Top 16 Best APAC B2B Data Providers for 2021

APAC B2B Data Provider

B2B data is the key to the growth of the businesses today. APAC is no different. The B2B market is seeing immense growth in the APAC region.  It can only be measured through the rise in B2B transactions.

B2B transactions in APAC will stand at mind-boggling $1,356.28 billion by 2025, double of what it was, $671.32 billion in 2018, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5%. B2B revenue in Indonesia is swelling at a CAGR of 54.2%, and in Vietnam, it is increasing at a CAGR of 40.2%. The immense growth can only be corroborated by the increase in the usage of B2B data.

Moreover, many businesses have cropped up in these years, trying to cater to the rising need for B2B data.  Here are few leaders who can help enterprises expand their business into the APAC region through their B2B data capabilities.

Best B2B Data Providers for APAC

Ampliz Enterprise

Build a Pipeline that never goes dry with Ampliz Enterprise. Get Endless access to Company and Contact Intelligence from our 400Million+ records and over 9 million companies’ data. Where data are refreshed in real-time to provide the latest and verified manually for any discrepancies missed by the machine to deliver you correct and relevant data every time.

Setup your ideal customer persona and reach out to more relevant contacts in a short time. Favorite your best set of contacts and get the relevant contacts exported in a minute to your favorite CRM and spreadsheets. Enable your sales and marketing lineups to target at scale.

You can request for more intelligence on your prospects anytime with our Custom data and Ampliz Enhance. Manage the credits between multiple solutions to get a 360-degree view of your customer.

Enter your buyer persona and get the list of companies and contacts that match to run highly targeted campaigns. You can ask for custom data based on your custom persona requirements delivered blazing fast from the data specialist working 24/7.

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Span Global Services

The Span Global Services’ Asia Pacific Country Executives List is compiled with multichannel marketing resources that serve as one-stop marketing solutions for marketers.

Your reach cannot be limited when your business needs to grow beyond tested markets. Our direct marketing lists enable a geo-targeted approach when marketers want to try markets unexplored earlier.

With Can-Spam compliant and SMTP verified business email lists, your campaigns will directly reach your prospects’ inboxes.

Thompson Data

Thomson Data’s Asia-Pacific Business email list helps you reach high-value business professionals and industries in the Asia Pacific region. The index consists of all the essential B2B contact records of CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, VPs, directors, and other top-level executives responsible for its decision-making process.

Since they capitalize hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services to augment their business development, you can target them to boost your business’s revenue as well.

Seagrass Marketers

Seagrass Marketers’ extensive directory features millions of records on businesses and consumers. We give companies the data that they need to make their marketing campaigns better targeted across all channels.

The information we provide makes it easier for sales and marketing professionals to increase their conversions and improve their ROIs. Get all of the data solutions you need from one place when you access our extensive lists that span various industries and demographics with more than 20 million contacts.

Value Prospects

Value Prospect works to generate clients’ revenue out of marketing spent to increase sales funnel. They claim to own both the technology and the brain to promote your brand and product among the industry’s top league.

Our team proficiency in database management, lead generation, gap findings, innovations, and experiments in direct marketing services helps our customers achieve targets.


CNCData provides you functional level executives and industry-specific decision makers/influences interested in your products and services. Meticulous measures are taken to ensure that records are preserved at the highest quality.

With our extensive coverage, exceptional accuracy, and a wide variety of selection, CNCData gives you the control of your marketing target as focused as you require. CNCData sales and marketing data provide key IT and Technology Decision Makers/Influencers, Financial Decision Makers, C-Level Contacts, etc.

They can build target audience lists tailored to your business needs. Customers can lay down targets by Industry Verticals, Company Size, Job Function, and Job Level.

APAC Leads

APAC Leads is a lead generation business specializing in end-to-end marketing solutions. Lead generation focused on the Asia Pacific region. They have joined hands with companies as an addition of their business, geared mainly to find innovative ways to make the most out of the business opportunities.

