Scaling your sales and marketing efforts requires a quality target list. Identifying and reaching the right people with a personalized message is a simple feat if you know your customer base and access the right information.

43% of sales reps spend one-third of their month actually doing follow-ups and prospecting to the customers. Out of which, most sales reps failed to achieve their quarterly sales target by reaching the customers who are not receptive to business offerings.

Knowing the potential buyers and target accounts is vital. A target list gives comprehensive information and a clear vision of the potential buyers that fit within your ideal customer profile (ICP)

If you are a sales veteran or newbie to sales prospecting, this blog helps you build the ultimate target list to close deals faster.

Let’s get right to it. 

What is the target list?

A “target list is a list of potential buyers based on their location, recent purchase intent, job title, industry type & size, buying signals, and custom-based data factors. Using these data attributes, you can ace your campaigns using these data attributes by sharing a personalized message. 

The target list gives you better insights into your potential customers who are searching for your solution or services. Get accurate data and insights into your TAM (Total Addressable Market) to discover the potential prospect in your target location. 

How to build the ultimate target list to scale growth

Only 63% of sales and marketing teams regularly meet their quarterly sales goals. No matter how good experience you have in sales or what new strategies you incorporate, reaching the potential prospects receptive to your product or solution is the key. 

B2B sales and marketing teams who have reliable B2B contacts and companies data armed with accurate insights are now being successful in every sales outreach. In the age of marketing, narrowing down the target market and decision-makers is essential. To pinpoint the next right customers, accurate data is vital. You can’t achieve optimal results without actionable insights. 

Realigning B2B sales and marketing teams, shortening the sales cycle, and building a repeatable and scalable process require high-quality and up-to-date data. Only target data intelligence gives you the data you need to turbocharge your revenue generation.

How do I find a targeted email list for business?

Many forward-thinking companies target the potential market and crush their sales goals in 5-6 conversations. Wondering how and why? Companies already have prospecting using accurate B2B data are now building a qualified sales pipeline and experiencing a positive revenue impact. 

In the complex world of sales, reaching the right prospects with the right message at the right time

1. B2B contact and companies data

Using the B2B contact and companies data, you can access actionable data insights of decision-makers, C-level executives, and other business execs. B2B contact and companies data helps you find the right set of customer based on their business type, size, industry, location, employee count, revenue size and more. 

2. Technographic data

Technographic data gives you comprehensive data insights into the technology and software used by the company. Using the technographic data such as CRM adoption, email marketing automation tools, and salesforce usage – will help you identify technological gaps, challenges, and opportunities. Ultimately, technographic data allow you to engage the right prospects and share personalized messages. 

3. Firmographic & chronographic data insights

Firmographic data lets you understand the company name, location, industry type, company funding information, acquisition, IPO, recent investment, and more. These data attributes help you pinpoint the potential prospects who are receptive to business products or solutions.  

Explore other actionable data insights

  • Industry data: Industry data gives you a clear picture of the industry type. Be it in manufacturing. or the information technology industry, you can reach the decision-makers and influential business execs with the right B2B data.
  • B2B contact and Company information: B2B contacts and companies data lets you reach the top fortune companies, multinational companies, startups, recently funded companies and their key prospects
  • Target by Job title: Find potential buyers’ contact information based on their job function and responsibilities. This helps you establish and market your products based on their job roles and requirements.
  • Revenue size: Discover the companies and potential prospects based on the revenue size. Target by revenue and narrow down businesses that typically earned $ dollar business, their threshold information, funding information, strategic partnerships, affiliation, acquisition and more
  • Location: Reach the potential buyers by their radius, zip code, city, county, and state. Sopot nearby businesses and potential customers who are receptive to your product and services
  • Communication tools & preferences: Know your buyers’ primary means of communication, recently adopted communication tools, jargon, expected typical response – using the unrivalled Ampliz B2B target data.
  • Track social media platforms: Pinpoint the social media platform where your buyers are most active. Understand their preference and purchase behaviors based on their likes & shares. Social media helps you establish a positive relationship with the potential customer by helping you understand – Platforms where your potential buyers hang out on social media

Here are the proven ways to build a targeted email list

If you are looking for legit ways to build a targeted list of the potential customer, you have to invest most of your resources and time. Also, verifying and validating is the next set of processes you have to start when you create a target list.

Once you curate the list of targeted data, you have to export data to your CRM and start prospecting. It’s a tedious and time-consuming process. To close your sales deals faster, you can get instant access to data and 10X your conversion than ever before.

To build a highly targeted list of sales prospects, start researching where your potential customers are. Drill down the firmographics and technographic data. 

1. Build a strong pipeline using LinkedIn

Choose and filter the right B2B prospects using the LinkedIn search box. Target your next future customers by their location, organization or their industry. Narrow the list of the prospects, and share a connection request and a personalized invite note describing your product and services.

Beyond that, you have inmail prospecting, where you can share your message before giving them a connection request. But LinkedIn limits you with three inmail conversations. After three inmail prospecting emails, you have to subscribe further to go ahead.

2. Embedded signup forms

Embedded signup form is the traditional marketing strategy that helps you narrow down the prospects without being intrusive. Enclosing embedded signup forms on the high traffic pages or banner section lets you gauge the potential customers. Adding an embedded signup form with a compelling Call-to-action turns your website form into a lead-generating machine. 

Embedded signup form will increase signups by over 30%. If you’d like to build an email list, creating a dedicated signup form is one of the first steps you should take.

