Telemarketing is a sure-shot way for every business whether established or a start-up to get their names out there. 

Whether it’s about reaching out to more people, uplifting sales and

revenue, or improving customer relationships, telemarketing has a lot more to offer. Along with finding new clients, telemarketing helps companies to grow, it helps companies to become competitive with prices and products, and provide excellent customer service.

But to get all these benefits and make the best of telemarketing, the marketing professional should be aware of their target audience. They should possess all the necessary information about the target audience along with their phone numbers. And to get all this information one should possess B2B telemarketing data of potential customers.

Needless to say, that data is the lifeblood of B2B telemarketing and lead generation campaigns. Relevant B2B telemarketing data help marketing professionals make decisions on who their target customer is, what method they should follow, and more. 

Looking at the benefits businesses get from B2B telemarketing data, the market is flooded with data providers to make your telemarketing campaign a big success. And choosing the best B2B provider among them is quite important, as you are going to invest enough money and effort in it.

So while choosing the data provider, you must consider certain things in mind that help you to choose the best telemarketing data providers in India.

Let’s see which of these things you should target.

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7 Elements of Good B2B Telemarketing Data

1) Data quality

The data is the backbone of your telemarketing campaign but only if they are accurate. 

The accuracy of data depends upon two factors

a) The regency of the data(When last it was updated)

b) The accuracy of the information at the time of capture

Both of these factors are very important for the success of your telemarketing campaign. You should always ask the data providers when the data was updated last. The more recently updated data is always better. 

The accuracy of the information also matters a lot. The name, phone number

, and other information should be accurate without any errors in spelling and free from duplication.

2) Data Composition

You should ensure that the database you are going to purchase should not contain any vague information. Before you cold call your prospect, you should check all the important information in the database like geography, area code, etc.

 The critical element of a good database for B2B telemarketing is 

Job roles

To avoid the waste of time for both parties it is important to know the purchasing power of your prospect, and that’s why it’s required telemarketing data providers in India mention the job roles of the customers.

3) Match Target Customer

Although accuracy comes first when it comes to the quality of telemarketing data, relevancy is equally important. The B2B telemarketing data providers from whom you get the data should provide you with data for your industry and should be interested in the product or service you offer. 

4) Standardize database formats

From whichever data provider you are buying your B2B database, they should be able to standardize your datasets in any format that your CRM system requires.

5) Prospect Segmentation

Your data provider should be able to build properly devised data that allow you to target each sector of your different target audiences. Without proper segmentation of your target audience in the correct industries maintaining the quality of the telemarketing data lists would become difficult.  

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6 ) Licensing

At the time of buying data, you should be clear about its usage. Whether you want it for direct mail or for telemarketing, you should be advised by your data provider of telemarketing about the type of license you require.

7) Completeness

Completeness is another important aspect of the B2B telemarketing data list that you should consider. To grow your business the B2B telemarketing data should be complete in every sense. The database should be complete in terms of names, phone numbers, job titles, emails, etc, and at the same time, you should also ensure that you have all the necessary records that you need for business development. 

So buying the database for your telemarketing campaign while keeping these things in mind will increase the success of your cold calling to your prospects.

Now Let’s see what this database for telemarketing actually contains.

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Information Contained in Telemarketing database

Tele calling databases are indeed a great source for professionals looking to reach out and contact potential customers in India. These B2B telemarketing data contain all important information like mobile numbers, email addresses, and other details state-wise. The database keeps city-wise and state-wise databases neatly organized and well-maintained. 

Besides this, some telemarketing data providers in India also provide additional options like credit card-eligible databases, loan-eligible databases, Demat account holder databases, etc. 

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How this Telemarketing Database is Collected

Data providers collect data from credible sources and save your time in data collection to reach out to your most potential customers. 

Generally, many professionals and companies register for all India directory listing websites, portals, and local associations.  Data providers collect the data from these sources.

B2B Telemarketing Data Provider in India

There would be hundreds of telemarketing data providers in India, but the one that fits all the above-mentioned quality aspects of good data is Ampliz.

Ampliz holds a global database of 400 million contacts and 9 Million companies. Ampliz allows you to use 100+ firmographics and contact filters- Industry, revenue, location, title, seniority, to get actionable leads you can add to your campaigns. 

With all these, Ampliz provides you with the most authentic, real-time updated, and 98% accurate database for your telemarketing campaign. 

Ampliz frequently checks the authenticity of updated information and thus maintains the accuracy and freshness of the data.

With Ampliz B2B telemarketing database you can surely close more deals and generate more revenue. Book a Demo now.

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