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Ampliz serves as one of the best physician database providers in the USA.

The whole world has experienced a tremendous transformation after the first wave of the deadly pandemic.

Since the whole health care industry got affected due to this, it also evolved to be much stronger and much more efficient, like never before.

Ampliz who is the best physician database providers in US brings to you a wide range of data that you require the most.

Physicians immediately respond to your difficulties, provide the best amount of care and try to cure your problems, as quickly as possible.

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Most of the physicians are employed by the specialty hospitals and general medical and surgical hospitals industry.

Physicians are a huge part of the health care practitioners and technical occupations, along with, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, nutritionists, dietitians, optometrists, and many more.

The top three places that mostly employ physicians in the US are:-

  • Philadelphia city (Center City) PUMA, PA
  • Upper East Side PUMA, NY
  • Upper West Side and West Side PUMA, NY

We, at Ampliz, present before you, a wide range of physician database, which categorizes the number of physicians in the US by specialty, to give you sufficient information and for you to make a wise choice.

Ampliz’s physician database has 4.6M physicians contacts, to help you connect with your right requirement.Our physicians list consists of the following categories where you can find the best physician database in the USA.

Physician database
Physicians Assistants133,776
Cardiac Surgeons4,207
Physical Therapist230,886

A powerful national physician database is essential because it helps to attract the right prospects. Ampliz provides you a huge range of such databases, such as chiropractors, dentists, dermatologists, oncologists, orthopaedic surgeons, etc. The details include:-

  • Hospital employed in
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Prescribed drugs
  • NPI Number
  • License Number

Few of our physician database are given below to give you an idea of what we provide to you:

1. Oncologists Database

Ampliz provides you with an absolutely verified oncologists database, where you can access 36k+ oncologist email list, which is highly sales-driven.

oncologist email lists

The data which we provide of high quality which eventually helps you in building progressive demand within a short time span.

List of Oncologists Mailing Address at Ampliz:

  • 28,284- USA total counts (with or without emails)
  • 13,702- Global email counts (except USA)
  • 22,523- USA email counts

The Oncologists Mailing database is carefully monitored and maintained by our experts and professionals. You have unlimited access to your oncologists database, once you have purchased from our platform.

2. Dentists Database

The demand for a good dentist or a dental expert is increasing everyday. Ampliz’s dentists email database gives you the right platform and provides you with an error-free database.

dentists email lists

You get a customized and personalized dentists mailing list, to satisfy your essential requirements. Our huge database is very flexible because it can personalize and customize in all different ways just to suit your needs.

List of Dentists Email Addresses at Ampliz:

  • 93,336- USA email counts
  • 241,348- USA total counts (with or without emails)
  • 86,676- global email counts (except USA)

Ampliz is always committed to deliver you the best list of dentists email addresses which passes through all the required verification processes, to give you the best service.

Among the best physicians in the USA, Ampliz’s dentist database stands out from all the other ones.

3. Chiropractors database

Chiropractors email database

Ampliz provides you with more than 29k verified and qualified chiropractors email lists. Chiropractors email database, which is thoroughly updated time-to-time, can bring your revenue up and raise it more.Login at Ampliz and save, search and download the chiropractors email database.

List of Chiropractors Email Address at Ampliz:

  • 90,510- USA total counts (with or without emails)
  • 6,664- global email counts (except USA)
  • 22,986- USA email counts

We convey to our customers a great deal of contact information about chiropractors, from all around the globe, that will help to coordinate your business search measures.


4. Dermatologist Database

More than 16k+ verified dermatologists email list is waiting to be discovered by you. It is an exceptionally powerful tool to boost your campaign ROI.

dermatologist mailing database

Ampliz lists down its filters to make your search easier, sorts it out based on your priority and also customizes your entire requirement based on the needs and essentials.

List of Dermatologist mailing address at Ampliz:

  • 15,425- USA email counts
  • 16,102- USA total counts ( with or without emails)
  • 86,676- global email counts( except USA)

This list given above, is verified and approved by our AI engineers, information excavators, and other professionals. Our database goes through multiple procedures of verification to ensure the best data.

5. Orthopedic Surgeons database

Your campaign ROI can be boosted with our verified orthopedic surgeons email list.

orthopedic mailing database

Ampliz, which is one of the best physicians data providers in the USA, gets the most trusted and result oriented orthopedic surgeons database for you.

We collect our database of the orthopedic surgeons from the most reliable sources. The data is then processed through many verification checks and to avoid any data decay, it is regularly updated

Physicians database in USA is provided by many, but Ampliz fetches for you the best ones, from all over the world. Lots of research and hard work is put in to find out the best data and email lists for you, so that you can enjoy the gigantic range of options that are meant just for our customers.

Apart from the ones stated above, we also provide you a wide database on health care, USA Healthcare, doctor and hospital databases.

We classify the number of physicians in US by specialty so that you know where to find out your requirements and it eventually becomes easy for you. Instead of hunting and searching for your required physician data, you can just look for the categories that are listed before you.

We are considered to be one of the best physician database providers in the USA because we source our data from many available public records and from trusted third-party vendors to give rise to the initial set.

To give you the best physician database in the USA, our data is refreshed every 30 days with the ML engines to keep it relevant and real time, as much as possible.

To know more about such blogs related to healthcare and its latest hacks and trends, do visit our website Ampliz. Do not miss out our Contextual Healthcare Intelligence Platform, which provides you the best customized and verified data.To reach out to us and to know more details, contact us at [email protected].

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