Planning an email marketing campaign for your B2B database in Singapore? There are a few things and factors you need to consider before you buy email database Singapore.

In this blog, we shall learn what a contact database is, how much is an email list worth, and email list tips to amplify the B2B outreach campaign.

What is a Contact Database?

A contact database refers to the list of prospects containing names, addresses, and other information that is used for contact tracking and management purposes. Several companies run into the issue with duplicate leads or missing information on contacts. Due to the vast number of contact information in the list, you need to make sure that the contact database is clean and up to date. A well-updated database can function more efficiently. When the contacts are stored in one single sheet, it acts as a centralized location for quick access to data.

If you are looking to buy contact database Singapore, you can find a myriad of B2B database providers in the market. Each database provider has a unique feature to offer to the organization for boosting the email marketing campaigns. So, let us learn how much is an email list worth?

Why Have B2B Contact Database Singapore?

For those who do not have put together an email list yet, spending to buy email database Singapore could be the best investment one ever makes in the business. It is not one of the best ways, it is the best! Better than direct mail and social media marketing.

Why? Because according to a report, email generates $36 for every $1 you spend building the email list. That is about 3500% return on the investment.

Social media profiles are great, but they are limited. You can market and promote your content via one account only. In case you fail to meet the required compliance for social media platforms, your account can get suspended. You will not be able to use it anymore for your marketing purposes.

However, in the case of email marketing campaigns, just in case, you got one account suspended or face issues, you can always continue the campaign via another email id. The right email list helps in changing the way you do your business.

For marketers outreaching out to prospects in Singapore, you can find the best database provider to help you with the Singapore email database. One of the best database providers in the market is Ampliz. They have more than 800+ data miners who help in gathering and verifying the email list that you intend to buy. So, when you plan to buy a Singapore business email list, reach out to Ampliz.

Before you set out to look for and buy the ideal contact database, you need to understand the things to consider when choosing a database. Finding the right database solutions provider is not easy as one might portray. Yet, there are a few third-party platforms offering the same. So, let’s learn about the top 5 things to consider when choosing databases.

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Top 5 Considerations When Choosing a Email Database

B2B marketers cannot just go about buying any database they come across first. You have to be vigilant about the company and the kind of contact information they offer. Besides just caring about if it fits the budget or not, you need to have other things to consider when choosing databases.

1. Reputable Company

Make sure that the database provider you choose, you find the one that has repute in the market for offering the Singapore companies email database. You can scour through their websites, contact information, reviews, and offered databases to understand their viability and quality.

2. Provides Comprehensive Database

The database is not all about the name, contact, and email address. When you look for a Singapore business email list, then you need a little more than just that. The list should have information on their demographic, technographic, firmographic, and geographic details. This helps in targeting the businesses with a personalized twist to it.

3. Easy to Customize

The list shared by the B2B database provider should make it easier for the marketers to segment them into their choice. It helps in creating personalized marketing strategies for a set of target audiences.

4. Refreshed Database

Regardless of where you get your database list, it is important to ensure that they are refreshed and updated regularly. Not every company remembers to work upon them to update them and ensure that the list is ready for action. There are several data scientists who take care of the data refreshment and data appending.

5. Offers Free Trial

A reputable B2B database provider holds confidence in their data. So, they will offer a few days’ trials to their users. As a B2B marketer, you can take it for a spin and decide whether you want to continue with them or not. Moreover, if you have a negative experience, you can always drop them down and look for another B2B database provider.

Buy Contact Database Singapore with Ampliz

When it is time to buy email database Singapore, Amlpiz is one of the leading database providers. Purchasing the email list is a great way to expand your Singapore database. You can easily fill your funnel, and take your business to the next level. 

Ampliz Singapore Business Email Database can be used to enlarge your client database. Ampliz makes sure that instant access to millions of databases and filters enables you to have accurate details of profiles. All these boost your marketing efforts and make your campaigns more specific. 

Ampliz has a list of companies in Singapore with email address database that goes through three verification stages before making it into the data repository. With their over 800 data researchers, Ampliz ensures that each company’s information is verified and validated by human resources, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Have updated and real-time information on companies.

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