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The Most Popular Healthcare Claims Data Products Today

Claims Data To understand claims data, one needs to understand the documented patient-doctor communication. These are the data that are collected during the patient-doctor interaction and properly maintained for future implementations. It is leveraged for advanced medical research to come … Read More

How To Target Physicians Precisely with Claims-Based Specialty Data

How To Target Physicians Precisely with Claims-Based Specialty Data

Do you want to know how and when to sell to your healthcare segment? We can help.  Ampliz offers the best healthcare data available in one spot.  Whether you’re looking for detailed physician’s data, generalized healthcare data, or something more, … Read More

Boost your Business with Targeted Healthcare Data

Get unparalleled access to over 8 billion healthcare payors, prescribing behaviors, and current healthcare claims to power your business … Read More

Largest Healthcare Companies in the USA

Healthcare companies in the USA are considered to be the world’s greatest healthcare firms because of their state-of-the-art technology and proactive services in the healthcare sector. … Read More

Top 10 Highly Prescribed Beta Blockers in the US

So today we are going to talk about the most talked-about drug, beta blockers. A drug or medication that is popularly consumed by the patients and largely prescribed by the physicians. So among all the beta-blockers consumed, today we are … Read More

10 Most Promising Healthcare Trends in 2021

While the whole world is pacing up with the latest trends and every industry has started speaking the language of technology, healthcare showed it’s too on the top of the list. Like other industries and domains, healthcare is getting upgraded … Read More

Leverage the New Healthcare Intelligence with Datasets that Connect, Convert, and Retain

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has seen its biggest time. Many startups came up into the picture, stepped up, and became industry leaders soon. The attribute that majorly backs the entire phenomenon is high-quality healthcare intelligence. Premium-grade … Read More

Top 50 Largest HCA Hospitals Based on Net Patient Service Revenue

Blacked by a team of the big private investor groups, and a few individual investors like Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Bain Capital, together with Merrill Lynch and HCA Healthcare founder Thomas F. Some reputed private payors like United Healthcare, and Humana are also in the list of investors for HCA. … Read More

Top 50 Largest VA Hospitals by Bed Capacity [Updated 2021]

Today we’re going to list the top 50 largest VA hospitals operated under the administration of Veteran Health Administration (VHA). What are veteran hospitals? These are the hospitals widespread all across the US is dedicated to serving the ex-members of … Read More