Whether it’s about a thriving economy, its unique cultural landscape, or unique geographic location, or the rate of technology adoption, Saudi Arabia is a country that every foreign business wants to target for the expansion of their business.

There are some of the best list of companies in Saudi Arabia in various industries. Finding the ones that are interested in your service or product is challenging among these companies. It requires a lot of time and effort.

But what if you can minimize the efforts and time spent? 

Wondering how?

By contacting dataset providers, you can easily and effectively reach out to your potential customers.

These dataset providers will give you the list of companies along with their contact information and other important information that matter to you.

But who are such providers? Read on to know more.

Before that let’s explore the type of industries and the list of companies in Saudi Arabia.

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Types of Companies in Saudi Arabia

types of companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a diverse economy with various industries and companies. The country has several key sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, construction, healthcare, finance, tourism, and hospitality.

Energy Sector Companies in Saudi Arabia

The energy sector is the backbone of Saudi Arabia’s economy. It accounts for approximately 50% of its GDP and around 70% of government revenue. Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil company in terms of production capacity.

Petrochemicals Companies in Saudi Arabia

Petrochemicals are another significant industry in the kingdom. Companies such as SABIC have been crucial in driving economic growth by exporting products worldwide.

Construction Companies in Saudi Arabia

Construction is also an essential industry that employs a large number of people in the country. Several major firms operate within this sector such as Saudi Binladin Group and Emaar Properties.

Healthcare Companies in Saudi Arabia

Healthcare is an emerging industry that has been growing rapidly in recent years due to rising health awareness among citizens. Major players include the National Medical Care Company (CARE) which operates hospitals across the Kingdom.

In addition to these industries mentioned above, there are other areas like finance where banks like Al Rajhi Bank have made their mark; tourism where companies like Rotana Hotels provide accommodation facilities; retail where supermarkets chains such as Danube offer convenience shopping options among others

Overall, Saudi Arabia boasts numerous industries ranging from traditional ones to newer emerging fields with countless companies operating within each one catering to different needs locally or globally bringing immense opportunities for investors looking into diversifying their portfolios further.

Now let’s see the list of top companies in Saudi Arabia.

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List of companies in Saudi Arabia

list of companies in Saudi Arabia with Contact details
Saudi Research and media groupSaudi ArabiaCommunicationPublishing
Bank Al jarisaSaudi ArabiaFinancebanking
Saudi industrial investment groupSaudi ArabiaBasic materialSpecialty chemicals
Saudi Investment bankSaudi ArabiaFinancialsBan`k
Jarir Marketing companySaudi ArabiaConsumer DictionarySpecialty retail
Mouwasat Medical Retail CompanySaudi ArabiaHealthcareMedical care facility
Saudi Kayan petrochemical companySaudi ArabiaBasic MaterialChemical
National petrochemical companySaudi ArabiaBasic MaterialChemical
Yanbu national petrochemicalSaudi ArabiaBasic materialChemical
Dallah healthcare companySaudi ArabiaHealthcareMedical care facilities
Advanced petrochemical companySaudi ArabiaBasic materialChemical
The company for cooperative insuranceSaudi ArabiaFinancialsInsurance-Diversified
Sahara International Petrochemical CompanySaudi ArabiaBasic MaterialChemical
Etihad etisalat companySaudi ArabiaCommunication serviceTelecom service
Bank AlbiladSaudi ArabiaFinancialsBanks
Arab National BankSaudi ArabiaFinancialsBanks
Alinma BankSaudi ArabiaFinancialsBanks
Saudi Arabian Mining CompaniesSaudi ArabiaBasic MaterialOther Industrial metals and minings
Saudi Telecom CompaniesSaudi Communication serviceTelecom service
Saudi Arabian Oil companySaudi ArabiaEnergyOil & gas Integrated
Saudi Basic Industries CorpSaudi ArabiaBasic materialsChemicals
Saudi electricity companySaudi ArabiaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated electricity

Once you decide the types of companies you want to target, the next thing is to find your potential customer in that particular industry.

Finding potential customers involves a lot of work like researching their needs, their goals, their pain points, the revenue they are generating, and so on.

