Physician Database Provider In US

How much time do you spend every day to find a physician database?

But you don’t have the option, right! To keep your lead pipeline full you must put in the effort.

But what if, after putting this much time and effort, you still face the email bounce, or not getting enough leads.

The reasons behind this could be either you have wrong contact information, or you have targeted wrong people.

Before you reach out to your prospects, you need to ensure the quality of the contact information, and more importantly their needs, goals, pain points, and their buying capacity.

If you can check all these boxes, then only you can get more leads from your email campaign.

If you can do this on your own, then it’s well and good, but it will cost you so much time.  If you hire someone to do this, then it will cost you time along with money too(As you need to pay them also) right?

But, if you want to save the time and money, then you can try trusting physician database provider.


Let’s see how physician database provider in us can be helpful to you US physician database.

Top 5 Physician data providers in US 2023

Physician Database Provider In US

1. Ampliz

Ampliz provides you comprehensive US healthcare database of  844,957 physicians. With Ampliz healthcare intelligence you can get accurate, real-time updated, and compliant email address, and mobile number of physicians in just few clicks.

Some important features of Ampliz are

Accurate and updated data

Ampliz collects the healthcare data from 100+ credible sources and get them validated by 800+ research experts. This makes the data accurate

Email status

Ampliz provides you the status of email list of physicians. With this feature, you can choose the data that is refreshed before 30days, 60days, and 120 days. This way you can have total transparency for the money you are paying.

Physician experience

To help you in improving your conversion rate Ampliz provides you the physician experience. With this feature, you can know what are the disease a particular physician is treating. This helps you to know them better and pitch them better.

Multiple practice location

With Ampliz healthcare intelligence you can have information of all the location where your targeted physicians are working. And you don’t want to relay upon just one location and that particular timing. You can plan your visit far better.


2. Definitive healthcare

The Definitive Healthcare Physician Database provides a range of features to help businesses analyze physician activity, technology usage, and market trends. Here are some of the features of the Definitive Healthcare Physician Database:

Robust Physician and Provider Profiles: 

The Physician Database provides robust profiles of physicians and providers, which include information on specialties, licensing, locations, affiliations, technology usage, and more

Physician Group View: 

The Physician Database includes a feature called Physician Group View, which enables users to see changes in market trends and create granular market segments using a wide variety of characteristics at the group level

Access to Over 124,000 Physician Groups: 

The Physician Database provides data on over 124,000 physician groups, which can be used to better market and sell to target audiences

Hospital, Medical, and Prescription Claims Data: 

The Physician Database provides access to hospital, medical, and prescription claims data, which can be used to track physician activity and identify market trends

Technology Usage Data: 

The Physician Database also provides proprietary data on technology usage by physicians, which can be used to identify opportunities for technology vendors and other healthcare companies

Deep Market Intelligence: 

Definitive Healthcare provides access to over 3 billion data points and deep market intelligence on top prospects, which can be used to accelerate go-to-market strategies

Overall, the Definitive Healthcare Physician Database is a comprehensive data product that provides a range of features to help healthcare companies and vendors identify market trends, track physician activity, and improve their marketing and sales strategies.

3. Medicoreach

MedicoReach is a healthcare B2B database provider that offers a variety of physician email lists and databases for marketers and businesses to reach the right prospects and run multichannel marketing campaigns

Some of the features of the physician databases offered by MedicoReach include:

  • Accurate and responsive email lists
  • Compiled from authentic sources
  • Customizable databases
  • Verified contact lists
  • Updated regularly for high ROI
  • Helps improve response rate, conversion rate, and ROI
  • Over 15,817 bariatric physician records

Helps connect all verified AMA doctors globally

MedicoReach’s healthcare marketing data offers multiple channels to reach targeted customers, helping increase customer engagement and build trustworthy relationships

4. Span Global

Span Global Services is a company that provides marketing healthcare data intelligence to fuel growth of your company. They offer a variety of services, including business mailing lists and sales leads, healthcare email lists, and physician contact data.

Span Global Services has a database of over 25 million businesses across the world

 They have a large client list and have gained the trust of their clients

Here are some features of the Span Global Physician Database:

Verified database:

 The physician email list is an opt-in, verified database that helps you target physicians from across the globe.

Well-segmented details: 

The physician email list has well-segmented details that allow you to reach the right audience and leverage the best business opportunities.

Customized lists: 

Span Global Services provides customized lists based on your needs.

