To cut down operating costs, provide access to a larger customer base, stay competitive in the international market, and allow greater efficiency in production, manufacturing companies often outsource various products or services like metal and plastic parts, CAD and CAM packages or other high-end software packages. 

If you are looking to sell your product or service or are already selling to list of manufacturing companies in India and worldwide?, this is the best time to ramp up your sales and marketing efforts. Because India has the potential to export goods worth U.S. $ 1 trillion by 2030. 

Due to our Prime Minister’s “Make in India” program, the manufacturing industry has emerged as one of the high-growth sectors in India. Many mobile phones, luxury, and automobile brands have set up their manufacturing plants in India. Thus, investing your time, effort, and money in marketing your products or service to manufacturing companies will be highly rewarding.

Among almost 30,000 manufacturing companies in India, finding the ones who might need your product or service is quite challenging. In such cases keeping some information about manufacturing companies in India will help you in pitching the right prospects. 

And to help you out with this, we are going to list some of the manufacturing companies in India. But before that let’s see how this list of manufacturing companies in India will be helpful for your business.

Benefits of Having a List of Manufacturing Companies in India

There are many benefits of having a list of manufacturing companies in India

One benefit is that you will be able to learn about new companies that are starting up. This can help you get in on the ground floor with new products and services. Additionally, a list of manufacturing companies in India can help you keep tabs on existing businesses and see how they are doing. This can give you insights into industry trends and help you make decisions about where to invest your resources. 

Finally, a list of manufacturing industries in India can provide you with a valuable networking opportunity. You may be able to meet other business owners and learn about their experiences. This can help you build relationships and expand your business contacts.

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Top List of Manufacturing Companies in India 2024

manufacturing companies in India
Name of CompanyProductYear of establishmentRevenueIndustry type
Tata Motorscars, trucks, vans19452.8trillionLarge scale
WildCraftBackpacks, rucksacks, camping, and hiking equipment1998$5M-$10MLarge scale
Bharat ElectronicsMachine Calibration service, Electrical appliance parts, etc.195488.25$ billionLarge scale
Wipro consumer careBody care products19478630 croresLarge scale
VoltasElectronic Appliances 1954$1.14billionLarge scale
Jaquar groupShowers, shower enclosures, flushing systems, water heaters1960$3.1millionLarge scale
Asian PaintsWide range of paints and finishes1942$4.18 billionLarge scale
Jeyyam global foods PVT limitedVarious pulses2008100cr-500crLarge scale
UltraTech CementTile adhesive, repair products, waterproofing product 198315,557 croresLarge scale
SleepwellMattresses, pillows, bed sets2001$54.9millionLargescale 
Maruti SuzukiCars1981$13.61billionLarge scale
Cochin shipyard limitedShips, watercraft, submarines, etc197234,538millionLarge scale
Emami LimitedOils, and shampoos199532 billion rupees Large scale
Tata SteelBearings, pipes, tubes1907$32.71BillionLarge scale
Have more ice creamsIce creams1944500crLarge scale
Aditya Birla fashion and retail Clothing19778131.95crore Large scale
Apollo tyrespassenger car, SUV, MUV, Specialty bicycle19725956.05croreLarge scale
Ruchi soya industriesSeed extraction, textured soya protein, table spread, refined oil19866,663.72 croreLarge scale
Safari IndustriesLuggage, school bags, travel accessories1974$0.13BLarge scale
Hindustan Unilever LTDSoaps193352.704croreLarge scale
Mahindra and Mahindra LTDTrucks, Tractors, 2 wheelers1945$14.6BillionLarge scale
Crompton greavesElectronic Appliances193753.7billion rupeesLarge scale

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Once you have all the information about your prospects, all you need to do is segment your prospects and start your email marketing campaign. Segmentation allows you to send the mail as per the interest of each prospect. 

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What information is available in the database of manufacturing companies of India?

The database of manufacturing companies in India provides you with much more details than just name, direct phone number, and email address. 

This database provides you with all the necessary information that you need to understand your prospects better.

This database gives you comprehensive and much more detailed information about your prospects that includes demographic, firmographic, technographic, and geographic details. 

Thus, this database will reduce the time and effort that marketers put into researching information about their prospects. 

But, to make the most of this database, you must ensure its reliability and authenticity of this database. The database you purchase should be accurate and real-time updated to keep the bounce rate at bay. 

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Having a list of manufacturing companies in India can be an invaluable asset for any business looking to expand its operations in the country. Not only does it provide you with contact information, but it can also give you insight into the best regions to source materials and supplies.

By taking advantage of this tool, your business can benefit greatly in terms of quality and cost savings which will help you remain competitive in the market. Reach Ampliz to get the accurate B2B Contact data of list of manufacturing industries in India, fill the form below.

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