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10 Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare in 2021

10 Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Businesses in 2023

Looking into the year 2021, we can see that it has already experienced numerous ups and downs and is preparing itself for many more to come. Current issues in healthcare 2023, include many of them because the year continuously faced … Read More

Top 10 Highly Prescribed Beta Blockers in the USA

So today we are going to talk about the most talked-about drug, beta blockers. A drug or medication that is popularly consumed by the patients and largely prescribed by the physicians. So among all the beta-blockers consumed, today we are … Read More

5 Proven Healthcare Lead Generation Strategies Trending In 2023

The Healthcare industry has witnessed an expansion since the end of 2020, and lead generation is as relevant for healthcare as any industry. No matter which sector of healthcare you are from, whether medical care or medical manufacturing, the generation … Read More

How to Find a Good Chiropractor

How to Find a Qualified Chiropractor In US

Find Chiropractor How do you find a qualified chiropractor? The answer is at Ampliz. We are America’s leading resource for finding healthcare providers and have helped countless people in their search for quality care. With increasing cases of joint pain, … Read More

Leading Vendors in Diagnoxtic Imaging Devices

List Of Top Medical Imaging Companies in US

Are you in search of medical imaging devices for procurement or vital contacts for business development purposes? A handy list of contacts from the top medical imaging companies is a must-have. Grab your free sample medical imaging data here. While … Read More

Best Medical Claims Datasets, Databases and Claims data benefits

Claims Data Using the claims data, healthcare sales and marketing team can target healthcare providers using the focus area and specialty type with a high precision. Claims data helps to find and reach physicians based on their primary specialty, practice … Read More

How to boost your healthcare business with targeted healthcare data

Get unparalleled access to over 8 billion healthcare payors, prescribing behaviors, and current healthcare claims to power your business … Read More

How Many Ambulatory Surgery Centers are in the US

How Many Ambulatory Surgery Centers are in the US

Target key decision-makers in Ambulatory surgery centers, Ambulatory care physicians, outpatient nurses, and ASC clinical directors … Read More

What is Concierge Medicine? Definition, Pros and Cons

Remember the last time you scheduled your appointment with your doctor on the same day? Or maybe you had a quibble over a call when you arrived at the office and then you and your doctor discussed it for initiating … Read More