Various Teams From 5000+ Brands Chose Ampliz

Are you exhausted of finding email list of prospective oncologists on every search engine and social media platform?

You need to have accurate and real-time updated contact details of your prospects for the effective and efficient outreaching process.

But that's what it is challenging, right? The contact details of oncologist professionals are bound to change as they change their profession or get promoted to another department.

This makes it difficult to get accurate and updated information about your target audience by surfing through various search engines and social media.

An inaccurate database of your targeted oncologist will cost you

  • Less open rates
  • More Bounce rate
  • Less conversion
  • More spam rate

Because of this you can't meet your yearly sales goals.

Then is there any way that helps you to get more open rates, responses, conversions, and finally make more sales?

With Ampliz healthcare intelligence, it is definitely possible. Ampliz provides you with a comprehensive, accurate, updated, compiled database of 4.6 million healthcare professionals across the country.

With Ampliz, it is super easy to avail the healthcare database of Hematologists, Radiation oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, pharmacist oncologists, Nurse oncologists, and many more specialties with a database of around 4,000 Oncologists.

Target And Sell To The Best Prospective OncologistsIn The Healthcare Business

So if you are Healthcare marketer, Healthcare device manufacturer, Publication owner, or editor Or Pharmacist, and looking to market your product to Oncologists, Ampliz is the right place to start with your prospecting journey.

Promote products and sell using our AI-curated Physicians email lists. Reach out to prospects who use EHR/EMR, telehealth devices, and offer teleconsultation.

Find medical directors who provide guidance and leadership on the use of medicine in a healthcare organization

Reach registered nurses who deliver quality care in various medical facilities, clinics, and healthcare centers

Ampliz’s thoroughly vetted healthcare email list helps in promoting medical supplies, healthcare-oriented offers, and influencer programs.

Maximize profits and build quality relationships for marketing and sales by reaching out to healthcare leaders who strive in transforming healthcare by delivering quality care

Skyrocket your sales with our customized Oncologist Email List. Try Ampliz for free!

Why choose the Ampliz oncology database?


Target the right group of Oncologists

Ampliz collects data from 800+ credible sources and validates them from 100+ experts. This gives you an accurate database of your prospects.

Drive more conversions with latest data

Ampliz lets you choose the recency of the database. You can choose the database as latest as 30 days, 60 days, and 120 days, with an accuracy of >85%, >75%, and 75%. Ampliz offers you a database with 25+ search filters, with which you can get a customized database.


Boost your sales 10X

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, Ampliz tracks the buying history of your prospects and gives you the targeted database of your most potential customers. Ampliz database has complied with all the necessary security requirements.

Ampliz’s most accurate, real-time updated, targeted, and compiled database helps you get:

  • More open rate
  • Response
  • Conversion rate
  • and ultimately more sales.

Drive business growth

Use a oncologist email database to minimize your research time and spend more time on sales to meet your revenue goals.


Marketing ROI guaranteed

Instantly generate more qualified leads using reliable healthcare professionals aligned with expertise.

About Ampliz

Founded in 2018, Ampliz is a tool that helps you easily reach out to your prospects.The product range of Ampliz includes:


Sales buddy chrome extension

Ampliz SalesBuddy chrome extension helps you to get the email address of your prospects from the company website itself. This chrome extension will show you the email address and Linkedin profiles of all the company's key decision-makers.

Along with this, it also helps you to get other information such as their revenue, employee strength, etc.


Healthcare database

Ampliz holds a comprehensive database of 4.6 million HCPs, 9000 hospitals, and 2,93000 healthcare executives across the united states. Ampliz ensures you a high conversion rate and sales with this accurate, and real-time updated database


Custom data

Ampliz provides you with a custom dataset with data appending, and a data refresh process that helps you in an effective outreaching process.

FAQS related to Oncologist

The right email database is of utmost importance in getting a more open rate, less bounce rate, avoid spam emails.

An inaccurate email address can spoil your reputation. When your email is marked as spam, your email marketing software will disintegrate your overall reputation.

That means your emails will no longer be able to get delivered to the inboxes of people but rather in either junk or spam folders.

To avoid this, get the maximum open rate and make the best of your cold emailing to ensure the quality of data.

We at Ampliz collect the oncologist email list from 100+ credible sources and get them validated by 800+ experts.

We track the buying history of your most potential customers and give you the email list of only targeted oncologists. Along with this, we also refresh this list frequently to maintain the quality of data.

We at Ampliz provide the direct emails of oncologists that are accurate, real-time updated, and targeted. We at Ampliz don’t provide mail id with Info@, or sales@, which has no guarantee of getting opened by the right person.

At Ampliz, we also let you choose the recency of the information, which means you can choose the data as latest as 30 days, 60 days, and 120 days with level accuracy of >85%, >75%, and 75%.

Ampliz lets you download your bulk database in CSV form, and you can easily integrate it into any CRM of your choice.

At Ampliz, it is completely legal to buy certified oncologists contact list. We follow all the GDPR compliance, which gives you an email list that is completely safe and secure, and legal.