Link building is one of the most impactful SEO techniques there is. With a properly built network of links, you can expect a consistent growth of user count and conversion rates.

The stumbling point here is, however, that link building requires quite a lot of effort to kickstart. Now, let’s not get over ourselves just yet and look at what constitutes link building in 2020.

How Link Building Affects Your Success

In short, link building is the process of making your website more visible on the web. It is achieved by organic high quality backlinks to your website. Meaning that one or multiple websites have used a link to either reference your site or advertise it.

The tricky part is that Google Algorithm doesn’t give equal weight to every site. Instead, it uses quite an intricate system to rank authoritative websites and dump spamdexing ones.

That’s why when building links there is no other way but to civilly obey and adhere to the rules Google has set up. In SEO there is a clear distinction between two ways of doing business – black and white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO is, essentially, the use of illicit methods to rank on the search engine.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, is organic improvements in the website’s standings. And since black hat SEO is being quite quickly eradicated, there is no reason to go this route.

Main Points to Be Aware of About Links

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that play a role in the success of a link.

  • Link’s placement plays a substantial role in Google identifying that particular link higher. Meaning that links that are carefully embedded into the body of content will score much higher than those that are included on the footer or sidebar. In Google’s eyes, it means that a person referring to your website has enough credibility and confidence in you to share and enlighten others about your existence on the web.
  • The authority of the given website is determined by the myriad of factors that only Google knows for certain. In this way, many SEO beginners might feel at sea when determining the authority of a link. It is quite obvious, though, to say that the New York Times has much more “link juice” than Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to, although not bullseye precisely, ascertain a link’s or website’s authority. For example, Ahrefs uses Domain Rating which gives a general impression of the state of a given site and its current rank.
  • Anchor text links on average score better than non-anchored ones. Either because of the discreteness or, more likely, because of the keyword that link is inserted in. Therefore, taking great care in keyword selection and making sure that a keyword used is relevant to the content is crucial.

When it comes to maximizing our business potential there is no such thing as ”low impact”. Especially with new businesses, one should exert every bit of effort and explore every passage available in order to ensure the most effective and efficient progress.

Beginner Strategy for Link Building

Link building may seem like too hard of a nut to crack, more so in the beginning. However, the potential and prospects of an established link network overshadow any doubt or unwillingness that you may have.

The beginning part may seem daunting for a couple of reasons.

First, because you are only making your first baby steps, few web hosts will see any dividends in including your link on their website. After strengthening your website with the best enterprise WordPress hosting, a couple of routes to follow here.

Come up with a unique, relevant, and trendy content that blows out of the water others, either by the amount of research, infographics, statistics, pie charts, etc even if you use professional retouching for your photos using the services of companies like this.

Or the writing is simply breathtaking and Odyssey-like. Better yet, be victorious on both fronts and leave your competitors agape. Although content creation counts towards the biggest chunk of work being dealt with, there is also self-advertising at play here.

Now, your task will be to go on the tour and seek websites ready to accept your masterpiece. This is by far the most annoying and downright uninteresting part of the whole ordeal.

The second potential route is to lend the hardest part of the job to the SEO experts. In this way, you will certainly rid yourself of the need to manually seek websites to paste your content in. Many of such services also provide an extensive suite of other useful propositions and tools to take advantage of.

From my personal use, I can recommend LinksManagement as a go-to service. When everything seems like gloom and doom and you have no motivation or creative drive to plod on, these guys will reinvigorate your business anew. They will help you with finding websites that have high authority rank and are reliable in their doing.

Not to mention that the burden of negotiations will also be shouldered by these astute professionals. You can also hire a copywriter to write the content for you if you are feeling particularly lazy.

The question here is twofold then. It’s whether you want to set off on the sole and hazardous journey with nothing but ambition and hope to carry you through or hire compatriots and experts to aid you on your way.

Options and Strategies to Consider Including in Your Business

There are also supplemental options that may give you enough of a jolt to breach the wall of digital invisibility.

  • Comments under other people’s blogs. The key here is to be considerate of other people’s work and don’t just mindlessly and half-heartedly advertise yourself. This will only bring a quick demise to any hope you might have cherished. The clever thing to do here is, first, to comment on the blog itself mentioning its relevance, topic, and quality. Be careful with scathing criticism and overbearing nagging. Make your comment authentic and give praise where praise is due. DON’T link your site directly but rather mention in the post the name of your blog and, if you have any additional information on the topic, briefly state it.
  • Guest posting is also a great way to get your voice heard. Look for websites that offer “write for us” features on their platform. Also, be sure to take into account the niche of the website you are going to guest post on and your own as to avoid any misalignment or misunderstanding. HARO or Help A Reporter Out is also a service worth checking out
  • Websites like Quora can be quite helpful in attracting new visitors. On top of that, it doesn’t deduce that much time out of your business-pool. If you know an answer to a specific question or you want to share your insightful view on the current trend or political stance – there is always something to extract from Quora for you.
  • Build reciprocal relationships with the websites in your niche. Instead of making it a competition and expansion war, take an amiable approach, and offer a beneficial mutual contract that will reward both of you in the long term.
  • Always be on the lookout for an opportunity to share your content on other platforms. Do you have a flashy and memorable slide deck? Submit it to Slideshare. Want to let people know about something specific? Curated platforms like it! got you covered. Seek any opportunity in sight because even scraping bits and pieces will eventually accumulate to a servable amount of visitors.


The crucial element in establishing a link building strategy is to be ever-vigilant about opportunities spawning before you.

Also, don’t put yourself in the mindset of squirming off of small but meaningful chances. Starting out, every single visitor should be accounted for and extolled to the highest ranks. Taking a hold on even 10 visitors is better than wilting with gnawing 0 ogling you back.

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