Marketing for sure is a very important part for customers of a B2B company and for generating leads.

For any company’s rapid growth, it is essential to set forth a greater amount of responsibility and assign a dignified role for the B2B marketers.

When you get to know all the essential ingredients about the particular companies and specific contacts you are trying to target, you have an improved plausibility to captivate their attention, leading to future engagements.

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The second you gain full-fledged engagement from your leads, you have a high chance of actually converting them, and we all know that converting them means higher chances of sales, customers, and money.

A B2B marketing database consists of data that is not up to date or is highly inaccurate, mostly runs on a high probability of squandering a lot of precious time.

b2b marketing database

Ampliz brings to you one of the best B2B marketing databases, which is filtered and checked as many times as possible to assure caliber and maintain high accuracy.

If you want to buy a B2B database, you may come across inaccurate databases and be prey to data decay.

Along with this, there may be other problems such as:

-> Many B2B databases may lack crucial and major particulars about many decision-makers and clients.

-> Turnovers of many employees can cause the contact lists to become outdated.

-> Some prospects come up with inaccurate details, rather wrong details, which are either accidental or intentional.

-> Many businesses, with time, may evolve, merge, close down or move. Thus, the information in a B2B database would not be the actual reflection of that specific prospective client.

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With Ampliz, you get a quality data list that avoids wastage of priceless time.

It also lays out a huge ground of knowledge related to your targeted prospects to help them engage with marketing campaigns that fulfill their requirements and needs. 

Our data try to guide our customers through the right tracks and is always prepared to help their organization or company earn more customers every day, make a good and considerable amount of money, and grow each day with new experiences.

B2B marketing databases act like diesel for your car.

When you set out for a long road journey, you can concentrate on other things properly when you know that your tank is full and would not cause any problem.

You can appreciate the beauty outside or play your favorite song and groove with it.

The same goes for B2B marketing databases.

When you make sure that your data is reliable, accurate, very detailed, and updated, then you can eventually concentrate on other things such as building strong relationships, creating various marketing strategies, and also making huge profits every day.

Ampliz helps you heighten your lead and sales pipeline by creating a segmented list of lead data by using technographic knowledge.


We know that sourcing B2B insights and prospecting fresh buyers are fundamental for all kinds of business.

That is why we try to bring the kind of B2B marketing database that will make your business smarter and your marketing greater.

Our marketing database is considered to be one of the top B2B databases in the USA, because for the following reasons:-

-> Our database helps to create a better profile to increase interests and nourish insights.

-> It reduces the total number of form fields and, on the other hand, increases the conversion rates.

-> We identify the various buying signals of the customers we have in the present, predict the future ones, and then empower the demand generations.

-> By providing the appropriate content, based on the challenges that are mostly faced, we expand personalization.

-> Study various patterns of customer behavior and secure the satisfaction of our present customers.


Ampliz Sales Buddy

Our superhero, Ampliz Salesbuddy, delivers one of the best B2B marketing databases collected from major decision-makers from all around the globe. 

#1. Save exquisite time

With Ampliz Salesbuddy, bring down the number of person-hours consumed on accumulating data about your prospects and get them in no time.

You get a list of prospects which suits you the best and also save your expensive time.

#2. Boost your conversion

As the best B2B marketing database provider, we help you develop into the best closer to the city’s maximum number of deals.

We try to guide you towards the right prospects and communicate with important decision-makers to minimize the overall sales cycle.

#3. Build your lead and sales pipeline

Another reason why Ampliz is considered a provider of top B2B marketing databases is that you will never run out of prospects and leads.

You will find the correct prospects that match your requirements, which leads to the growth of a solid pipeline for you to work with.

B2B marketing database related FAQs

b2b faq

i) Who are the top B2B marketing database providers?

Without a single doubt and question, it is Ampliz. It is one of the best B2B providers and shows you effective ways to grow your lists.

Ampliz is the most comprehensive solution to your B2B sales and marketing. Get all the details that you require only in our marketing database.

ii) What is the future of B2B data?

If we are talking about sales intelligence for B2B, then probably the market will eventually converge towards its specific demands and needs.

It will support the quest towards finding relevant and accurate insights to prospect neatly.

iii) How to identify a B2B target market?

There are five ways to identify your target market :

a) You need to analyze the current base of customers that you have.

b) It would be best if you created a comprehensive or elaborate customer persona.

c) It would be best if you investigate your competition from top to bottom.

d) The audience plays a very vital role here. So, try to nurture and find out various patterns in them. In short, dig deeper.

e) To be better, you have to know the need or demand for the service and product that you sell.

f) Identifying the target market that is important for you is very necessary for you to move forward.

iv) What are the common types of market segmentation of B2B data?

There are four basic types of market segmentation of B2B data.

They are:-

  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Demographic segmentation
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Geographic segmentation

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