Physician Recruitment Strategies

How to staff and recruit physicians in shortage is the biggest challenge every other healthcare organization is facing today.

The physician shortage has shown up it’s just going to get worse. Healthcare institutions around the nation are already seeing the negative effects of staffing shortages as a result of COVID-19, with clinicians experiencing increased stress and burnout and hospitals frequently delaying elective surgery.

Top talent will be more difficult to find in the coming years. Your firm may keep ahead of physician shortages by harnessing healthcare commercial intelligence.

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So keep reading to learn about the “6 proven ways to leverage healthcare commercial intelligence to staff and recruit during a physician shortage.”

Physician Recruitment Best Practices

Physician shortage and fierce competition for physician talent have arised the need of physician recruitment best practices. 

The biggest contributing factors to physician shortage are:

  • Increased numbers of baby boomers
  • Increased numbers of chronic diseases
  • Increasing numbers of baby boomers approaching retirement
  • More and more physicians experiencing burnout and leaving the job

According to the American Association of Medical Colleges by 2033, there would be a  shortage of primary care physicians between 21,400-55,200, and shortage of specialists between the numbers of 33,700-86,700. 

In such case, implementing physician recruitment best practices is a must for superior recruitment results including improved patient care, distributed workload over physicians, low physician turnover, and ultimately increased revenue

The best physician recruitment practices involve planning recruitment well in advance as it is the lengthy process of about 6-12 months depending upon the specialty and location of the hospital. 

In some cases, it would take another 6-12 months for physicians to get licenses, relocate and be ready to start working.

Physician Recruiting Tips

Following the right physician recruiting tips has become mandatory to combat the physician shortage challenge. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, there would be a shortage of 1,22,000 physicians by the year 2032.

This has made the physician recruitment process very difficult. Amidst various challenges namely burnout, long-working hours, insufficient compensation, and the emergence of telemedicine, one can ramp up the recruitment process by implementing physician recruiting tips.

One of the most important physicians recruiting tips is to know what physicians are looking for in their employers. Along with the monetary gain, physicians are looking for a work environment where they can learn, earn and share their expertise to serve patients. 

That’s why the best physician recruiting tips are:

  • Having targeted communication
  • Offering competitive compensation
  • Allowing them flexible work timings
  • Taking help from the physician liaison,
  • Allow physicians to continue the education

How To Find Physicians To Recruit

As a physician recruiter, practice administrator, or member of a physician onboarding team you would be always facing the question of how to find physicians to recruit.

Amidst the various challenges, namely physician burnout, physician shortage, and retiring baby boomers among physicians, finding the physicians to recruit has become very difficult.

According to the American Association of Medical Schools, there would be a shortage of about 1,22,000 physicians by the year 2033.

A physician shortage has an adverse impact not only on the hospitals but on the whole of humanity, as patients will not get immediate and timely care, and saving lives would become more difficult. And that’s why following some strategies to find physicians to recruit is a must.

To ramp up the physician recruitment process you should pre-plan the recruitment process and should follow some recruitment tips namely,

  • Having targeted communication
  • Providing competitive compensation
  • Allowing flexible work schedules
  • Taking help from the physician liaison,
  • Allow physicians to continue the education

According to the Association of American medical colleges, the US is going to face a shortage of physicians by 54,100 to 1,39000 by 2033. Physician burnout, the retirement of baby boomer physicians, and many physicians leaving the profession are some of the reasons for the shortage of physicians.

Amidst a such a shortage of physicians, recruitment of qualified and experienced physicians is quite challenging. But following the physician recruitment strategies explained below can be of great help.

Analyze your existing and future staffing requirements

One of the physician recruitment best practices says, before developing a recruiting plan, you must first understand your organization’s workforce gaps. You can get a sense of which disciplines have the most extensive inpatient and outpatient demands by counting the number of associated physicians within a specialty to the number of complaints the physicians appear on.

Specialties with larger claim volumes but fewer physicians could represent a major staffing opportunity. These doctors are more certain to be overburdened, raising the risk of physicians burnout.

However, by proactively monitoring how and where physicians are overburdened, you can develop smarter physician recruitment strategies to make recruiting decisions that benefit both your patients and clinicians.

Find new opportunities to source candidates for open positions

Taking the help of Healthcare commercial intelligence is an efficient part of physician recruitment best practices and also helps find new opportunities to source candidates for open positions.

As the requirement for providers grows, providers are quitting in unprecedented numbers, moving power from employers to employees. Candidates will not necessarily find you if you have available positions; you must discover the candidates.

Having quick access to physician information such as graduating year, qualifications, board qualifications, primary specialization, and location is the best way to recruit physicians and can assist you in proactively identifying clinicians at other facilities who may be candidates for recruiting.

Ampliz not only provides detailed insight that helps in analyzing a provider’s areas of specialization, but it also provides contact information so you can contact them. This enables you to develop a comprehensive outreach campaign that is specifically tailored to the type of professionals who are a good fit for your profession. 

Make your healthcare organization distinguish in a competitive marketplace

In a participant’s market, you must make your healthcare facility stand out. Today’s job seekers are seeking competitive strategies and prospects for advancement within their sectors.

By permitting you to reverse engineer job network advertisements, healthcare commercial intelligence may help you make a terrific first impression.

The best way to recruit physicians is Instead of publishing a general job opportunity, consider being able to inform a physician exactly the type of patients they’ll treat, down to some of the most common diseases and treatments, or listing the particular technology they’ll utilize daily. 

People can use healthcare commercial intelligence to determine whether a job is a good fit for them before registering, and hospitals can find suitable candidates with the necessary skill sets more quickly. If you plan to follow physician recruitment strategies to help with current and future staffing needs, then healthcare commercial intelligence is a must in a physician shortage and helps improve management care overall.

Create a workforce planning framework based on internal data

Occupational stress is among the most significant constraints in the healthcare industry. Pharmaceutical recruiters must be ready to prepare in advance for long-term needs to avoid overworking current staff. 

Create long-term physician recruitment strategies to ensure that your resource pipelines can meet needs in the future, such as skills shortages or establishing a backup workforce in times of disaster.

Running reports from your recruitment platform to estimate how healthcare applicants for a specific post would progress within the organization within such a specified time frame can be the best way to recruit physicians.

Manual processes should be automated

Interaction automation allows you to stay ahead of emails sent to thousands of medical applicants, allowing you to simply manage and customize communications while tracking how your various emails perform.

You may use automation to send bulk emails, organize multi-touch message sequences, appointment timers for further outreach, and sometimes even avoid double-emailing applicants your members of the team may have previously reached.

Recruiters can also spend much more time engaging with creative and personalized email messages to drive response times by automating future communication.

It’s also critical to track how these various emails work so you know which layouts or messaging to keep or change.  

Maintaining the availability and utilization of patients

Healthcare providers are frequently preoccupied with ensuring that a patient has an appearance that they will maintain, which implies that physicians are frequently overburdened during peak hours.

Using such a commercial intelligence technology in healthcare to recognize these use trends and distribute employees accordingly might result in lower wait times and more effective resource use.

In addition, Measuring use rates, acquiring strategically to decrease the risk of an out-of-date stock, and establishing standardization in the purchase decision can all help to drastically lower costs without compromising overall patient care.


In a shortage of physicians, following physician recruitment best practices is essential for recruiting and retaining qualified and experienced physicians. Finding the best physician to recruit between a million connections is tough.

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