A thriving economy and excellent business environment in New Zealand must have urged you to start or expand your business there and look for the top list of companies in New Zealand

New Zealand is the land of natural beauty with rich culture and entrepreneurial spirit. From technology, and agriculture to renewable energy and tourism, New Zealand has a rapidly growing industry that offers wide opportunities for local and foreign investors.

Apart from this, the country also boasts a stable political environment, an efficient legal system, and favorable tax policies.

So, New Zealand can be your ideal place to expand your business. But expanding your business there requires you to have thorough knowledge about the types of thriving industries and the companies there.

This blog just provides information on that. Whether you are looking to know the thriving industries in New Zealand or want the list of companies we got you covered.

But to step down in the New Zealand market this information alone is not enough. You also require the contact information of key decision-makers of your prospective companies.

We will also discuss how you can get the contact information of key decision-makers of your targeted list of companies in New Zealand.

So let’s start with the types of thriving industries in New Zealand

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Types of Industries in New Zealand

industries in New Zealand

New Zealand has a diverse economy with several industries contributing significantly to its GDP. 

Here are some of the major types of industries you can find in New Zealand:

1. Agriculture 

The country is known for its world-class dairy and meat products, which make up a large part of its agricultural sector. Other crops grown include fruits, vegetables, and wine grapes.

2. Tourism 

With stunning natural landscapes such as mountains, beaches, and fjords, New Zealand attracts millions of tourists every year. This industry includes activities like adventure tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism, and more.

3. Manufacturing 

NZ’s manufacturing industry produces a wide range of goods from food processing to high-tech machinery production.

4. Information Technology (IT)

Home to many tech startups and multinationals’ offices in the software development space; IT is one of the fastest-growing sectors in NZ.

5. Finance & Business Services 

Banks & finance companies offer a broad range of services ranging from personal banking to commercial loans while business services focus on management consulting firms or accountancy practices catering primarily towards small-to-medium enterprises.

6. Transportation & Logistics 

Kiwis depend heavily on imported goods due to their remote location- hence logistics businesses play an essential role in keeping supply chains going across land-sea-air freight routes

Overall these six sectors contribute significantly to New Zealand’s economy by creating job opportunities and generating revenue both domestically as well as internationally!

Top List of Companies in New Zealand

Find here the list of top companies in New Zealand in 2024.

biggest companies in new zealand
Meridian energy ltdUtilities RenewableUtilities
Auckland International Airport LTDAirport and air serviceIndustrial
Xero LTDSoftware applicationTechnology
Spark New Zealand ltdTelecom serviceCommunication service
Contact energy ltdUtilitiesUtilities
Mercury NZ limitedUtilities-RenewableUtilities
Vector LTDUtilities-diversifiedUtilities
Chorus ltdTelecom serviceCommunication service
Goodman property trustREIT-IndustrialReal estate
Ryman Healthcare LTDMedical health facilitiesHealthcare
Trust Power LTDUtilities renewableUtilities
Vital Healthcare property trustREIT-Healthcare facilitiesReal-estate
Briscoe Group LtdDepartment storeConsumer Discretionary
Skellerup holdings ltdSpecialty industrial machineryIndustrials
Delegate group LTD Beverages-wineries and distilleriesConsumer staple
Arvida group ltdMedical care facilityHealthcare
Stride Stapled GroupReal EstateReal estate service
Napier port holdings ltdMarine shippingIndustrial
DGL Group LTD ConglomeratesIndustrialsDG

Just having a list of best companies in New Zealand is of no use if you don’t reach out to them. You need to reach out to your prospective company in New Zealand with the right pitch and at the right time to grab the business opportunity.

But for that you need to have the contact information of the company’s key decision-makers, right? How would you find their contact details?

That is what our next section talks about. The above are the most revenue biggest companies in New Zealand. Get access of largest listed companies in New Zealand with Ampliz now and expand your business.

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How to Reach Out to Biggest Companies in NZ

There are several methods of reaching out to the top listed companies in New Zealand, let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Check the company’s website 

This is one of the simplest methods of getting the contact details of key decision-makers of the company.

