Top 50 Largest VA Hospitals by Bed Capacity [Updated 2022]

Today we’re going to list the top 50 largest VA hospitals operated under the administration of Veteran Health Administration (VHA).

What are veteran hospitals?

These are the hospitals widespread all across the US is dedicated to serving the ex-members of the US’s armed and defence services. An initiative towards serving the ones who have contributed their life towards serving the country. 

So what is VHA and how these hospitals are operated?

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What is the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)?

VHA is a form of nationalized healthcare service in the US that is completely dedicated to Veterans. It is dedicated to providing premium-grade healthcare services to the ex-members of the US armed services. It is a department of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs led by the Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Health. 

It implements the healthcare program for VA through the administrations of various VA Medical Centres, Outpatient Clinics, and VA Community Living Centres Programs. All these institutions and governing bodies help in the flawless running and operation of veterans hospitals all over the US. 

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So what are the top 50 largest VA hospitals we are going to enlist today?

Let’s find out. 

50 Largest Veterans Hospitals in the US

Serving the ex-members of the US active military, air forces, and naval since 1930, it has served hundreds of millions of Veterans to date. This appreciating administration has touched millions of lives of veterans who served for the country and still the count is on.

The best part is the VA hospitals are designed to prioritize the Veterans with disabilities caused due on the war zone. The type of other patients who can avail the healthcare services in VA hospitals include:

  • Former War Prisoners
  • Purple Heart Recipients
  • Housebound Veterans
  • VA Pensions and Medicaid Patients

So are you glad to know about the top 50 nationalized veterans hospitals? Here we have listed the top 50 VA hospitals sorted by staffed bed capacities.

[From Left to Right: Serial No., Hospital Name, Staffed Beds]

Here’re they.

1. Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System 716

2. VA Palo Alto Health Care System – Palo Alto Division 715

3. VA Palo Alto Health Care System – Livermore Division 715

4. VA Palo Alto Health Care System – Menlo Park Division 715

5. Southern Oregon VA Rehabilitation Center 600

6. VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System – Cleveland VA Medical Center 586

7. VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System – West Los Angeles Medical Center 500

8. Edward Hines Jr VA Hospital 483

9. Atlanta VA Medical Center 466

10. Cincinnati VA Medical Center 463

11. VA Boston Healthcare System – West Roxbury Campus 448

12. VA Boston Healthcare System – Brockton Campus 448

13. Bath VA Medical Center 440

14. James A Haley Veterans Hospital 415

15. VA Illiana Health Care System 401

16. VA NY Harbor Health Care System – St Albans Campus 386

17. VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System – HJ Heinz Campus 358

18. VA St Louis Health Care System – Jefferson Barracks Division 355

19. VA St Louis Health Care System – John Cochran Division 355

20. Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center 349

21. Tennessee Valley Healthcare System – Alvin C York Campus 347

22. Carl Vinson VA Medical Center 340

23. James J Peters VA Medical Center 311

24. Minneapolis VA Health Care System 309

25. Coatesville VA Medical Center 302

26. Southern Arizona VA Health Care System 295

27. VA North Texas Health Care System – Dallas VA Medical Center 292

28. VA North Texas Health Care System – Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center 292

29. North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System – Lake City VA Medical Center 278

30. North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System – Malcom Randall VA Medical Center 278

31. Battle Creek VA Medical Center 276

32. Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center 273

33. VA Loma Linda Healthcare System 270

34. South Texas Veterans Health Care System – Audie L Murphy VA Hospital 268

35. VA San Diego Healthcare System 256

36. Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System – John L McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital 256

37. Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System – Eugene J Towbin Healthcare Center 256

38. VA New Jersey Health Care System – Lyons Campus 251

39. VA Hudson Valley Health Care System – Castle Point Campus 250

40. Miami VA Healthcare System – Bruce W Carter VA Medical Center 243

41. Tennessee Valley Healthcare System – Nashville Campus 238

42. VA Long Beach Healthcare System 237

43. Portland VA Medical Center – Main Campus 231

44. South Texas Veterans Health Care System – Kerrville VA Hospital 226

45. A Northern Indiana Health Care System – Marion Campus 225

46. Memphis VA Medical Center 219

47. Columbia VA Health Care System 216

48. VA Connecticut Healthcare System – West Haven Campus 216

49. Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center – Augusta VA Medical Center Uptown 214

50. GV Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center 210

Some Facts to Know About These VA Hospitals:

USA’s northeastern region is one of the most densely populated areas, and the major veterans hospitals are positioned there. In some way, it stands beneficial to the veterans residing in that region.  

The Veterans Community Care Program MISSION ACT was enacted on the 19th of June in the year 2019 which added value to the healthcare services of veterans in a large way. According to the law, a veteran is allowed to get the treatment done at private hospitals if wait times are over 20 days for primary care or 28 days for specialty care.

Patients are also qualified to get treated at private hospitals if the patient takes more than 30 minutes to reach its nearby veteran hospital or if a veteran hospital is devoid of any particular healthcare service.

The above service stands helpful for those veterans who are living in rural areas across the U.S. For them, reaching VA hospitals can be difficult as they need to travel great distances between their homes and points of care. 

Over 4.7 million veterans live in rural areas, and for them accessing a well-established healthcare center is way difficult. In those cases, the above services are really worthwhile as it addresses the needs of the patients in every way.

The enlarged healthcare services include mental health, PTSD, women’s care, primary care, specialty care, and a lot more. The initiatives taken by VHA are commanding. It has extended its outreach to men, women, and homeless veterans.

It has helped to train thousands of health professionals including physicians, dentists, nurses, hc executives, and many more. It has also purposely established many healthcare centres nearby medical schools to help the freshers and newcomers get trained with professional medical practices. 

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