This is particularly important to reach out to the right people at the right time. This study helps you to understand your target audience better and helps you curate the right pitch.

Once you are done with all these research parts, the next step is to reach out to them, and for that, you need to have their correct contact information. 

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How to find contact information of companies in Saudi Arabia

Get contact information of Companies in Saudi Arabia

One effective way to find the contact information of top companies in Saudi Arabia is by utilizing online business directories. Some popular directories include Ampliz, Zawya, Arabian Business, and Yellow Pages Saudi Arabia. 

These platforms allow you to search for businesses based on their industry or location, providing you with a list of company names and contact details such as phone numbers and list of companies in Saudi Arabia with email address.

Another method is through networking events or conferences related to your industry. Attending these events can give you the opportunity to meet representatives from various companies and exchange business cards or contact information.

Furthermore, social media platforms such as LinkedIn can be useful in finding contacts within specific Saudi Arabia all company name list. By searching for relevant keywords and using filters such as location and job title, you can narrow down your search results to potential contacts within your target organizations.

Lastly, consider reaching out to local chambers of commerce or trade associations that may have directories or databases containing contact information for member businesses. These resources can provide valuable leads for connecting with best companies in Saudi Arabia.

Another useful approach is to search for industry-specific associations or organizations that are active in Saudi Arabia. These groups often have websites with member lists or directories that include contact information for various companies within their respective industries.

All these methods work best if they ensure the accuracy of the information. But what if the information is not accurate!! 

Because the contact information of decision-makers is bound to change over time if they change their organization.

Therefore you need something that ensures high-quality contact information for your prospects.

And when it comes to getting high-quality contact information, you can consider relying upon B2B data providers.

These data providers provide you a list of companies in Saudi Arabia with an email addresses, company names, websites, phone numbers, and Linkedin profiles of key decision-makers.

Along with such contact information, these data providers provide you with other information that includes demographic, technographic, and geographic details that help you decide on your potential customers.

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How Ampliz helps you in reaching out to your potential customers in Saudi Arabia

Ampliz holds an extensive dataset of email list of companies in Saudi Arabia. This data set contains the details like the name of the company, its website, its direct dial, email address, and Linkedin profile of key decision makers of the company.

Along with these details, Ampliz provides you with its technographic, firmographic, geographic, and demographic details of the company.

Ampliz provides you with 98% accurate, real-time updated, and complaint data that boosts your conversion 10X.

Why should you choose Ampliz?

Ampliz tracks the buying history of your potential customers and gives you a list of targeted clients.

Ampliz collects the data from credible sources and gets them validated by experts that ensure the accuracy of the data.

With the blend of AI and humans, Ampliz refreshes the data at regular intervals, maintaining the quality of the data. These processes ensure the high quality of data.


There are massive growth opportunities in Saudi Arabia. All you need to have is the industry know-how, a list of companies, and contact details of potential customers.

If you are looking to list of companies in Saudi Arabia and looking to find their contact details simply reach Ampliz.

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FAQs: Related to List of Companies in Saudi Arabia

1. Does Ampliz offer a list of companies in Saudi Arabia with contact details?

Yes, Ampliz offers a list of companies in Saudi Arabia with contact details. Ampliz provides you a dataset that includes email addresses, phone numbers, and Linkedin profiles of your prospects.

2. What are the biggest Saudi Arabia Companies by revenue?

The biggest Saudi Arabia companies by revenue are 

Ministry of education, Saudi Arabia

1. Aramco
3. Dalah Albaraka group etc.

3. Why should I use Ampliz as a B2B data provider in Saudi Arabia?

Ampliz ensures you double your conversion rate and boost your sales 10x in Saudi Arabia by providing you most accurate, real-time updated, and targeted dataset.

Ampliz tracks the buying history of your potential customers and gives you a list of targeted clients.

Ampliz collects the data from credible sources and gets them validated by experts that ensure the accuracy of the data.

With the blend of AI and humans, Ampliz refreshes the data at regular intervals, maintaining the quality of the data.

These processes ensure the high quality of data.