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medical claims data in us

Get Medical Claims Data to find the right clinical experts all across the US

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the healthcare system has been stretched too thin to work properly.  Moreover, manufacturing companies and firms are in urgent need of accurate data to make a strategic solution for better results.  But what is the … Read More

How the Healthcare Industry Uses Business Intelligence

The healthcare industry has a wealth of data that it needs to manage, analyze and interpret to make informed decisions.  This data includes patient data, medical research, clinical data, financial data, and administrative data.  Let’s find out how the healthcare … Read More

Optometrists Email List Mail Store

Get Ampliz’s Optometrists Email List Mail Store

Looking to Get Ampliz’s Optometrists Email List Mail Store? From 166,352 optometrists in the US, finding and reaching potential clients or hires is definitely a challenge. Isn’t it? But not with the right dataset provider. To get the maximum outcome … Read More

Get Best Targeted Nurses Email List Mails Store and Take Your ROI To The Next Level With Ampliz

Email marketing is very crucial for healthcare and medical businesses. And the key to the success of this email marketing is a targeted email list. A targeted nurses email list mails store from Ampliz is vital for reaching out to … Read More

17 Ways To Celebrate And Recognize Your Sales Staff

Image source: Pexels Employee recognition is about acknowledging the achievements and hard work of individuals and teams.  By celebrating and recognizing your sales staff’s accomplishments, they will feel more respected and valued. In turn, you can ensure high productivity is … Read More

How To Keep Your Online Medical Marketing HIPAA-Compliant

Learn about HIPAA requirements and how to keep your online medical marketing HIPAA-compliant. … Read More

Growth of Telemedicine In Healthcare 2023

No one can disagree with the fact that telemedicine growth has been the talk of the town for the entire world recently. The stepping-in of the pandemic and global quarantine have been the major causes that pushed telehealth and telemedicine … Read More

Get Your Targeted Neurologists Email List Mails Store and Take Your ROI To The Next Level With Ampliz

If you’re looking for a way to improve your marketing ROI and reach more targeted neurologists, Ampliz has the perfect solution. With our pre-packaged and customized Neurologists Email List Mails Store, you’ll have access to hundreds of verified neurologists email … Read More

The Ultimate Cardiologists Email List Mails Store: Where To Find The Best Contacts For Your Marketing Strategy

Top Cardiologists Email List Mails Store Are you looking for marketing solutions to reach out to top cardiologists? If yes, then look no further. At Ampliz, we provide a comprehensive list of the best cardiologists from all around the globe. … Read More