In the past few years, the healthcare industry has seen its biggest time. Many startups came up into the picture, stepped up, and became industry leaders soon. The attribute that majorly backs the entire phenomenon is high-quality healthcare intelligence. Premium-grade intelligence helped emerging businesses to connect with the right decision-makers and crack profitable deals. And to avail premium healthcare data, there is always a high-end intelligence platform that you need to access.

The Ampliz healthcare intelligence platform is one such gem that has helped thousands of healthcare businesses to power their business growth. Successfully delivering results for the last few years, we have been overwhelmed with wonderful responses from our clients. This has resulted in an increasing number of clients with an increasing number of data requests. 

To date, we have served thousands of healthcare businesses by delivering millions of healthcare data counts collected from advanced data mining techniques. We too served customized data to our clients that were out of our platform database. All these went on so wonderfully well that we got flooded with data requests more and more every hour.

But surprisingly, we have to come up with a brand new healthcare intelligence platform that aims towards something bigger. So what is it that triggered us to come up with a brand new

intelligence platform? Wondering right? Let’s find out here.

Why a New Healthcare Intelligence Platform?

So what led to the design of a whole new intelligence platform that collects and delivers high-quality healthcare data to the clients? The answer lies in the increasing rate of demand. The overwhelming response has triggered us to do something big, something better. We decided to go one step ahead and come up with a brand new healthcare platform that can satisfy the deepest data thirst of millions of businesses out there. 

Our brand new Healthcare Intelligence platform is probably the first platform that serves complete healthcare datasets to its clients. The idea was to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our users when they visit our platform. The one-stop solution for every healthcare data needs is what we wanted to create. And here are we with a high-end intelligence platform that serves the healthcare industry to its completion.  

So what does this platform have to offer you? What you all will be getting benefitted from it? These might be the questions currently buzzing your head. No worries, let’s find out these answers in the next section.

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What are the Datasets it has for You and What to be Benefited from these?

As we already mentioned this platform is a complete solution for all kinds of healthcare datasets, a one-stop solution for every healthcare data need, here’s the time to see in metrics. Starting from hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers to physicians, nurses, and executives, it has it all. Talking about the data points, we have 1000’s of data points to offer, the largest number of data points ever delivered on a single platform.

Talking about the hospital data points, we deliver information like hospital name, status, type, ownership type, Market Conc. Index, Employee Details, technologies used, all types of contact details, accreditation agency, and MAC/FIs details.

Similarly, for physicians, it has a lot of data points to offer. Starting from name, phone number, email id, address, hospital, specialties, address, prescribed drugs, NPI number, and license number. And the same goes for other data attributes like clinics, diagnostic centers, nurses, and executives.

All you need to do is start leveraging this amazing platform sooner. Are you wondering how to leverage this platform or what are the features that this platform comes up with? Well, here’s your answer in the upcoming section.

How to Leverage the Astounding Features of this Platform?

Before finding how to leverage, let’s understand what features this magnificent healthcare intelligence platform has to offer. Features like 25+ search filters, artificial intelligence, machine learning, segmented data output, customized data offering, CRM integration, and API integration are some of the benchmark features that you can avail of while using this platform.

All the above-mentioned features are aimed towards bringing the best quality data output in terms of accuracy, target-specific, and insight-based metrics. It delivers data that connects, converts, and retains in real. So how do you get access to this platform? Here it’s.

All you need to do is, reach out to this link, and log in with your business mail id, and you’re done. You can explore a huge ocean of unexplored healthcare data waiting to be explored. ISn’t it that simple? Yes, it is.

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Aim for a Higher Business Revenue

If you are looking for datasets that will earn you higher revenue, then this is the platform you must switch on. It’s time to look ahead of your competitors. It’s time to go beyond the traditional approach of reaching clients and adapt the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies that will help you reach and nurture your prospects faster. Time has now arrived to connect to the targeted prospects, convert them to customers, and retain them with the best value offering with your products and services.

Ampliz as a global leader in B2B and healthcare data provider niche believes in bringing the best product into the market that businesses like you can leverage to extend your outreach globally. 

The new healthcare intelligence platform is waiting for businesses like you to explore it to its fullest potential and grab the endless benefits it has to offer for you. So are you going to give it a try at this link?

For any queries or registration/login assistance, don’t hesitate to connect our enthusiastic team of data experts at [email protected].