With their lead generation and marketing services, marketers have expanded their dealings by reaching prospects from across the globe. We support them in brand building and enhancement endeavors.


InfoClutch improves organizations’ marketing campaigns by engaging with qualified prospects who could become your customer. They can help shape your marketing strategies using their Asia Pacific database. Their framework has allowed the evolution of the email list, making it more robust in the face of challenges that manifest the marketers.

They offer a full range of segmented professionals from Asia Pacific regions that ideal for serving marketing needs.


Datamaelumat offers B2B email lists that are human-verified and ready to use. They offer you a complete business contact list of people you should reach across the country.

Each APAC mailing list they present has the precise data you need, from email addresses, phone numbers, real names, and other company details. You can let your marketing campaigns in motion right away when you buy this APAC email list.


GlobalB2BContacts is one of the most sought after Asia Pacific Countries Business executive list to power up your marketing campaigns. Start engaging with qualified prospects who could become your customer. Shape your marketing strategies using their Asia Pacific database as the framework allows the evolution of the list.

Making it stouter in the face of challenges that manifest the marketers. We have surged past other providers and becoming a household name offering a full range of segmented professionals list from Asia Pacific regions that make it ideal for serving your marketing objectives


Bookyourdata claims to be a premier marketing tool at a reasonable price. Each APAC email list that they offer has the contact names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

You need it to build your customer base in the Asia-Pac region. You’ll have the detailed B2B email list you need to get your information to your target audience. They take the time to verify every JAPA email database they sell to ensure that it has sales leads you can actually use.


Wave Evolution is a premier source of useful mailing lists, sales lead database, and digital marketing services. We provide business information and consumer contact database to leading companies in the APAC region with millions of companies information and consumer lists consisting of corporate email addresses, phone, address, etc… With the database marketing solution, you can access new target prospects. 

You can build high-quality & hyper-targeted prospect lists by leveraging on custom criteria, including demographics and firmographics, to identify decision-makers and connect to them.


Callbox Singapore, established in 2009, is a leader among marketing services and b2b data providers in Singapore and South-east Asia (APAC region). They create, launch, and manage various marketing activities for their clients.

Callbox also provides reliable B2B data to its clients focused on Singapore and other APAC based companies.   They also offer data maintenance, data profiling, and B2B lead generation services from 35 million companies’ repository. 


Leadbook is proud of its database of 200 million contacts. They provide both B2C and B2B data services to companies. Leadbook employs AI and NLP services to auto-update and verified contacts and guarantee 95% accuracy. They promote themselves to provide competitive prices and have an excellent price-to-quality ratio.  Leadbook also provides campaign management tools to leverage their extensive database.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is one of the most prominent players among B2B data providers, with a massive database of more than 400 million contacts spreading across 190+ countries.

They provide companies with data services to leverage B2B data and analytics for a competitive edge.    Dun & Bradstreet is also one of the B2B data provider market leaders in the APAC region.


Pitchbook is a software company focused on financial data and its utilities. With multiple offices across the US and UK, they cater to global audiences focusing on APAC.

They provide comprehensive data according to the need of the client from the public and private sectors. It allows its clients to catapult them towards success. Pitchbook serves its customers in 19 different languages.

Contact Out

Contactout is a contact data intelligence platform focused on human resource individuals or recruiters. They boast that you can find any contact you search for in their 1 billion contact database. ContactOut says they are two times better than the other leading B2B data providers. They are compliant with all GDPR and USA privacy laws. ContactOut is an AI-powered platform that matches the contacts across LinkedIn and GitHub like platforms.


LeadIQ is a prominent B2B data provider. They want to make sales prospecting a fun experience by giving sales reps access to their sizeable verified contact data set. LeadIQ is proud of its integrations with various CRMs and Marketing technology platforms. They are the best performing B2B providers for consecutively two years.

Here is how they fare against each other.

APAC B2B Data Providers