Worldwide outreach: 

The physician email list has data from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries.

Fresh and active data: 

The physician email list is verified quarterly with SMTP & NCOA protocols to ensure fresh and active data.

Multi-channel & cross-channel marketing: 

The physician email list provides all-inclusive data to facilitate multi-channel & cross-channel marketing.

200+ unique data attributes: 

The physician email list has over 200 unique data attributes

Overall, the Span Global Physician Database is a verified and customized database that provides well-segmented details of physicians from across the globe, allowing for worldwide outreach and multi-channel & cross-channel marketing. 

The database is verified quarterly to ensure fresh and active data and has over 200 unique data attributes.


5. LakeB2b

LakeB2B is a B2B database provider that offers a variety of physician email lists and databases. Some of the features of the physician databases offered by LakeB2B include:

  • Verified and accurate data
  • Customizable databases
  • Segmented data on physician assistants in top hospitals and therapy centers
  • Access to over 75+ data fields from the California doctor database
  • Provides data on emergency room physicians and physician assistants
  • Helps improve marketing outreach and maximize business growth
  • LakeB2B also offers marketing solutions for the healthcare industry and high-quality healthcare data for targeted marketing campaigns.

Overall, LakeB2B provides accurate and verified physician databases that can help businesses and marketers reach the right prospects and run successful marketing campaigns.

What is a Physician Database Provider?

A physician data provider is a company that collects and compiles information about physicians database in the USA.

These physicians email database contain valuable information such as contact details, specialty areas, education, licensing information, prescribing patterns and more.

The purpose of these databases is to help healthcare organizations and businesses target the right physicians for their needs. 

For example, pharmaceutical companies can use physician database providers to identify doctors who are likely to prescribe specific medications.

Physician data providers collect this information from various sources such as medical associations, state licensing boards and public records. They then organize it into searchable databases that users can access online or through software platforms.

It’s worth noting that not all US physician data providers are equal. Some focus on certain specialties or regions while others provide more comprehensive national databases. It’s important to choose one that aligns with your specific requirements.

Physician data providers offer a powerful tool for those looking to connect with physicians in the USA market but it’s essential to do your research before selecting one!

The Different Types of Physician Data Providers in the USA

There are various types of physician data providers in the USA that offer different services and cater to different needs. 

The most common type is national physician databases, which contain information on licensed physicians across the country. These databases are regularly updated to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Another type of provider is specialty-specific databases, which focus on specific areas of medicine such as cardiology or dermatology.

These can be particularly useful for businesses looking to target a particular demographic or market segment.

Regional databases are another option, offering information on physicians in a particular geographic area. This can be beneficial for companies looking to expand into new regions or markets.

There are also niche providers that offer unique datasets or specialized services such as physician referral networks or healthcare analytics solutions.

When choosing a provider, it’s important to consider your specific needs and goals.

Do you need comprehensive national data? Or would regional information suffice? Are you targeting a specific specialty?

Whatever your requirements may be, there’s likely a physician database provider like Ampliz out there that can meet them.


The Pros and Cons of Using a Physician Data Provider

Using a physician data provider has both advantages and disadvantages. 

One benefit is that it helps healthcare organizations save time and resources by providing them with up-to-date information on physicians such as their contact details, specialties, education background, and more. This can be useful for marketing campaigns or recruitment purposes.

Another advantage of using a doctor database USA is that it allows for customization based on specific needs.

For instance, one can choose the type of physician they want to target based on location, specialty or other criteria.

However, there are also drawbacks to consider when relying solely on this source of information. 

The accuracy of data provided may not always be reliable due to possible errors in data entry or outdated information.

Additionally, some providers may not offer comprehensive coverage across all regions or specialties.

Furthermore, utilizing a physician data provider can lead to over-reliance and neglecting traditional methods like networking which could result in missed opportunities or gaps in understanding industry trends.

What to Look for When Choosing a Physician Data Provider?

When choosing a physician data provider, there are several factors to consider. 

First and foremost, you should ensure that the provider offers accurate and up-to-date information. This can be verified by checking their sources of data and their update frequency.

Another important consideration is the range of information available. The ideal physician data provider will offer comprehensive details about each healthcare professional, including contact information, specialty areas, education background, and board certifications.

It’s also essential to review the ease of use and accessibility offered by the provider’s platform or search engine. A user-friendly interface with advanced search filters can save time and make your research more efficient.

