The healthcare sector is revolutionizing the world in a great way. Advancement in health tech by the adoption of the latest technologies has resulted in tremendous changes in the sector in a very short span of time.

Healthcare companies in the USA

And this is made possible by the top largest healthcare companies in USA that are introducing a new face to the healthcare world.

Through best-in-class products and innovative healthcare services, they are hugely contributing to the lives of the people so as the entire world as a whole.

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Among the great countries with commendable healthcare advancements, the USA has made a separate position of its own.

It is the home to the great medical innovations and advanced medical infrastructure that the whole world is taking an example of Healthcare companies in the USA are considered to be the world’s greatest healthcare firms because of their state-of-the-art technology and proactive services in the healthcare sector.

In today’s blog, we are going to list down some of the largest healthcare companies in USA that are redefining the healthcare sector every day.

Top Healthcare Companies in the US

The American healthcare system is expanding at a brisk pace. It is an open secret that the US is the wealthiest nation in the world.

In 2016, the US spent more than $3.30 trillion on American healthcare, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

It is estimated that by 2025, healthcare will be about every $1 out of $5 spent in the US.

The Healthcare sector includes companies that serve medical goods, like drugs and medical equipment, and companies involved in medical services like hospital administration or health insurance. 

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, people are more concerned about their health. And, so are the healthcare companies.

They have concentrated their focus on maintaining and improving individuals through diagnosis, treatment, and prevention to make lives healthy.

With innovative solutions and advanced methodologies, these companies are the epitome of healthcare excellence that the whole world talking about. 

So what are they? Let’s have a look at the top 16 healthcare companies list.


Top 16 Largest Healthcare Companies In USA

List of Largest Healthcare Companies in the USA

1. Anthem

Anthem is one of the few first names falling under the leading companies in healthcare USA.

The healthcare company offers individual, employer-sponsored, Medicare, and other Medicaid plans.

Previously called Wellpoint, it was in the race with other well-known and largest healthcare industries. It is one of the most reputed and rapidly growing healthcare companies in the US.

With more than 40 million members, it is one of the leading health insurance providers in the USA.

Based in the USA it has extended its operational wings to the rest parts of the globe and is known for delivering the best healthcare insurance policies to its customers.

It is being successfully run by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association with a revenue of a total of $80 billion.


2. Aetna

Aetna International, one of the leading health insurance providers in the USA started the company with the aim of serving people with all After it was founded the company put up its hands to make them serve people with all kinds of health care facilities.

Soon its inception, it has face some negative as well positive feedback which they took it up sportingly and stood out as one of the top healthcare companies in a very minimal time.

Aetna is known for serving excellent solutions in making you fit. The solutions are delivered by health experts with long-time expertise in respective healthcare fields.

So if you are looking for the best healthcare insurance or the best solutions to be fit that doesn’t owe you insurance, all you can do is, reach out to the team of experts at Aetna.

Aetna was founded and the company made sure to serve all the people with all necessary healthcare facilities.

After adopting the regulation, they had to face all kinds of negative and positive impacts on the business.

Despite the downfalls, Aetna did not lose all its hope and stood against the odds. Thanks to all the credible medical professionals who guide on keeping every individual fit and healthy.

3. Johnson & Johnson

The name itself doesn’t need any introduction.

If you have a baby in your house or ever had one in the recent past, then you must be well aware of this brand and the quality of its products.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most successful, reputed, and largest healthcare companies in USA, and in all over the world.

Known to every individual, whether you used it in your childhood or during your childhood, Johnson & Johnson is a pretty famous brand.

They manufacture precipitation pharmaceuticals, medical devices, over-the-counter healthcare medicines, and more.

Apart from this, very few are aware of the fact that it holds around 24 brands in itself and fetches sales of more than $1billion.

Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, it is.

The brands like Johnson & Johnson are the epitome of quality services and trustworthy consumer relationships.

Besides this, not many of you know that the company hold around 24 brands in itself and can fetch around $1billions of sales.

Along with the USA, it also has a strong foothold in places like Europe and Japan.

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4. UnitedHealth Group

We believe that healthcare should be accessible to all and that it works better when it is included in everyone’s healthcare.

UnitedHealth Group is a uniquely diversified health and well-being company headquartered in the United States.

UnitedHealth Group offers health benefits and services to individuals residing in all 50 states of the United States as well as more than 130 other countries through its subsidiaries, United Healthcare and Optum.

Known for its high-grade healthcare services, we are proud to list it under the top 16 largest healthcare companies in the US.

UnitedHealth Group offers health sector insurance to more than 85 million people across the world.

And, since, the USA is known as one of the best companies where people take care of their health and everyone makes it their priority.

It provides data analytics and consultation to healthcare providers, including pharmacy care services. The principal divisions include Healthcare, OptumInsight, OptumHealth, and OptumRx.


5. Pfizer

Well, that’s a name on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now. With the invention of the COVID-19 vaccine, this company has made its way to the minds of every people from all around the world.

