Why Is Intent Data Is Important and Best B2B Intent Data Provider

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That data can transform every single operation of a company is well accepted by leaders across B2B industries. But not many know how to use it to directly impact revenue and profitability positively.

You may be wondering how data can directly impact sales? Well, it’s all about intent data, or using predictive indicators to gain increased leads and higher conversions paving the way for increased revenues.

In plain terms, we are referring to sales intelligence.

Top Intent Data Provider In 2022

Intent data is one of the most valuable sources for analyzing a company’s marketing performance. It provides insight into what customers are looking for and can help marketers adjust their strategies accordingly.

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How good is your data?

If your data is not producing intelligence to translate optimal sales efforts into proportionally higher rates of conversions, then it’s time you must rethink your data strategy.

While sales intelligence is unquestionably a must-have, other data qualities such as accuracy, completeness, timeliness, uniqueness, validity, and consistency adds to the overall data potency.

Transform Your Data with Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence is the actionable information on the business prospect. While sourcing contact information of key decision-makers is important, knowing who among the c-suites and key decision-makers across several companies are seeking what solutions, is paramount.

If your product or service fits the bill, your sales team can target them as prospects, and look to convert them with personalized solutions.

As a solution provider, your enterprise must understand your prospect key decision-makers budgets, tech stacks, their companies’ organizational structure, and the challenges they face in keeping data fresh and updated for prospect targeting.

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Sales Intelligence is classified as follows:

intent data

Know Your Prospect’s Digital Footprints

The digital footprint has become an essential part of sales intelligence. Form-fills, searches, content downloads, and other digital parameters together help to understand the client’s intent. This lets the salesperson know if he should approach the buyer.

The right sales intelligence is an amalgamation of the correct contact data, opportunity data that signifies the current state of the opportunity. Here, digital footprint data act as an indicator of the intent of the prospect.

The right contact is the key decision-maker who influences the buy decision. The reporting structure, revenue, and technological environment become part of the target persona.

Besides, upcoming business events, expansion plans, critical hiring provide intelligent data that can be channelized for prospect lead building and conversions. Many times, such data also throws light on the economic health of a prospect organization and helps you in deciding your sales actions.

Why is Intent Data Important 

Intent data is vital for the prediction of success only if the necessary demographic and firmographic details are in place. They determine if there are sales favorable conditions. Intent data is the digital behavioral activity data that link target buyers and accounts to the solution or related topics.

Intent data or the digital signature information data includes data like event registrations, page visits, form-fills, time on page, content downloads, and the number of visitors from an account. The information that marketing automation systems gather for an organization can also be one level of intent data.

Many organizations have expanded the horizons of intent data to a network of sites and partners that gather specific information from various places. Intent data signals interest, demand, or urgency related to a particular topic or need which cannot be inferred through fit data.

Sales intelligence should have the capacity to paint the complete picture of an opportunity. That helps sales teams make effective informed decisions and interactions more engaging.

Improving Sales Performance with Intent Data

A sale is all about being at the right place at the right time with correct information about the prospect. Intent data provides crucial details that enable closing the deals quickly. It also allows for having a personalized approach towards the client.

Quick deal closure leads to more wins and an increased number of sales appointments in a given time. Personalized sales deliver better sales engagement, which leads to shorter sales cycles.

Summing Up

A data-driven approach results in improved sales and marketing performance, higher conversion rate, shorter sales cycle, energetic and results-driven sales team, increased sales appointments, and acquisition of large-sized business deals.

Once integrated with sales intelligence, intent data can transform a company’s acceptable sales performance to exceptional performance.