Are you among that 60% of people who find it difficult to find company email addresses of their prospects?

If yes, then let me tell you, you are not alone. Yes, many marketers and salespeople want to leverage email marketing to grow their business, but they are stuck at the very first step of find business email addresses they want to reach out to.

The B2B business model is complex, as it involves many decision-makers. You need to find important decision-makers related to your product to speed up your sales and marketing efforts.

This requires you to have exact email addresses.

So what is the way? There are many ways you can find a business email addresses of your prospective companies. But In this blog, I am going to share only tried and tested ones. Many Fortune 500 companies have implemented these methods of finding the email address of the companies.

These methods of finding the email address have helped them to reduce their bounce rate and improve email deliverability rate.

Excited to know which methods are these? Then keep reading this blog.

Before we start discussing how to find company email address, let’s discuss the various challenges that many marketers and salespeople like you are facing.

Many marketers find it difficult to find company email addresses due to one or more of the following problems.

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Challenges of Find Company Email Addresses

1. Lack of publicly available information

Many companies do not readily disclose their email addresses on their websites or other platforms, making it difficult for marketers to locate them easily.

2. Frequent Personnel Changes

In today’s dynamic business environment, employees frequently change positions or leave companies altogether. This constant turnover makes it harder to track down the correct and up-to-date contact details.

3. Limited access to directories

While there are numerous online directories that provide company information, not all of them offer comprehensive email addresses for every organization. Some directories may require payment or limit free access to certain contacts, further complicating the search process.

4. Privacy concerns and spam filters

With rising privacy concerns and stricter anti-spam regulations, many businesses have set up robust spam filters that prevent unsolicited emails from reaching their inbox. These filters can make it even more challenging for marketers to successfully deliver their intended message.

5. Multiple departments/divisions within an organization

Larger companies often have multiple departments or divisions operating under different domains or subdomains, each with its own unique email structure and format. Identifying a specific department relevant to your marketing efforts can be time-consuming without proper guidance.

6. Non-standardized naming conventions

Different organizations follow different naming conventions for constructing employee email addresses (e.g., [email protected] versus [email protected]). 

This lack of standardization adds another layer of complexity when trying to determine someone’s contact details based on limited information like name and company affiliation alone.

Have you struggled with any of the factors mentioned above?

 If yes, then worry not. We are going to share some amazing ways that will help you to overcome all these challenges and find the email addresses of the companies in just a few clicks.

Let’s discuss what they are.

5 Proven ways to find Email Addresses of Company

See when it comes to find email address of a company or any person you can try as many ways as you can. From typing their name with company names in google, checking the company’s website, finding online directories, and so on.

But as you know,  these things are time-consuming with a very minimum guarantee of success. 

As these days people love privacy and security more than anything so  in today’s world these methods don’t work. 

So here we are going to share only those tips that actually have worked for many.

Let’s get started.

1. Use a professional email look-up tool

As a marketer you must have come across many email finder tools. Email finder tools are the best way to find the email address of the employee of the business you want.

But do you know there are some free tools too? Yes, these free tools are equally effective as paid ones. And if you are satisfied with the free version and wish to upgrade them to get more details you can pay the amount confidently. 

Let’s see which are these tools?

  2. Hunter
  3. Voila Norbert

And so on. 

1.1. has an exceptional accuracy rate in delivering valid email addresses. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that go beyond just email finding. 

Alongside its powerful search engine for discovering relevant contacts’ emails, it provides additional functions like verifying existing addresses, sending personalized cold emails at scale, and even automating follow-up sequences. 

This all-in-one platform saves users valuable time by streamlining their outreach process into one seamless workflow.

Moreover,’s user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate through the tool’s various features. The layout is intuitive, allowing both beginners and experienced professionals to quickly adapt without needing extensive technical knowledge or coding skills. 

Its straightforward design ensures that users can effortlessly access the information they need when searching for specific emails or managing their contact lists efficiently.

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1.2. Hunter

Hunter is widely regarded as the best free email finder tool for several reasons. Firstly, its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate and use effectively. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner in the field of email finding, Hunter’s intuitive layout ensures that you can quickly locate the information you need.

One of Hunter’s standout features is its exceptional accuracy in providing accurate and up-to-date email addresses. 

The tool employs advanced algorithms that crawl through various sources like websites, social media profiles, and public directories to extract contact details associated with a particular domain. This comprehensive approach significantly increases the chances of finding the correct email address compared to other similar tools.

1.3. Voila Norbert

The next effective tools to find company email address is Voila Norbert, undoubtedly the best free email finder tool for several reasons. Its exceptional features, user-friendly interface, and accurate results make it stand out from its competitors.

First and foremost, Voila Norbert offers an extensive database that covers a vast range of industries and professionals. This ensures a higher chance of finding the correct email address for your intended recipient. Whether you’re searching for an email associated with a specific company or trying to reach out to an individual professional, this tool provides comprehensive search options to suit your needs.

The accuracy of Voila Norbert’s results is another reason why it excels in comparison to other similar tools. It employs advanced algorithms and data verification techniques to eliminate any guesswork involved in finding valid email addresses. By cross-referencing multiple sources and databases, it significantly reduces the chances of incorrect or outdated

2. Search company page on Linkedin

With millions of active users, Linkedin is the most popular professional social media platform. Today, every company, no matter how big or small it is, is on linkedin, including your prospective company.

You just need to type its name in the search bar, and from the results you can select the right one.

Once you go to the company page, click on the people as shown in the image. Here you can find the employees of the company. If you find any key decision-maker of the company, you can go to their profile and check for their contact details. 

You can find their contact details either on the contact information tab, or in their about section, or in their cover image.

If you are still not able to find them, you can use any above-mentioned tool.

3. Purchase database

No, don’t get me wrong when I am telling this. You will find many data providers who are authentic and reliable. Whatever information they have collected is by following some security standards.

So you can surely rely upon it. One such B2B data provider is Ampliz. Ampliz provides you with email address, and direct dials of key decision-makers of the company employees. Not only that, it also provides you with additional details like technology stack, funs stack, demographics, and number of employees, that help you know your prospect better and curate your message well.

Ampliz collects the data from 100+ credible sources and gets them validated by 800+ experts. This ensures the highest level of accuracy in every piece of information.

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4. Join relevant online communities

Have you ever thought of joining online communities? If yes, then how do you leverage them? If not, then you should surely think of it. Today many people make LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and even WhatsApp groups. 

Joining these groups will allow you to come in contact with so many like-minded people and industry leaders. There you can share valuable content and engage with others. You can also start a conversation with your target audience which allows you to ask their email address.

5. Ask for an email address in a LinkedIn DM

One of the main purposes of being active on LinkedIn is to network. You can send connection requests and DMs to your peers, and your target audience to stay connected with them. 

Once you converse with them via 2-3 emails you can ask them their email id. At this point, they can’t say no to doing so.

This will cost you nothing, and will strengthen your network too. This also increases your chances of getting a response from that person.

6. Attend industry events

Offline events still hold more importance than online events. Whenever and wherever you get a chance, you should not miss any opportunity to attend industry events. 

This is the best way to collect contact information and find a business email address of your prospects and also have a face-to-face meeting with them.

In such events, they don’t deny sharing any contact information.


Thus, though it’s quite tricky to get the email address of your prospective company, it’s not impossible if you follow the above-mentioned ways.

Your accurate and updated email address is the first step towards success in email marketing.

If you do this right, you can surely achieve the desired results with your email marketing efforts.

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