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3. Participate in tradeshows & expos

There are many advantages to attending trade shows for businesses, including networking with other wholesalers and selling directly to consumers. Email information can be captured using the same signup sheets, upon purchase, hosting giveaways, etc. If you’re handing out business cards here, you could also encourage sign-ups on these.

4. Referral programs

Using the power of referral marketing is the next step once you’ve established a loyal customer base. Encourage your loyal customers and advocates to refer their friends to your product or service. Referral programs are a fantastic way to accomplish this.

These strategies have helped Starbucks, Dropbox, and McDonald’s become leaders in the industry. Referral programs reward customers for referring new people to your business. Usually, you’ll need to offer both the referrer and the referee an incentive. 

When you offer referral programs to your subscribers, you’re bribing them to share your offers with their friends, family, and colleagues, thus increasing your email subscribers.

5. Discover lead magnet opportunities

Lead magnets are free resources that attract potential customers for your niche. With this free content, visitors are more likely to sign up for your email list and become paying customers. You can utilize a cheat sheet, checklist or offer an alluring template in exchange for the contact information.

6. Organize free webinars

Organizing a webinar or participating in the expos are the other legit ways where you can accumulate the set of target accounts based on their industry, location, and buyer persona.

Webinars help you establish your business presence, and on top of that, you can narrow down the potential buyers who matter most to your business or solutions

7. Go live on social media

Conducting a LinkedIn live or YouTube live streaming lets you connect and affiliate with the key executive. Many decision-makers go live on social platforms to connect and create brand awareness by letting out a few of their strategies. 

Custom data to identify potential buyers

Ampliz offers customer data as its proprietary offering. Ace your marketing campaigns with access to the custom data such as technographic data, email and direct dial, location, revenue size, investment, funding, strategic affiliation, acquisitions, and more

Using unparalleled custom data with actionable insights, B2B revenue teams can reach the ideal customer profile (ICP) based on their persona and buying behaviors. 

How custom data help you identify the target market and potential audience

  • Custom data intelligence allows you to precisely target customers who fit your business.
  • Custom data lets you pinpoint the decision-makers and help you close sales deals faster.
  • Using Ampliz custom data intelligence, you can effectively build a pipeline that helps you get 20% annual recurring revenue (ARR). 

Leverage technographic and firmographic data

Target list with technographic and firmographic data ultimately lets you target better prospects who match your ideal buyer persona. Using these data insights, you will clearly understand your potential prospects. You can quickly figure out the needs and demands of your next potential customers. 

You can target and reach more accounts by using firmographic and technographic data. Having accurate data about your potential market allows you to segment and select the most qualified prospects. If you have the advanced tools to help the community improve productivity, you can get started by targeting the existing users who use similar software or tools. 

Target by tech stack usage: Technographic data gives you a comprehensive view of the technology used, adoption of new tools, new software installs, newly subscribed tools & application services, CRM type, subscribed chrome extension, advanced insights about the email automation software and more

Target by firmographic: Firmographic data provide more profound insights into industry type, employee count, company size, annual ad spent, company reach, yearly expenditure and revenue, ownership style, market trends, and growth information. 

Access to firmographic and technographic data adds value to personalized outreach. These data fields help B2B revenue teams to understand the potential market and make better decisions. 

Personalize your B2B sales and marketing with targeted leads

Targeted leads are the beeline that helps you identify, engage and personalize your reach to the potential audience. Targeted leads are a curated list of potential customers who are likely receptive to your product or solution.

Here’s how targeted leads let you achieve your quarterly sales targets. 

Imagine a business that sells bookkeeping software. They wanted to launch their product in front of the account & finance companies, CFO, accounts officers, chief accounts, fintech startups, and other finance specialists. So the targeted leads of industry experts fuel your campaigns and help you witness 5X ROI. 

Harness targeted leads: Unleash the target list of potential customers who are likely interested in your offerings. Personalize your reach based on the geographies, interest and purchase intent and close your sales leads faster. 

Win customer base: Unlock data insights and connect directly to target customers who matter the most to your business. You can kick start your email campaign, use the direct dial or try prospecting on their social media platform to keep your pipeline saturated. 

Grow your ROI and business: Once you know and understand your buyers’ journey, you can offer the solution. Start narrowing down the potential prospects and close deals even faster. 

Reach your TAM with a targeted list

Understanding and reaching your total addressable market (TAM) is significant to set realistic revenue goals. By understanding the marketing size and prospect demands, you can pinpoint the right prospects and connect directly with the targeted customers who matter to your business offerings.

How top companies are driving growth with a target list

Instead of spending on Ad campaigns, businesses today are smartly evolving and looking for ways to reach and connect with the target audience. A target list with an ideal buyer persona helps you reach, connect and close sales deals faster.

That’s why many businesses are offering eBooks in exchange for the contact information of the target prospects. Finally, they are looking for lucrative ways to gauge traffic to contact data.

Creating a target list by offering eBooks, free giveaways & using gated content to target potential buyers will take ages. If you are searching for instant access to the potential buyers’ data, you should rely on the B2B data providers. They offer unparalleled data insights of the buyers based on your target market criteria.

Key takeaways

The advancement in technology & tools has brought about radical changes in B2B sales. You no longer have to wait for prospects to approach you. As a result, one must be proactive and identify suitable channels through which potential customers can share relevant content & start building strong business relationships.

By implementing accurate data and the right strategy, high-end prospects can be converted without hassle.To know more about the target list of potential buyers, book a live demo with us today. Ampliz helps you get instant access to data and back you up to uncover more revenue opportunities.