Your outreach process is incomplete without contacting your potential customers over phone calls. Though you might be so comfortable and may have closed many deals over emails, unless and until you talk to them over call, you can’t have that connection with them.

Its direct-dial of your prospects helps you to have prompt responses, enhanced connectivity, and personalized communication with your prospect.

But finding direct dials is the biggest challenge.

Because people don’t share their details that easily. 

 You must be thinking about how to find direct phone numbers to cold call your prospects, right? There are various ways by which you can get them. Let’s discuss what they are.

Before that let’s understand what direct dials are.

What is a Direct Phone Numbers?

Direct dials, also known as direct phone numbers or direct lines, are unique telephone numbers assigned to individuals within an organization.

B2B Direct dials allow callers to bypass receptionists or automated switchboards and directly connect with the desired person.

Are Direct Phone Numbers Still Important?

Now when companies are gradually shifting to work from the office, the direct dial has gained its importance again. Though in the world of mobile numbers, direct dials have lost their importance a little bit, having direct dials of key decision makers of the company is still important. 

Though with mobile numbers, you have increased chances of response rate, when you are cold calling them it’s always preferred to call on direct dials.

Now let’s see what is the difference between direct dials and mobile numbers.

Difference between B2B direct dials and Direct Mobile Numbers

The basic difference between mobile numbers and B2B direct dials is that a mobile number is a sort of personal number, whereas direct dials are landline numbers with specific extensions assigned to each decision-maker in the company.

B2B Direct dials are best for professional communication, but for that, the person has to be at his/her desk every time you call. Whereas in the case of mobile, you can get in touch with a person at any time.

Benefits of having Direct Phone Numbers

1. It helps sales reps to avoid call reluctance

When you don’t have direct dials, you would find hundreds of reasons not to pick up the phone and contact your prospect. The lack of direct dial would urge you to spend some more time on researching the direct dial. Until you get that number you don’t feel; motivated to dial the number.

This increases sales around time. On the other hand, having direct dials handy, boosts your confidence to make a call to your prospects.

2. Empower the sales team to get connected with higher-level decision-makers

The decision-maker of the company possesses the power of making purchase decisions. So when you have their B2B direct dials, you are motivated to call them because you know that the same person is going to pick up the call. 

If you don’t have their number, then you have to pass through a receptionist who might not transfer your call.

3. Increase Responsiveness

By bypassing intermediaries, sales reps can promptly respond to inquiries or follow up on leads without delays caused by waiting for callbacks or messages passed through multiple channels.

Quick response times demonstrate professionalism and commitment, helping build trust with potential customers.

4. Increase sales productivity

By eliminating time-consuming dialing obstacles and improving connect rates, direct dials enable sales reps to engage in more conversations with qualified prospects. 

This increase in productivity can lead to a higher number of closed deals and improved revenue generation for both individuals and organizations.

5. Better control over scheduling

Having direct access to B2B decision-makers phone numbers allows sales representatives to take control over arranging meetings or demos at mutually convenient times for both parties involved in the buying process. 

It eliminates unnecessary delays caused by playing phone tag or relying on third-party scheduling systems.

How to get numbers for cold calling?

1. Buy phone number lists from data providers

This is the simple yet effective way of getting direct dials of your prospects, provided they are reliable. The B2B data providers provide you with all the contact details that include email addresses, direct dials, and LinkedIn profiles of key decision-makers of the prospective company. 

But they need to be accurate, real-time updated, compliant, and targeted. Then only you can increase your conversion rate. When it comes to these attributes, Ampliz is the best platform. Ampliz provides you with 98% accurate, real-time updated, and targeted data of your prospects that assure you high conversion rates.

2. Research LinkedIn

Utilize the power of LinkedIn to search for your target prospects. Look for profiles that mention their direct phone numbers or contact details in their work experience section or under the “Contact Info” tab.

Additionally, reach out to mutual connections who might have access to this information.

3. Speak to Gatekeepers

Speaking to gatekeepers is also beneficial in terms of getting the direct dials of the company if you approach them properly. 

The job of gatekeepers like receptionists is to divert unnecessary contacts, but if you give the right reason, they can help you with a direct dial of your prospects. 

4. Check the prospect’s email signature

Many professionals write their direct dials next to their job title. This can be a great resource for you to get a direct-dial of your prospects. For that check the email signature of your prospect in one of the emails you have sent, and you can find this information.

5. Visit the company’s website

You can also find important key decision makers’ numbers on the about us page of the company. If not then you can use certain email finder tools. 

These tools, along with providing the email addresses of the key decision makers, also provide direct dials of the person. For this, you only need to install the Chrome extension. While you are on some website. When you click its extension, you can see the email address, and phone numbers of the key decision-makers.

6. Use digital white pages

Digital white pages are more like the old days of physical phone books. Earlier we used to use the phone book to find out the phone number of the person.

Now, though that book is no longer available, you can still use digital white pages that work exactly like classics. But in this, you have keystrokes instead of flip pages.

7. Check Online Business Listings

You can check the business listings that include contact details of thousands of companies. Though for better results you can try niche business listings. There are niche business listings, regional business listings, small to medium business listings, software business listings, international business listings, B2B business listings and so on.