Ones who were previously unaware of this reputed pharmaceutical company are now completely familiar with the same.

It’s an American multinational biotechnology and pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in Manhattan, USA.

Recently popular for inventing the popular COVID-19 vaccine, the company is already well-known in the healthcare segment for delivering high-grade pharmaceutical products like vaccines, medicines, injections, and others.

Without any doubt, it is counted as one of the top biggest & successful healthcare companies serving in the US.

6. Merck & Co

Merck & Co. is a multinational healthcare and pharmaceutical company based in the United States.

Innovative medicines, vaccines, and animal health products made by Merck improve lives worldwide.

Headquartered in the USA, it has extended its business operations around the entire globe.

It sells the best quality medicines and other pharmaceutical products at the best values that attract physicians from all around the US to prescribe for patients to improve their quality of health and life as a whole. 

7. Abbott Laboratories

The multinational company Abbott Laboratories is based in the United States and offers healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

The company operates in more than 150 countries. Abbott’s primary work areas include diabetes, diagnostics, neuromodulation, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals. Their employees number more than 107,000 as of 2019.

The company is headquartered in the USA. The company recently noted a rise in global sales by 40% that is the sale amounts to $10.2 billion which clearly justifies its position in the top 16 largest healthcare companies in USA. The numbers are still growing every day.

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8. Amgen

Patient care is Amgen’s main mission. In the biotechnology industry, research, and making biotechnology products, Amgen is a leader.

In 2020, the company will have more than 22,000 employees. California is its headquarters.

Amgen to Launch Innovative Tools to Improve Patient-Provider Communications to Prevent Infections in Cancer Patients. 

With Breakaway from Heart Disease, Amgen is dedicated to the fight against heart disease. The primary mission of this national campaign is to help make America’s heart health a priority.

9. McKesson Corp

With the rapid rise in the drug distributor, McKesson and people can gain a higher percentage of health care services in the USA.

One of the leaders in the pharmaceutical sector, MCKensson is growing rapidly in the US segment with its magnificent products.

Its global sales outperformed many giants of the same industry and soon it paved its way to the largest healthcare companies in USA

The company is based in San Francisco and came up in the year 2014 but is operating in few other parts of the globe as well.

McKesson gains a higher percentage of healthcare service in the USA as there has been a rapid increase in drug distributor.

Based in San Francisco, the healthcare company, McKesson came up in the year 2014. They are a distributor of pharmaceuticals and other medical products in Canada, the US, and Europe.

In March 2020, the Executive Vice President and Chief of Strategy and Business Development, Bansi Nagji, stepped down from his role.

However, he is believed to remain with the company for a smooth transition into the hands of another officer appointed to take over.


10. CVS Health

CVS Health is one of the second largest and leading drugs retailer in the USA. Along with all the above-mentioned leading pharmaceutical companies, CVS Health is also a true example of excellence which made him fall under the major healthcare companies in the world.

The company has purchased over 1600 pharmacies and is one of the known healthcare industries.

Any company can make the presence over people’s minds only where they help to serve while considering all benefits and needs.

It is one of the best pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies in the world. In 2018, with the acquisition of Aetna, CVS Health played a major role in health insurance.

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11. Walgreens Boots Alliance

With their stores in 25 countries, Walgreens Boots Alliance is regarded as one of the biggest and largest healthcare companies in USA.

They handle and take care of all the needs related to the health of individuals and the products and services offered.

They operate drug stores in the US under the Walgreen and Duane Reade as well as Boots drug stores in the UK, besides other countries.

The company is a distributor of medical products and drugs and also is the parent of stores like,, and

12. Express Scripts Holdings

They have revenue growing more than $100 billion and bring more to Medco healthcare solutions.

Everyone grabs Express Scripts Holdings for all the benefits offered in the healthcare sector. Also, it is known as the No. 1 benefit manager in the country.

13. Cardinal Health

With the rise in the healthcare industry, Cardinal Health is a healthcare company that deals in drug wholesale. It brought approximately $1.94 billion in sales. People have an idea about Cardinal Health and thus, it makes the list of the biggest healthcare companies.

They are a manufacturer of surgical, medical, and laboratory products. Additionally, it also supplies healthcare supplies besides drug wholesale.

14. AmerisourceBergen

All of the above-mentioned top 16 healthcare companies in USA are serving on the front gear and are believed to bring more advancement in the healthcare industry.

The primary aim is to bring a positive change in the health and lives of people, and it seems to grow in a positive direction as this company seems to deliver quality in every aspect of its operation.

15. Cigna Corp

Cigna Corp deals in medical, life, and accident insurance products and services; and also offers managed care services to individuals.

16. Centene Corp

It is a managed healthcare company that focuses on serving government-sponsored programs.

Centene acquired WellCare Health Plans Inc., which led to the increasing market share in Medicaid, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Advantage Plans.

So, these are the largest healthcare companies that make the list for 2023. Did we miss out on one in particular? Let us know.

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