Telemedicine Companies – Top 10 in 2023 (Revenues, Employee Size)

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has created huge chaos in almost every healthcare industry and business around the globe. Social distancing has made telemedicine, the safest healthcare space. Telehealth has evolved as an unexpected silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s here to stay for a decade.

Telehealth and telemedicine make it simple for patients and healthcare professionals to connect virtually in the comfort of their homes. Reaching the decision-makers of telehealth services is an arduous task.

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Global Telemedicine Market Statistics in 2022

Based on healthcare statistics, telehealth has more potential to create an equitable healthcare system. Also, it would permanently remove geographic restrictions and help healthcare services to serve patients globally.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 58 percent of countries surveyed are now using telemedicine by replacing in-person consultations. 

  • Market Size in 2019 was USD 45 billion. Expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.3% by 2026
  • In essence, 89% of patients are preferring Telehealth over physical hospital visits.
  • Annual revenue generated by Teladoc in 2020 is $554.6 million

Top 10 Telemedicine companies in 2022

On the basis of result-driven telehealth solutions, innovation, funding, and revenue size, Here is the exclusive list of the top 10 telemedicine companies to follow in 2022. 

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1. Teladoc Health

Year Founded: 2002

Location: New York, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $1.09 billion

Employee Size: 1800 – 2,000 employees

Teladoc Health is a global virtual healthcare and telemedicine provider. Teladoc offers whole-person virtual care to serve patients right from the comfort of their homes. From on-demand urgent care to complex healthcare needs, Teladoc is changing the way people access healthcare.

They reach and get connected with the patients using easy-to-use software and medical-grade telehealth devices. Teladoc health’s physician team along with Aetna and CVS health services are launching nationwide virtual primary care.

This virtual health team is now announcing a new partnership with Vivo to provide Brazilians with improved access to healthcare virtually. In addition, they are also expanding their telehealth services in the nation’s schools and providing primary care at an economical cost.


Year Founded: 2009

Location: Florida, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $140.9M

Employee Size: 201 – 250 employees

MDLive is a leading provider of virtual on-demand healthcare services that offers complete teletherapy, virtual doctor consultation, interactive health monitoring, behavioral health therapy, and urgent care services virtually.

Their cloud-based medical platforms make it simple for patients and healthcare professionals to connect seamlessly through video, voice, email, and mobile devices. As students are heading back to school after the long global pandemic, MDLive is providing urgent care services to ensure the wellness of children.

In essence, MDLive is introducing an employee assistance program (EAP) to help employees acclimate to a work routine once again.

3. Doctor on Demand

Year Founded: 2012

Location: California, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $135.5M

Employee Size: 201 – 500 employees

Doctor On Demand, the nation’s leading virtual care provider, offering on-demand and scheduled visits with US-licensed healthcare providers via any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

From rashes to colds, stress management to diabetes management, Doctor on Demand provides complete virtual treatments for chronic care, urgent care, preventive and behavioral health. License physicians from Doctor on Demand check, diagnose, and prescribe the right medication virtually.

Doctor on Demand merges with Grand Rounds to create a patient-centric integrated virtual healthcare service. Doctor On Demand was awarded the “Best Overall Digital Health Company” in the 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program.

4. IcliniQ

Year Founded: 2010

Location: Tamil Nadu, India


Total Revenue Generated: $13.5M

Employee Size: 3000 – 3500 employees

iCliniq is a global medical consultation platform with 3500 highly qualified doctors from 80+ specialties, serving patients virtually across 196 countries. icliniq has been rated among the top five telemedicine services globally by Healthline and Investopedia.

iCliniq’s mission is to create a healthcare service that is easily accessible and trustworthy for both Doctors and Patients. iCliniq offers various telehealth services including consultations cover general medicine, dermatology, psychiatry, oncology, and gynecology virtually.

You can connect and speak with a physician, doctor, and medical therapist via voice or video call.