Many companies will list their leadership team on their website, along with their email addresses or phone numbers.

2. Use social media 

Today, the demand for online presence has urged each and every company to come online on social media. Every company has made their company page on social media platforms like Linkedin that talks about their product and has listed their employees.

It is a great resource for finding business contacts, and many executives will have profiles that include their contact information. You can also search Twitter or Facebook to see if any of the executives have public accounts.

3. Look up Industry Associations 

Industry associations are organizations that bring together companies, professionals, and other stakeholders within a particular industry.

These associations provide a wealth of information about the companies operating within their respective industries, including contact details for their employees.

By looking into industry association directories and databases, you can easily search for specific companies and find relevant contact information for their employees.

This includes names, job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

4. Search Government Databases 

Looking up government databases can be a powerful tool in finding contact information for company employees. This is because the government has access to vast amounts of public records that can provide valuable insights into a person’s employment history, education, and other relevant details.

For example, if you are trying to reach out to someone who works at a particular company but doesn’t have their contact information, you could start by searching through government databases such as the Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment Statistics or Bureau of Labor Statistics Business Employment Dynamics.

These resources provide detailed information about companies and their employees, including job titles, salaries, educational backgrounds, and more.

By using this data in conjunction with other online research tools like LinkedIn or professional networking websites such as Glassdoor.com or Ampliz.com, it may be possible to locate specific individuals within an organization who might be able to help you further your business interests.

All these approaches are undoubtedly great ways to reach out to your prospective company’s key decision-makers. But it takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, after investing a lot of your time and efforts, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the data.

Even if the data is accurate, they would be hardly real-time updated. In order to make your reaching out process effective and rewarding you need the information that is accurate as well as real-time updated.

Moreover, when you manually find the contact details you don’t know whether they are your potential customers or not, which also impacts your rate of conversion.

That’s why the best practice to get an accurate, updated, and targeted list of your prospective company and its key decision-makers is to rely upon dataset providers like Ampliz.

Ampliz provides a highly accurate, real-time updated, and targeted dataset of the companies in New Zealand. This dataset contains email, phone numbers, and Linkedin profiles of the key decision-makers of the company.

Along with the key decision makers of the company, Ampliz also provides you prospect fit score, that helps you increase your conversion rate.

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Why is Ampliz the best choice for you?

Ampliz tracks the buying history of your potential customers and gives you a largest listed companies in New Zealand with contact details.

Ampliz collects the data from credible sources and gets them validated by experts that ensure the accuracy of the data.

With the blend of AI and humans, Ampliz refreshes the data at regular intervals, maintaining the quality of the data.

These processes ensure the high quality of data.


There are massive growth opportunities in New Zealand All you need to have is the industry know-how, a list of companies in New Zealand, and contact details of potential customers.

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FAQs: Biggest Companies in New Zealand

What are NZ’s top 10 companies?

New Zealand’s top 10 companies are a diverse mix of industries and sectors, ranging from telecommunications to dairy farming.

These companies are the leading players in their respective fields, contributing significantly to New Zealand’s economy and employment.

1. Fonterra

2. Spark

3. Fletcher Building

4. Air New Zealand

5. Meridian Energy 

6.Ryman Healthcare Ltd.

7. Auckland International Airport (AIA)

8.SkyCity Entertainment Group Ltd.

9. Contact Energy Ltd 

10. Kathmandu Holdings Ltd 

What is the biggest company in New Zealand?

The biggest company in New Zealand is Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, which is a multinational dairy co-operative owned by over 10,000 farmers across the country. 

It was founded in 2001 and has since become one of the world’s largest exporters of dairy products, with operations in more than 140 countries worldwide. 

Fonterra processes around 22 billion liters of milk per year into various products such as cheese, butter, and infant formula. Its revenue for the financial year ending July 31st,2020 was NZD$20.1 billion (USD$13.3 billion), making it not only the largest company in New Zealand but also a significant contributor to its economy. 

Does this list have companies in New Zealand with contact details?

If you are looking for a list of companies in New Zealand with contact details, then look no further than Ampliz.

Ampliz provides you with a comprehensive list of companies in New Zealand with accurate, and real-time updated contact information.