moreover, this is a big challenge but it is possible by making your content snappable so that Google recognizes your link and ranks you higher.

You can optimize your content by adding feature snippets in the form of paragraphs, text, and lists.

Additionally, to earn more attention you can optimize your content by keeping an eye on competitors’ ranking snippets. 

This gives you an advantage in learning what customer demands and how your business can benefit them the most. 

5. Expanded use of RWE

The covid-19 pandemic has pressed the need for Real-World Evidence (RWE) in the pharmaceutical industry. 

And to accelerate health research and development need more receptive and expanded use of RWE. 

With inadequate data and analytics pharma companies are struggling to prioritize the right action strategy.

But implementing RWE in the pharma business would result in cost-effective and faster drug development.

RWE enables the business to understand biological pathways and unmet needs. In this way, it reduces the clinical development cycle costs and time. 

RWE also creates a guide map that indicates a patient’s location like who is getting the benefit from a particular drug or having a particular disease. 

This enables practitioners to prioritize their medical research in terms of drug development. 

6. Create thought leadership content

Content is the king. It is the content that brings you in front of your audience. But there is already so much noise, every pharmaceutical brand is creating content, how can you become different? How can you make people trust you? How can you engage them? 

That’s when thought leadership content comes into the picture.  Creating thought leadership content is an effective pharmacy marketing trends. Thought leadership content doesn’t make you content in a different way, but it makes you think in a different way. And that’s what gives you a unique identity and recognition in the crowd. That’s when you can build trust with your audience. 

Thought leadership content aims to position the author or organization as a trusted authority on a topic, providing insights, opinions, and perspectives that are not readily available elsewhere. It is typically educational and informative, but it also challenges conventional thinking and provides unique perspectives on industry trends and issues. Thought leadership content emphasizes quality over quantity, and it requires subject matter expertise, communication skills, and a deep understanding.

7. Implement influencer marketing

Though a very old practice, influencer marketing is one of the effective pharmaceutical advertising trends. In traditional marketing, brands use celebrities to promote their product/ service. Influencer marketing is similar with some differences.

The word influencer means the person who influences others or the person by whom so many people got influenced. That means these are the people whom people trust a lot. Therefore brands use them to promote their product or service so that they can have wide reach and also increase sales.

These people interact with their audience on a regular basis, so the trust level between them is very high. Moreover, the audience of the influencer knows that the person uses the product first and then recommends it, which increases the credibility of your product.

One thing that you should keep in mind while choosing the right influencer is that he/she should be relatable to your product. And another thing is that, they should have a large number of followers and the person should be authentic.

8. Experiment with streamed content

Streamed content is one of the top pharmaceutical marketing trends and a go-to strategy for reaching and targeting audiences in general. It helps you to increase your engagement. Stream content allows you to have 1-1 interaction with your audience, and this helps them to engage with you better. In-stream content like Facebook live, or YouTube live or any specialized healthcare streaming, your audience can ask you questions, and participate in a real-time discussion that helps you build trust with them.

While online streaming you should emphasize on authentic stories rather than data-heavy presentations to engage and retain your audience. You should also ensure all the compliances and guidelines.


Pharmaceutical Marketing is changing rapidly as per their customer expectations hence, the proper & timely implementation of advanced marketing trends is key to building & retaining your business in this competitive market.

To target and reach the leading pharma companies in the US, it is significant to have accurate data insights.

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