Do you want to know how many primary care physicians in the US and with their contact details like email address and phone number?

Primary care physicians are in huge demand due to the increased aging population and increased amount of chronic diseases. 

If there is a need for primary care physicians, then the things required by these physicians would also be in demand, like medicines, medical instruments, and other medical supplies.

To take advantage of this massive demand, you need two pieces of information

  1. The number of active primary care physicians
  2. The way to reach out to them

So, as per the KFF, March 2023 report, there are about 5,21,134 active primary care physicians in the US, of all specialties. 

Let’s see the number of primary care physicians in the US in each specialty.

Number of Primary Care Physicians in the US by Specialty

SpecialtyNumber of Primary Care Physicians in US
Internal Medicine249,223
Family medicine126,267
Obstetrics and Gynecology73,217
Total Primary care physicians521,134

Now that you know the how many primary care physicians in the US per specialty, next comes to strategize your outreach process.


How to Reach out to Primary Care Physicians

how to reach list of primary care physicians

There are multiple ways to reach out to number of primary physicians in the US.

1. Use LinkedIn to find Primary Care Physicians in the US

One way is to search for them on Linkedin. Linkedin is a widely accepted social media platform among professionals. So you can easily search for your prospect on LinkedIn by typing his name in the search bar. 

If you are not aware of the name of the person you want to target, then also you can get his information. 

To do so you have to search by his job role or company page. For the job role, you can enter the designation in the search bar, use some filters for location, and you can find some profiles. From there you can get their email id.

If you want to find them through the company page, then simply type the name of the company in the search bar. 

Check their page, and go to the people section. You will get to see the people working there in the company. And if you find the person you are looking for, you can go to his profile and get their email address

2. Use online directories

The second way of getting their contact details is from online directories. Online directories like American Medical Association’s physician finder or HealthGrades are some of the websites from where you can find the contact information of physicians.

The other way of getting contact information from primary care physicians is to attend medical conferences and events where they can meet the physicians and ask for their contact details.

3. Reach out to Healthcare Data Providers

The easiest and most effective way of acquiring primary care physicians’ databases is from some data providers like Ampliz. 

Ampliz avails you dataset of your prospective primary care physicians at your fingertips. This dataset consists of names, locations, NPI numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers.

This list of primary care physician dataset is accurate, real-time updated, and compliant with all security standards. Ensuring the privacy and security of this health-related data is crucial, especially considering the potential health hazards associated with mishandling such information.

Let’s see what kind of details are there in the Ampliz healthcare dataset.

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List of Primary Care Physicians in the US

list of primary care physicians

Here are sample list of primary care physicians data from Ampliz Healthcare intelligence. It is 100% verified and accurate data to confidently run the marketing campaign directly to the right audience.

NameSpecialtyHospitalLocationNPI numberEmail idPhone number
Pranav Hemant PatelPediatricianNorthport VA medical centerNorthport, Newyork, USA11040*****pranav.patel@******631-261-****
Janette M StephensonObstetrics and GynecologistsUniversity HospitalBeachwood, OH, USA19221*****jstephenson@******216-896-****
Jane A LyonsObstetricsMercy medical centerCedar, rapids, IA, USA18614*****janelyons@******319-221-****
Vasilios P LazosGeneral PracticeMartin Army Community HospitalFort Benning, GA, USA12856*****
Christopher Ryan FitzgeraldPediatrics Beverly Hills, CA, USACedars -Sinai Medical centerBeverly Hills, CA, USA15585*****christopher.fitzgerald@******310-248-****
Siobhan F HaydenObstetrics and GynecologyScott&white memorial hospitalTemple, TX, USA706-********
Vannara SakbunObstetrics and GynecologyUnion HospitalTerre Haute, IN, USA15583*****vsakbun@******812-478-****

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Why should you choose Ampliz for Primary Care Physicians Data?

Ampliz provides you the database of number of primary care physicians in US with the specialty, and location you request.

This list of primary care physicians provides you most accurate, real-time updated, and compliant email addresses, 

Ampliz tracks your prospects’ buying history and gives you only a list of potential customers.

Ampliz collects the data from the most credible sources and gets them validated by experts, confirming the data’s accuracy.

With AI and human blend, Ampliz refreshes the data regularly and gives you real-time updated data.

These processes ensure you get a highly accurate, real-time updated, and targeted dataset that improves your targeting and enhances campaign performance.

Moreover, Ampliz lets you choose the regency of its dataset. It allows you to select the dataset as the last 30 days, 60 days, and 1290 days with an accuracy of >85% >75%, and <75%, respectively.

Thus, Ampliz takes care of the money and trust you invest in us.