Data Intelligence

APAC B2B Data Provider

Top 16 Best APAC B2B Data Providers for 2021

B2B data is the key to the growth of the businesses today. APAC is no different. The B2B market is seeing immense growth in the APAC region.  It can only be measured through the rise in B2B transactions. B2B transactions … Read More

contextual intelligence

Want to Close More Deals? Contextual Intelligence is the key!

Cold calling is the most dreaded and the least liked job in sales. The success rate with cold calling is not expected to be very high. As a result, cold calling aims to endeavor as many connections as possible without … Read More

what is data intelligence

What is Data Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning occupy a wide area in each and every industry these days. In the process of digital transformation, the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning has brought a plethora of developments. Data intelligence is one … Read More

Impact of bad data on b2b sales

The Effect Of Bad Data On B2B Sales

Data holds the value of gold when it comes to sales and marketing. We live in an age where businesses have become consumer-centric due to which data assumes more importance. If you are someone who is closely associated with sales … Read More

sales intelligence toolkit

Intent Data as a Part of Sales Intelligence Toolkit

The emphasis on and usability of data in business has transformed over the last two decades. No aspect of the industry has remained untouched by data, and Sales is no exception. Sales have moved from getting as many leads as possible … Read More

Data driven approach for B2B sales

What Does Data-Driven Approach Mean to Your B2B Sales Team?

B2B selling has gone through a massive transformation in the last few years. Thanks to advances in data and analytics technology in the previous two decades, the sales process also evolved. The sales process has moved from actions based on … Read More