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Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, with technology helping to identify diseases, develop treatments and improve patient care. Healthcare AI companies are developing innovative solutions to address pressing challenges in the healthcare industry.

From diagnostics and drug discovery to personalized care, these companies are at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the best healthcare AI companies in 2023.

We’ll discuss their products and services, as well as provide some insights on how they are leveraging AI to revolutionize the healthcare industry. With advancements in AI and machine learning technology, it’s an exciting time for healthcare and there’s no better way to get ahead of the curve than to explore what these leading companies have to offer.

Healthcare startups are leveraging with promising AI-driven technology to help healthcare providers to offer targeted healthcare services to save millions of lives.

With new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT, and Big Data, Medical Science revolutionizes the healthcare industry.

Using the Ai-driven technologies, the healthcare industry can gain unprecedented insights into diagnostics, treatment methods, and patient outcomes.

The AI innovation in healthcare has been overwhelming with the Global Healthcare AI Market accounting for $0.95 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $19.25 billion by 2026.

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Top 10 AI Healthcare startup companies in 2023

With hundreds of AI healthcare startups out there, here are the top 10 healthcare startups that are redefining innovation:

Olive AI

Year Founded: 2012

Location: Columbus, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $94.4M per year

Employee Size: 501 – 1000 employees

Olive is the leading AI healthcare solution created on a mission to revolutionize healthcare. The Ai health care company addresses major healthcare issues through automation — delivering hospitals, health systems and payers increased revenue, reduced costs, and improved efficiency.

Olive preferred to adopt Amazon web services (AWS) to leverage the healthcare system effectively with cloud computing. Olive – has also collected a fund of $400 million to build its enterprise AI solution for hospitals.

In addition to this, Olive has launched Olive Ventures – an In-house Venture Studio that offers advanced healthcare products to simplify diagnostics and clinical treatments. Olive is featured as one of the top 100 AI healthcare companies

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Babylon Health

Year Founded: 2013

Location: London, United Kingdom


Total Revenue Generated: $79 million in 2020

Employee Size: 1000– 1500 employees

Babylon Health, a digital health company aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services by combining AI and cutting-edge technologies. Babylon Health provides healthcare services in a subscription-based model through their website, iOS, and Android mobile application.

In May 2020, Babylon Health announced a new strategic partnership with Mount Sinai Health Partners, to offer access to healthcare services for New Yorkers. Babylon Health is using Amazon web services (AWS AI) and cloud capabilities to transform its healthcare business.

On June 3, 2021, Babylon has signed a definitive agreement to merge with Alkuri Global Acquisition in a deal worth about $4.2 billion


Year Founded: 2016

Location: New York, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $20.8M per year                                                       `      

Employee Size: 51- 100 employees

Owkin is a pioneering AI startup in healthcare that aims to empower researchers to understand why drug efficacy, the drug development process, and discover the best drug for the right patient to improve treatment outcomes.

In May 2020, Owkin has raised a fund of $25 million to create a secure network for healthcare research with the help of investors, including Cathay Innovation, Bpifrance Large Venture, F-Prime Capital, MACSF, and Eight Roads.

Owkin initiates an AI research network with 44 organizations including hospitals and research institutions in the United States and Europe to advance better treatment outcomes, share knowledge in the medical field, and preserve patient privacy.

Caption Health

Year Founded: 2013

Location: California, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $17.6M per year

Employee Size: 11-50 employees

Caption Health a leading medical artificial intelligence (AI) company unleashes early disease detection by increasing access to ultrasound exams.

On September 13, Caption Health is honored with a California Life Sciences (CLS)’ Pantheon Award for being the top product of the year!  Butterfly Network and Caption Health are on an exclusive strategic partnership to forecast disease earlier using AI-Based diagnostics.

Caption Health gains New Technology Add-on Payments (NTAP) authorization from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for AI-based ultrasound platform.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: California, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $16.7M per year

Employee Size: 101 – 250 employees

Insitro is an AI-driven drug discovery and development company that leverages drug development and healthcare services using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Insitro raises a fund of $400 million for ML-powered drug discovery efforts.

