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Since the COVID outbreak, Malaysia has experienced a paradigm shift in retail or business investors. You can select and filter your companies based on their market capital and net profits compared to those in the last years.

The 21st century speaks for the Asian Century because of its predominance in the continent’s economy.

The strengthening demographics and economic and cultural trends show the growing importance of Asians over the world. Business leaders are contemplating and expanding in Asia.

This has made Malaysia one of the hottest places for investment and is regarded as one of the most developed in South- East Asia.

In this blog, we shall talk about the top 50 list of companies in Malaysia 2024.

Get details on their revenue, market cap, and net profit of Malaysia company name list.

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List of Top Industries in Malaysia 2024

Industries of list of companies in Malaysia

Before you reach out to the companies in Malaysia, you need to know what kind of industries thrive there.

Explore and learn about the industries in Malaysia 2024, their recent take on the market, how they are performing, which ones you are interested in, which one you are looking to target, their revenue, their net profit, and their capital, the decision-maker, etc.

You need to learn and have information on so many things before you move forward to run market campaigns on the selected list.

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There’s a pretty convenient solution by the end of the blog. Keep reading!

Types Of Companies In Malaysia

There are over 8 types of companies in Malaysia for entrepreneurs to register their entities. The most common type in Malaysia is “Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd).

Before you run legally in Malaysia, you must register your entity via the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Company Registration in Malaysia

A business is registered under three categories:

  • Registration of Business (ROB)
  • Registration of Company (ROC)
  • Limited Liability of Partnership (LLP)

Each type of company is regulated with its own set of laws and regulations, giving you an option to choose from the eight types.

Registration of Business

Sole Proprietorship


  • No separate Entities
  • Unlimited Liabilities at a personal capacity of the business owner(s)
  • Falls under the Registration Act of 1956

Registration of Company

Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd)

Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)

Unlimited Company (Sdn)

Public Limited Company (Bhd)

Foreign Company

  • Separate Legal Entities
  • Company’s Liabilities Separated from Directors and Shareholders (except CLG & Sdn)
  • Falls under the Companies Act 2016

Limited Liability of Partnership (LLP)

  • Combination of Partnership and Sdn Bhd
  • Falls under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012

A Comparative Study Among all Business Entity Registration Categories.

Business entity registration category Law Business entity Liability Capital contribution Taxes
Registration of Business (ROB) Registration of Business Act 1956 (only applicable for West Malaysia) – Sole Proprietorship

– Partnership
Not a separate legal entity, unlimited liabilities at personal capacity of business owners.Own / partner contributionPersonal income tax
Registration of Company (ROC)Companies Act 2016– Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd)

– Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)

– Unlimited Company (Sdn)

– Public Limited Company (Bhd)

– Foreign Company
A separate legal entity with the company’s liabilities separated from the directors’ and shareholders’. (except for Sdn and CLG)Share capital (except for CLG)Corporate tax (except for CLG)
Limited Liability of Partnership (LLP)Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012– Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)A combination of partnership and private limited company.Partner contributionCorporate tax

Sole Proprietorship

Defined as the simplest business entity when planning to start a business on a small scale. Register it under your name at RM30 only or maybe a trade number at RM60.

The registration is done by yourself and not through a third party. The business owner and taxes bear all the company liabilities are paid via personal income taxes.


A partnership company has at least two business owners, with a limit of 20 partners. All the partners bear the business’s liabilities and pay their taxes via their personal income taxes.

The partners are held responsible for any and every situation the partnership faces.

Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd)/ Private Limited Company

It is a private company limited by shares, acting as a separate legal entity.

A private company is capable of earning income, owning properties, signing contracts, suing an entity, and separating your liabilities from the company.

Company Limited by Guarantee

Public company without any share capital for nonprofit purposes.

The entity has no shareholders but only guarantors to run the business. Also, the business owners will also not be able to use the profits for self-use.

Sendirian/Unlimited Company

Sdn Company does not limit the liability of the shareholders towards the company.

A mutual fund is formed where the assets are held, specifically for investment purposes, instead of carrying out business.

Berhad/ Public Limited Company

Similar to Sdn, Bhd companies are also limited by shares with a few differences. The public can have shares irrespective of the number of shareholders.

This entity needs at least two directors and is governed by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and the Security Commission of Malaysia.

Foreign Company

Exclusively for Non-Malaysians who have a business in other countries and expect a branch in Malaysia.

Run the company without any directors other than those appointed by you who reside in Malaysia.

Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad (PLT) / limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Governed under the Limited Liability Act 2012, an LLP is a combination of Sdn Bhd and Partnership with a little difference.

It requires having at least two partners with no maximum number of partners.

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Top List of Companies in Malaysia 2024

We’ve filtered the best and top 20 list of companies in Malaysia that are highly tuned and targeted companies.

Company NameEmp SizeIndustryMarket CapPhoneRequest Sample Data
Mr DIY BerhadRM25.17 billionGet Data
IOI Corporation Berhad200-1000Real EstateRM25.77 billionGet Data
PPB Group BerhadRM26.63 billionGet Data
MISC Berhad1k-10kMaritimeRM30.49 billion+60322640***Get Data
SIME Darby Plantation Berhad200-1000FarmingRM30.842 billion+60356317***Get Data
Hartalega Holdings Berhad200-1000Medical DevicesRM31.05 billionGet Data
Petronas Gas Berhad14,907Oil & EnergyRM31.90 billion+603205****Get Data
Nestle (M) Berhad51-200Food & BeveragesRM31.82 billionGet Data Berhad200-1000Financial & ITRM33.12 billion(952) 912-****Get Data
Axiata Group Berhad200-1000Retail / InternetRM33.65 billionGet Data
Maxis Berhad2,717Data & InternetRM36.06 billion+6032330****Get Data
Hong Leong Bank Berhad2,109Banking / FinancialRM38.24 billion+6032180****Get Data
Press Metal Aluminum
Holdings Berhad
0-100Mining and MetalsRM41.75 billionGet Data
CIMB Group Holdings Berhad4,837Banking / FinancialRM42.16 billionGet Data
Top Glove Corporation BerhadRM42.67 billionGet Data
IHH Healthcare Berhad51-200Hospital & HealthcareRM45.74 billionGet Data
Tenaga Nasional Berhad1K – 10KFinancial ServicesRM56.91 billionGet Data
Petronas Chemical Group Berhad10001+Oil & EnergyRM64.32 billion+6032051****Get Data
Public Bank BerhadRM81.52 billionGet Data
Malayan Banking Berhad10001+BankingRM95.31 billion+6032070****Get Data

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Companies Information In Malaysia

Ranking as the 38th largest economy in the World and 20th the emerging market in terms of GDP, Malaysia has become the hub for expanding businesses.

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Malaysia Business Email Database

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