Are you postponing your email marketing implementation just because you don’t have the email address of your targeted oncologists??

There are about 19000 oncologists in the USA, and finding the contact information of your targeted oncologists among them is quite challenging.

There are some ways that help you find their email addresses, but they take a lot of your time and effort, and on top of that there is no guarantee of accuracy of the email addresses.

These challenges prevent you from leveraging one of the most cost effective and result driven digital marketing techniques, i.e email marketing.

In this age of social media, email is still the most preferred mode of communication among healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals like to have all their communications, new product launch details, through emails, as they hardly use any social media platform except linkedin.

Moreover, it’s emails that help you curate more personalized communication and increase engagement with your audience.

So you should definitely try your hands in email marketing to your targeted oncologists. And to do this you can try an email list of oncologists.

Want to know what an oncologist email list is and how you can leverage it in effective email marketing.

Keep on reading.

What is an Oncologist email list?

Oncologist email list is the database of oncologists with their names, the hospital/clinics where they work along with their email address.

This email list consists only of names which checks your requirement of ideal customer profile. This email list is generally accurate and updated with the latest information. It’s these email lists of oncologists that make your work much easier and faster. Let’s see the benefits of oncologist email list.

Benefits of oncologist email list

Targeted marketing

Email list helps you run a targeted email campaign. When you have an accurate and updated oncologist email list you can plan targeted marketing campaigns for each specific target group. This helps you send personalized emails that align with the interest of recipients and increase open rates and conversions.

Improved market research and feedback

When you have the email list of an oncologist, you can connect with the oncologist across the country. Connecting with them helps you understand the demand, needs, clinical trends and market insights and feedback about present day oncology trends.

Initiating thought leadership

When you have an email list of targeted oncologists you can build a network and approach them with your pitch. You can often provide insightful content over mails. This helps you build your credibility, you can make your identity as a resource of oncology related news and updates.

Helps you expand your reach

Readymade and customized oncologist email lists will help you to expand your reach across countries in just ew clicks. You don’t need to spend hours to get connected with the oncologist practicing in the other state or country, you can avail them on your finger tips.

Time effective and cost effective

When you have the email address of your target audience on your finger tips, you can reach out to them easily. You can easily and effectively start your cold email campaigns.

This helps you save a lot of your time that you spend searching for the email address of your audience over multiple places.

How to get oncologist email list

There are many data providers who provide you the oncologist email list namely

  • Ampliz
  • LakeB2B
  • ZoomInfo
  • Span global
  • Medicoreach
  • Definitive healthcare

All the companies provide you with an oncologist email list that helps you kick start your email marketing.

But choosing the one among these is quite confusing, isn’t it. There are some factors that you should consider while choosing the data provider for your oncologist email list. When you choose the one in this way, then only you can realize all the above mentioned benefits.

Let’s see which are the factors.

Important factors to consider before buying oncologist email list

You must be skeptical about trying to get a ready email list of your targeted oncologists. But if you take care of these factors, you will be amazed by the results you get. Let’s see which are these factors.

Accuracy of the email list

You get most of your email marketing efforts when you have an accurate email list of your oncologists. Accurate email address of your target audience is must if you want to get highest deliverability and keep the spam rate at bay. If you could do this then only you will get more conversion and ROI.

Real-time updated email list

The email list should be updated at regular intervals. You must ensure that the email list of oncologists is real-time updated. 

Email list should be compliant

The email list should be compliant with all the security guidelines. One of the major concerns while buying an email list is the security issues. But when you buy them from a reliable resource you won’t face any issues. 

Targeted email list

The email list you get should be targeted. The email list provider should provide you the list as per your requirement of ideal customer profile. More narrow the list, the more chances of conversion.

You must be thinking: Where to get such an email list?

The answer is Ampliz. Yes, Ampliz helps you get email list of oncologist that is accurate, real-time updated, 

 As you can see in the screenshot, you can find your targeted oncologist using various filters like speciality, experience, hospital name and even NPI numbers.

One of the best feature about Ampliz oncologist email list is that you can choose the email status of the email list, i.e you can choose how updated your email list is. You can choose email list updated before 30days, 60 days, and 120 days with accuracy of >85%, >75%, and <75% respectively.

For more details about Ampliz oncologist email list get in touch with us.


Its accurate, real-time updated, targeted and compliant email list of oncologist that sky rocket your email marketing growth to the next level.