Christmas is knocking on our doors and people are on their toes to celebrate the most awaited festival of the year. But would you be shocked to know that, this is even the time most businesses are looking forward to extending their sales goals and pulling up huge revenue?  Yes, that’s absolutely true. When the whole world is at the peak of its celebration, few businesses are there looking forward reach out to their target audiences more effectively and counting on generating leads. 

Today, through this write-up we will be sharing the top 10 Christmas email marketing tips that will help you generate a lot of leads.

10 Tips to Generate More Leads with Christmas Email Marketing

1. Design a Unique Approach Strategy

To stand out from the crowd, the traditional way of wishing Merry Christmas won’t be entertained at all. You need to be innovative and persuasive with your way of approaching. Design a unique way of wishing your clients a Merry Christmas. This will instill the first stepping stone to lead a proactive and engaging conversation. 

So design a proper strategy that you think will help you stand out from the crowd and firmly stick to its execution part.

2. A Super Cool Subject Line is the Opening Move

We say don’t judge a book by its cover, but here the scene is different. An email is usually judged by its Subject Line. So make sure your subject line carries a sense of compassion, solution, and hope that will compel the recipient to open the mail. An attractive subject line will improve various KPIs such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. 

And the same goes for preheader text. It creates a second impression. Make sure it’s as good as the subject line or else the effort may go in vain. In the race of creating impressive subject lines and compelling pre-header text, don’t ignore the Christmas theme. It is the one on which your whole campaign idea revolves around. 

3. Don’t Sound like a Promotional Geek

It is not appropriate to blabber on about your success during the holiday season. In your mail body content, customer value should be evident, even if it is promotional to some extent. Your business must use the Christmas email to spread happiness, promote celebration, and thank subscribers for their constant support.

4. Creativity is the Inevitable Part

Your foremost goal is to ensure your audience feels the festive spirit. You need to do something nobody else has done before on such delicate ground. You have to be creative in this regard. But you need to keep in mind the limitation of it to avoid the email being too lengthy and boring. The email should be short, simple, and yet appealing. 

Apart from using tests, use different types of content such as images, videos, gifs, emojis, etc. This will help you to attract your subscribers’ attention creatively.

5. Cater Hyper-Personalized Content

When we say personalization of the content, it means the content solely is meant for the one who is opening it. It should make them feel that the mail has been drafted only for you. You can make this possible by inserting custom fields like name, birthdate, designation, location, etc. It helps you create hyper-personalized dynamic content that helps you connect with your prospects more efficiently than ever before.

6.  Design Christmas Themed Landing Pages/Subscription Forms

You can grow your email list during Christmas as well as increase seasonal sales. Obtaining your prospects’ email addresses can be accomplished by developing an attractive design-oriented subscription form that should compel the prospects to fill it up. To help you convert seasonal visitors, you must send them to your landing pages. Create holiday-specific landing pages for your subscribers to ensure that they have the best experience possible.

7. Create Attractive Visuals

A high-resolution visual of Christmas is expected, consciously or subconsciously, from subscribers, such as trees, Santa Claus, and snowflakes.

You can always go comical with your christmas email designs by using procreate comic brushes.

Of course, there are tons of other ideas to explore when creating a christmas email template, and you don’t necessarily have to include jingles in your designs.

Your creatives can be minimalist or sparkle with several colors that will engage the festive sense of your readers.

And if you’re finding it difficult to create new ones from scratch, there are several inbuilt email templates that you can assess online – free or paid.

Find the one that fits and edit wherever necessary.”

But always keep in mind not to overindulge in anything. Keep the designs and creatives to a certain limit so that they shouldn’t overpower your content.

Keeping Christmas graphics to a minimum especially for a B2B audience is always recommended.

Try to put your creatives in a subtle way that is attractive and limited at the same time.

8. Design Actionable CTAs, the Christmas Way

Here comes the most important part which will actually create conversions in actions. It’s the appropriate CTAs.

Three factors that drive a user to click on the CTA are its position, color, and content.

Make sure you position your CTA perfectly where a user will have a higher possibility to click. Or else, putting it in the wrong position will showcase your desperation, not sensibility.

Adding the appropriate CTA in the proper spot will make a huge difference in your click rate.

The same goes with the color. Always choose a bright color with a white background. It has higher click rate records.

And most importantly, design unique and compelling CTA texts that will compel the user to click on them.

Create a text that shows sensibility, solution, and urgency, and increase your chance of click-rate. 

9. Sent Mails at Perfect Timing

The open, click, and conversion metrics are highly dependent on when you are sending the Christmas email. You can design three Christmas mails for three different timings like pre-Christmas time, Christmas Day, and post-Christmas time.  Accordingly, start sending out your mails understanding the availability of your target audiences.

10. Email Automation is the Key

Automating the Christmas email marketing campaign will not only allow you to create Christmas-related emails based on a subscriber’s behavior but will also allow you to time them based on the subscriber’s time zone. This saving technology can be very helpful. Additionally, your employees will be able to devote their time to more creative & cognitive endeavors without being burdened by redundancies.

Time to Act
So what are you waiting for? Start your Christmas email marketing right away and grab a handful of high-potential prospects in the most efficient way. Let us know if it has worked for you.

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