Data is the most critical asset a company has, so its quality matters a lot.  Data has the power to either make or break the company.  Low-quality data that is inconsistent, inaccurate, and incomplete result in low-validity data analytics that often leads to poor business decision-making.       

Data is bound to change from time to time, as phone numbers, addresses, and professional designation of people change. In such cases to enable organizations to make quick and effective decisions, frequent data cleaning is a must.

Data cleansing is the process of identifying incomplete, inaccurate, and irrelevant  parts of data and replacing it with more accurate, complete, and right data.

Increased reliance on data for the growth of the business, and the need of cleaning it, has led to the emergence of so many data cleansing companies. In this blog, we are going to list some of the top data-cleansing companies in 2023.

Table of Content:

1)What is a data cleansing company

2) Top 10 data cleansing companies in 2023

3) Challenges with poor data quality

4) 5 things to look into while selecting data cleansing companies

5) 5 reasons to partner with data cleansing companies

What are data cleansing companies?

Data cleansing companies provide data cleaning services to various organizations and help them to form more accurate and reliable datasets. These data cleansing service providers are responsible for organizing, analyzing, and maintaining all company records from preventing data decay to enriching existing records for effective data analysis. 

Along with data cleaning, these companies also provide other important services such as data monitoring, consulting, and discrepancies resolution, and error correction. 

Now Let’s see some of the best data cleansing companies.  

Top data cleansing companies

1) Ampliz

Ampliz firmly believes in the power of freshness of data. With the help of a machine learning algorithm, it updates the data in real time and ensures 98% accuracy of the data. Once the first cut of data is ready, it goes through the cleansing process, where a team of experts weeds out errors, inconsistencies, and duplications if any. 

Ampliz also follows the manual process of updating the datasheet every month. 

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2) Openrefine

This is a powerful tool to deal with messy data, clean it, and even transform it. Formerly it was known as Google refines. This tool also allows you to transform the data while transferring from one format to another allowing you to match and reconcile data, explore big datasets with ease, and clean the data faster.

3) Trifacta wrangler

It is an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation, developed by the makers of data wrangler.

It has a special feature of a larger focus on analysis and less formatting time. It enables data scientists and analysts to clean the messy data, and convert it into more accurate data. This service company offers a machine learning algorithm that suggests common transformation and aggregation for you to use. 

4) Drake

It is one of the most extensible and easy-to-use tools. It has a text-based data workflow that has data processing steps with defined inputs and outputs. This service is designed for data workflow management, and it organizes command execution around data and its dependencies.

5) Tibco Clarity

Tibco clarity is one of the best data cleaning tools that let you clean and verify your data quickly and effectively with its features.

It has a visual interface to streamline data discoveries, data quality improvements, and data transformation. Besides data cleaning, Tibco Clarity allows you to perform deduplication operations, and inspect addresses before transferring information to the destination. 

Apart from this, this tool also helps to

  • Detect and correct errors in your data
  • Remove duplicate records from the data
  • Standardize inconsistent data
  • Transform data into a format that is easier to use

6) Winpure

This is one of the most affordable data cleaning services that let you clean massive volumes of data, remove duplicates, and standardize and correct errors effortlessly. It allows you to clean the data from databases, CRMs, spreadsheets, and more. It has some great features namely, fuzzy matching, advanced cleaning, super fast data scrubbing, and a multi-language edition. 

Its master data management solution allows companies to be aware of changes in customer contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. 

7) Demand Tools

This data cleansing tool helps you to clean and deduplicate the CRM database. Some of the important features of demand tools are data quality assessment, data cleansing, data integration, and data deduplication.

Due to its user-friendly interface, getting started with this tool is quite easy.

8) Data Cleaner

This is the tool that can find patterns, missing values, character sets, and other characteristics from datasets to provide better results. With the help of fuzzy logic, it detects duplicates and creates a single version of them.

Along with data cleansing, it also provides data profiling, data wrangling, and data warehousing. This tool has developed an efficient process of cleaning up dirty datasets and can be used for any number of applications.

9) Cloudindigo

This is a Salesforce data cleansing tool, that is suitable for businesses of all sizes and lets them clean the records, eliminates duplicates, and maintains the quality of data in one place.  With the help of this tool, businesses can find, export, update, and manage sales and marketing data.

This tool ensures that organizations can make better decision making by providing the most updated information.

10) Reifier

This tool has been developed by Aficx, which uses spark for deduplication, distributed entity resolution, and record linkage. 

Some of its important features are high accuracy, fast deployment, and runtime performance. With the help of a machine learning algorithm, it offers the best entity resolution and fuzzy data matching, and a scale-out distributed architecture. 

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Challenges of working with poor-quality data.

As per the report, data scientists spend 80% of their time on data cleaning and collection of new data. Poor quality of data not only hinders the growth of the company but also leads to faulty data insights that result in poor decision-making. 

Some of the challenges of poor-quality data involve.

1) Faulty decision-making making

The quality of data impacts the level of insight and decision-making. Poor quality of data leads to faulty analytics and insights and faulty decision-making. 

For example, if your data analytics is giving faulty information about the geography and demographics, then reaching the right target audience will become difficult.

2) Hinders growth

Inaccurate data makes it difficult for businesses to place a product in a new market or in understanding the needs of customers. Only accurate and updated data help you to penetrate the market fast and stand out from the competition.

3) Decrease in Revenue

As per one report, poor-quality data in the U.S. costs the country $3.1 trillion every year. Poor quality of data makes it difficult for businesses to reach out to the right target audience and capture the market, which impacts their revenue generation and profit margins.

5 Things to look for in data cleansing companies

While choosing the data cleansing companies, you should keep certain things in mind like

1) Accuracy

Whatever data cleansing company you are choosing to rely upon, make sure it is accurate in its data scrubbing and cleaning process.

2) Experience and expertise

The data cleansing company you are choosing should be well experienced in their field, and must have a high level of expertise in handling the work for which you are paying them.

3) Data Cleansing Techniques and Methods

The company you are choosing should be updated with the latest techniques of data cleaning to give you the best accurate datasets.

4) Flexibility

The data vendor should be flexible enough in their approach to tailor your specific data cleansing needs.

5) Customer service

Your data cleaning service company should provide you with excellent customer service, for any challenges in big data management.

4 Reasons to be a Partner with Data Cleansing Companies

1) Accuracy

A good data cleansing company increases the accuracy of your data by removing duplicates, outdated information, and incomplete information. This is critical for companies that rely on data for growth.

2) Efficiency

By outsourcing data cleansing services, a business can focus on other important tasks that require undivided attention and improves the efficiency of the process.

3) Cost-effectiveness

Third-party data cleansing companies are more cost-effective than hiring an in-house person.

4) Expertise

Data cleansing companies have professionals with high expertise and experience that perform the task more efficiently.


Thus, this data cleansing company list will enable you to leverage the data cleansing services and make the best of your big data and help you to achieve your business goals.

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