Insitro On acquisition of Haystack sciences, Insitro fosters Machine Learning-Based Drug Discovery. From the recent Forbes top 50 AI companies list, Insitro ranks 35th for their most promising AI-based drug development process.

Also, Insitro’s founder and CEO Daphne Koller have been honored as one of Inc.’s 100 most promising female founders.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: London, United kingdom


Total Revenue Generated: $11.1M per year

Employee Size: 1-10 employees

HelloSelf, an AI-based health and wellness platform that offers digital access to therapists. HelloSelf, a London-based AI startup had raised the fund of £5.5 million with the help of OMERS Ventures.

The AI-powered healthcare startup is a combination of world-class technologies and expert therapists to improve the mental well-being of millions.

HelloSelf has been created using Amazon web services, integrated registration, and user management using Cognito, and calendar for appointment booking.


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Hovedstaden, Denmark


Total Revenue Generated: $9.9M per year

Employee Size: 11-50 employees

Corti, a voice-based AI platform that detects and analyzes critical illness in real-time and also helps healthcare practitioners to make decisions faster, and more accurately during a medical consultation.

Corti onboarded Voice Products as an official audio partner! Corti is honored with the 2020 Future Unicorn Award for revolutionizing the healthcare system. In addition, Venture Beat announced Corti the winner of the best global AI innovation. has raised a fund of $27m to support patient consultations using Artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Massachusetts, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $4.4M per year

Employee Size: 25-50 employees

Overjet is found on the mission to transform dental care with AI. Overjet provides patient-focused care using cutting-edge technologies, data science, and advanced dental research. CB Insights recognized Overjet as one maong the top 100 most promising private artificial intelligence (AI) businesses in the world.

Overjet raises $27M to improve oral health using AI-driven dentistry. On June 8, 2021, Overjet – a venture-backed AI company acquires American Dental Examiners to offer fully licensed clinical reviews on its AI platform.

Unlearn AI

Year Founded: 2017

Location: California, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $4.1M per year

Employee Size: 11-50 employees

Unlearn ramps up clinical trials utilizing synthetic AI patient information that reduces the time needed to create new drugs and enables healthcare providers to deliver life-saving treatments for patients.

Unlearn AI raises $12M with Digital Twins to accelerate clinical trials. In the 2021 AI list of the most creative artificial intelligence businesses, CB Insights has selected Unlearn. In addition, Data Magazine has nominated Unlearn AI as a Top Bioinformatics Company in the United States.

Unlearn AI announced a new investment with a series of investors including Epic Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, and Eisai – Global Pharma Company.

CloudMedX Health

Year Founded: 2015

Location: California, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $2M per year

Employee Size: 11-50 employees

CloudMedx, an AI-based healthcare platform gives clinical insights, revenue cycle management, and patient care solutions. CloudMedx uses NLP and deep learning with the aim to extract key clinical concepts from health records and improve clinical operations, documentation, and patient care.

AI developed by the CloudMedX took a mock medical exam a week before, outperformed human doctors in a study. CloudMedX’s C19 Explorer platform and C19 Vaccine tool have been honored the best 2021 API Award in the Health APIs category.

Recently, CloudMedx and  Anthem join forces to provide critical insights into the current state of vaccine distribution.

Wrapping up

Healthcare is a multitrillion-dollar global industry with millions of healthcare centers rivaling each other to amplify their healthcare business.

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Healthcare AI is quickly becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry, and there are many companies already offering innovative solutions. The best healthcare AI companies in 2023 will be those that can offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet their clients’ needs and stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

These companies should also focus on building strong partnerships with healthcare providers and other stakeholders so they can provide high-quality, reliable service for all their customers. With the right healthcare AI company, you can ensure your organization receives the best possible technologies for improving patient outcomes.

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