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34 Free & Discounted Sales Productive Tools To Help You Through The Coronavirus Period

People are willingly giving away free/discounted products, subscriptions, templates, cheat sheets, online courses, training modules and much more. This is absolutely crucial because most businesses are bleeding money at this moment. Free or discounted tools/subscriptions are a boon during this pandemic. … Read More

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7 Step Guide to Starting a New Healthcare Business in the USA

There is an ongoing rise in the number of patients with chronic and degenerative diseases in the race of living longer. It has resulted in many challenges faced by the current healthcare infrastructure. This, in turn, triggered innovative entrepreneurs to … Read More

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Virtues of Virtual Health: The New Normal

The healthcare industry is here to stay- but meeting ever-growing demands for the consumer-minded and aging are loaded with their own set of challenges.  How to overcome the challenges? Virtual Health promises to do that. It is accessible, available, and … Read More

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Proven Ways to Build the Ultimate Sales Prospect List

A “prospect list” or a “sales prospect list” is a list of potential clients. These are the people who benefit from your brands’ products or services. … Read More

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Email Campaigns: When to send them

What Is The Best Time To Send An Email

What is the best time to send out your email campaigns? The answer is not as simple as picking up a time slot. It is because email marketing in itself is a complex ecosystem that changes dynamically. … Read More

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Healthcare Payers List | Payers in the Health Care Industry

Ampliz healthcare payer’s email list, you can connect with the payers, providers, and their respective healthcare systems … Read More

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Sales call routine

Sales Call Routine To Boost Your Deal Closure Rates

Closing deals is the ultimate goal in sales! Using the correct phrases while handling calls and every sales call is crucial. No matter how it went, it would help if you were on your toes, even after thinking you aced … Read More

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B2B Cold Calling best practices

11 Ultimate Tips for B2B Cold Calling in 2022

“B2B Cold calling is dead and buried”- the biggest untrue myth for any business-to-business (B2B) venture. Perhaps, they adopted the wrong method or medium for converting those cold leads. When using the right B2B cold calling tips, you can give … Read More

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