The pricing model is another critical aspect to evaluate when selecting a physician data provider. 

Some providers charge per record or per subscription cycle while others have unlimited access options for a flat fee. Choose an option that suits your budget without compromising on quality.

It’s worth researching whether any additional services such as customer support or training are offered by the chosen physician database vendor.

These supplementary offerings can add value to your investment in their product/service over time.


How to Use a Physician Database Provider

Using a physician data provider can be a valuable tool for businesses and organizations looking to target medical professionals. However, it’s important to understand how to use this information effectively.

Firstly, start by defining your target audience. Determine the specific specialty or location of the physicians you want to reach. This will help narrow down your search criteria within the database.

Once you have identified your ideal audience, begin creating targeted marketing campaigns specifically tailored towards their needs and interests.

Utilize email marketing, social media advertising or direct mail campaigns based on their preferred communication channels.

Regularly update and maintain your contact list through regular verification checks as physician data is constantly changing due to job transitions or retirement.

Always ensure that you are compliant with all privacy laws and regulations when using physician data providers. Familiarize yourself with HIPAA guidelines before utilizing any personal health information in your marketing materials.

Remember that while these doctor database USA may provide extensive details about physicians’ professional profiles including contact details, specialties and certifications they do not contain personal patient records which should never be accessed by unauthorized personnel

Who is the Trusted Physician Database Provider In US?

When the market is flooded with such physician database providers, it’s difficult to choose the right one. But as discussed above, you should be clear with your purpose of using this database and the factors you should consider while choosing the physician database provider.

When it comes to high quality doctors database providers in USA you can trust Ampliz. Ampliz provides you 98% accurate, real-time updated and compliant dataset. Ampliz serves as one of the best physician database provider in US.

Ampliz physician database helps you improve targeting and boost the campaign performance.


Why should you choose Ampliz over others?

Ampliz collects the doctors database in USA from 100+ credible sources and gets them validated by 800+ experts. This ensures the accuracy of the data.

Ampliz lets you choose the regency of data, you can select the data as latest as 30 days, 60 days, and 120 days, with efficiency of >85%, >75%, and <75%.

This ensures that data is latest, and real-time updated.

Ampliz tracks your prospects’ footprints, and gives you a list of only your potential buyers.

These processes make the physician database highly accurate, updated, and targeted which increases the chances of conversion 10X.


To summarize, physician data providers are essential in the healthcare industry for various reasons. They provide accurate and up-to-date information about physicians that can be used by healthcare organizations, marketers, researchers, and other stakeholders.

However, as we have seen in this article, there are pros and cons to using a physician data provider in US. It is crucial to choose a reputable provider that offers quality data at an affordable price.

Additionally, it’s important to use the data ethically and comply with regulations such as HIPAA.

If you decide not to use a physician data provider or cannot afford one, there are alternative methods of accessing physician databases such as utilizing public databases like NPI Registry or partnering with medical associations.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for specific physicians’ contact details or want insights into their practice patterns – having access to reliable and updated information can make all the difference.

By following the guidelines provided when choosing a database provider along with ethical usage of Physician Data Provider in US will help your organization succeed in its endeavors while also ensuring patient privacy protection!


Frequently Asked Questions On Physician Data Provider

Where can I get a database of USA Physicians (names, specialties, phone numbers, emails, and locations)?

Ampliz is the perfect solution for you if you need a reliable database of USA physicians.

Our database contains up-to-date information on over 4 million healthcare professionals from across the United States, including names, specialties, phone numbers, emails and locations.

Our AI-powered search engine will help you quickly and easily find the best match for your specific needs in no time.

Ampliz’s customer service team will be happy to provide additional support if needed.

Where can I get a physician list with emails in the US?

Ampliz is your go-to place for the most comprehensive physician list with emails in the US. Our database is continuously updated with verified and accurate information so that you can reach out to physicians confidently and get results.

With Ampliz, you’ll be able to easily access a physician list complete with emails and other contact information, making it easier for you to connect and network within the healthcare industry.

Where can I get a physician database in New York?

Ampliz is your one-stop platform for the latest and most accurate physician databases in New York.

We gather data from thousands of trusted sources to provide you with up-to-date, comprehensive databases that can be filtered by practice specialty, geographic area, physician gender and more.

Our data is regularly updated to ensure accuracy, so you’re always a step ahead of the competition.