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The Era that Witnessed the Unprecedented Growth of Telehealth

No one can disagree with the fact that telemedicine growth has been the talk of the town for the entire world recently. The stepping-in of the pandemic and global quarantine have been the major causes that pushed telehealth and telemedicine … Read More

Decoding the Booming Healthcare Analytics and Advanced Uses of it

One must have heard terminologies like clinical data, patient data, and hospital technical data generally stored in and retrieved from a robust healthcare data platform. What are these in specific? Are these the data that is only confined to the … Read More

Medicaid Provider Number and its Importance

Are you looking for detailed information on medicare numbers for providers? Well, if that’s the case, fortunately, you are visiting the right page. Today At Ampliz, we are going to share all the possible information on the above-mentioned topic to … Read More

What is Concierge Medicine? Pros and Cons of it.

Standing in queues, waiting for indefinite hours, that too with ongoing illness and still being unsure about getting your meeting fixed with the doctor, is something really pathetic. And so the concept of concierge medicine evolved out to be a … Read More

Largest Healthcare Companies in the USA

Healthcare companies in the USA are considered to be the world’s greatest healthcare firms because of their state-of-the-art technology and proactive services in the healthcare sector. … Read More

Top 10 Highly Prescribed Beta Blockers in the US

So today we are going to talk about the most talked-about drug, beta blockers. A drug or medication that is popularly consumed by the patients and largely prescribed by the physicians. So among all the beta-blockers consumed, today we are … Read More

10 Most Promising Healthcare Trends in 2021

While the whole world is pacing up with the latest trends and every industry has started speaking the language of technology, healthcare showed it’s too on the top of the list. Like other industries and domains, healthcare is getting upgraded … Read More

12 Easy Ways to Find Anybody’s Email Address

With the number of mail account holders worldwide moving towards 5 billion people, emails have become one of the most popular and cheap outreach channels for marketers, salespersons, and hiring managers. But the issue is – how to collect email … Read More

Leverage the New Healthcare Intelligence with Datasets that Connect, Convert, and Retain

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has seen its biggest time. Many startups came up into the picture, stepped up, and became industry leaders soon. The attribute that majorly backs the entire phenomenon is high-quality healthcare intelligence. Premium-grade … Read More