5. Amwell

Year Founded: 2006

Location: Boston, MA, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $240.8 M

Employee Size: 501- 1000 employees

Amwell is a leading telehealth platform based in Boston, United States.  Amwell is on a mission to deliver great access to quality care cost-effectively.

Amwell with 55 health plan partners and 36,000 employers, offers telehealth solutions for over 2,000 hospitals, 240 health systems and serving over 80 million lives virtually.

Amwell solution offers consultation sessions with a NO APPOINTMENT program. Since Amwell is more concerned about their patients, they don’t want their patients to wait for appointments.

In May 2020, Amwell raised $194 million in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic to help the businesses meet increased demand for telehealth. Amwell Enhances Virtual Care Platform with Acquisitions of SilverCloud Health and Conversa Health.

6. MeMD

Year Founded: 2010

Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $15 M

Employee Size: 51 – 200 employees

MeMD offers high-quality, convenient, and affordable on-demand telehealth services. MeMD delivers telehealth and virtual care services to 5 million members globally.

MeMD’s highly qualified team of medical providers focuses on providing various telehealth services like talk therapy, teen therapy, psychiatry, personalized hair, and women care treatments virtually.

More than 30,000 corporate and 4.5M+ patients trust MeMD for advanced virtual care solutions. On May 6th, 2021, MeMD was acquired by Walmart Health. MeMD had earned a three-year Accreditation certificate from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

7. Plush care

Year Founded: 2013

Location: California, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $35 M

Employee Size: 10 – 50 employees

PlushCare is a nationwide virtual platform that connects patients and healthcare specialists for same-day appointments. The main aim of the PlushCare team is to approach the patients at their convenient time and provide same-day appointments with world-class physicians.

Not only providing medicines but also offering free consultations for students, work professionals suffering from depression, anxiety, and so on. PlushCare innovates a specialized research centre for covid-19 virus transmission.

PlushCare works 24/7 to offer medical consultation to patients virtually. Patients can check their lab results virtually by just using a sign-up option. On April 23, 2021, Accolade, Inc has acquired Plushcare with the aim to provide seamless access to care for acute, chronic, and preventive health needs.  

8. Health Tap

Year Founded: 2010

Location: California, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $76.1M

Employee Size: 51 – 100 employees

Health tap is one of the leading healthcare organization started its way to serve the people with best medical advice since 2010. Health tap is a virtual healthcare support team that provides primary care, Women’s care, and Child care, chronic care, mental and healthcare with or without medical insurance.

Their team has more than 90,000 doctors, 140 plus specialists in real-time to improve the healthcare of every individual. Using the health tap business app and a specialized AI symptom checker examines the whole body and provides an in-depth report of symptoms for any disease.

9. Virtu Well

Year Founded: 2010

Location: Minnesota, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $12.4 M

Virtuwell is an online medical clinic that provides 24/7 access to a day-to-day health balance system at an affordable consultation fee. Their team of doctors and healthcare specialists are working in all fields of healthy life impediments like kid’s healthcare, cough and allergy care, eye and ear care, skin and rasher care and predominantly they‘re specialized in chronic care.

The virtual diagnosis and treatment will be provided by real-time doctors and physicians. All their patients’ records are maintained securely and virtuwell strictly follow GDPR (General data protection and regulation) act. Automated treatment and instant appointments from virtuwell help people with high medical emergencies.

10. United Health Group

Year Founded: 1977

Location: Minnesota, United States


Total Revenue Generated: $257.1 M

UnitedHealth Group is a diversified telehealth company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. UHG provides a broad spectrum of telehealth services through two distinct platforms: UnitedHealthcare provides healthcare coverage services to UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement, UnitedHealthcare Community & State, and UnitedHealthcare Global businesses.

Optum serves the healthcare marketplace, including payers, care providers, employers, governments, life sciences companies, and consumers, through its OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx businesses.

In July 2021, UnitedHealth Foundation launches a $3.3 Million grant partnership with North Olympic Healthcare Network (NOHN) to provide behavioral healthcare on the Olympic Peninsula

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Summing up:

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