These sites help you get direct phone numbers, department numbers or mainline numbers that help you get closer to your prospects.

8. Use People search engines

People search engines work the same as the web search engine. But people’s search engines give you only the contact information of the person. One such example is Anywho. It has phone numbers of thousands of thousands of contacts. People love it, because it gets updated weekly, and it’s free to use.

9. Company directories 

Many companies maintain online directories where employees’ contact information is listed publicly. These directories may include direct dial numbers as well. Explore the corporate websites of your prospects’ organizations and see if they provide any employee directory or searchable database.

Best Providers of B2B Direct dials

Though with the above-discussed methods you can find direct dials of your prospect, it consumes your time and effort. Therefore let’s see some of the providers from where you can easily get the phone number of your target audience.

1. Ampliz

When it comes to having direct dials that are accurate, real-time updated, you can trust Ampliz. Yes Ampliz provides you all the contact information of your prospects that includes email address, and direct dials too.

To get this you just need to provide all the information about your target audience and Ampliz will come up with the database that includes company name, its location, email address and direct dials of company’s key decision makers.

Ampliz also provides data enhancement and data enrichment service for your requested database.

B2B Data Providers – Contact Us

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn comes first in mind when it comes to finding the direct dials of your sales and marketing. Like email addresses, some people share their phone numbers on LinkedIn.

To find it you can search for the person by entering the name in the search bar. As soon as you hop on the person’s profile you can check for his/her phone number on the contact information section. In this section, some people share their email addresses and phone numbers.

If not in this section, then you can also check their cover section and about section. Often some people share their phone numbers there too.

Though LinkedIn is a free tool to some extent, and you can search a person located anywhere in the world, finding his/her phone number is challenging.

3. Google

Google is one of the easiest ways to find the phone number if you are looking for the company phone number. 

By typing the name of the company, you can visit their website. On the company website, on the Contact us page, you can find the contact details of the company. 

However, this is only possible when the company is registered in Google. If not, then it’s not possible. 

Google is free and you can search the high quality contact information through Google, hence it’s not for any individual contact details. Also, it takes your time and effort as you have to perform a manual search.

4. UpLead

If you are looking for some automated tool that helps you to find direct dials of your prospect you can consider trying UpLead.

With a guarantee of 95%, UpLead is a B2B lead generation platform to help you find out directly about your prospects. 

Let’s see how UpLead helps you to find the direct dial of your prospect.

With UpLead you can find direct dial of your prospect in 3 ways.  

Contact search

With over 50+ search filters, you can browse and search 108+ million contacts worldwide, narrow down your ideal leads, and download their phone numbers.

Contacts lookup

Contact look-up is another feature of UpLead that helps you to find out the direct dials of your lead.

Chrome extension

UpLead’s Chrome extension helps you to find the contact details of your leads in the browser.

With UpLead you can search personal phone numbers, and business phone numbers, and even bulk look-up is also available.

5. ZoomInfo

With 14 million companies and 46 million direct dials, ZoomInfo lets you buy B2B leads by browsing through their database to find the phone numbers of your prospects. 

ZoomInfo allows you to customize over 200 data points to use the database for people’s searches and for finding the right lead. ZoomInfo provides you with accurate data with a user-friendly interface.

However, transferring the data to your CRM is a manual process.

6. LeadiQ

LeadIQ provides you with both the Things database as well as Chrome extension. With the help of the LeadIQ Chrome extension, you can find the phone number of your prospects directly from their website or LinkedIn profile. 

It also provides an accurate database that consists of over 100 million contacts with verified email addresses.

With leadIQ, you can find personal as well as business phone numbers in both individual as well as bulk.

7. Clearbit

Clearbit provides contact details of about 200 million contacts from 20 million companies. To get the contact details of your target audience you need to give the details of your persona. By doing this you will get the profile of a suitable persona.

In Clearbit to find the phone number, you need to get premium service on the enterprise tier. 

With Clearbit you can find business contacts and bulk numbers, but finding personal phone numbers is not possible

8. WhitePages

Whitepages is another tool for finding someone’s phone number. With the name and location of the person, you can find his/her phone number. Whitepages also allow you to check the background of the person like their criminal and public record. 

With white pages, you can find personal as well as business phone numbers. However, it’s only allowed to be used within the USA.

 Is it Legal to use Direct Phone Numbers

Yes absolutely it’s legal to use B2B direct dials as long as you collect the phone number by following all security regulations and you respect privacy.

Ampliz follows all the CCPA and GDPR rules. Ampliz contact database is globally compliant so that one can prospect confidently.

Ampliz overcomes the regulation barrier with authentic and validated records, regulatory agency tie-ups, and alert vigilance over the data marketing landscapes on a regular basis.

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You must have many communication channels for prospecting, but nothing can beat the one-on-one conversation. Yes, and direct dial lets you have one on one conversations with your prospect. 

Though finding the direct dial of key decision makers of the company is a bit challenging, with the help of the right tools and techniques you can find them and ramp up your sales process.