How to find NPI numbers? Yes, you are on the right track of using an NPI based targeting approach. Its NPI based targeting that will help you in establishing 1:1 relationship with your targeted healthcare professionals and drive maximum campaign performance and increase efficiency.

NPI based targeting will help you to reach out to your targeted healthcare professionals easily and effectively.

And finding the NPI number of the various healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists, pharmacist, and nurse practitioner is also not that difficult. It is simple, if you follow the right ways.

This blog is for you, if you want to know how to find NPI number for doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dentists and other healthcare professionals

Before we discuss each of these method, let’s discuss What is NPI numbers?


What is NPI numbers?

NPI number is an unique identification number given to HCPs by the center of medicaid and medicare as a part of administrative simplification standard under health insurance portability and Accountability act.

It’s a way of identifying the healthcare professional in a standard way. It is a 10 digit numeric number and does not contain any information such as specialty or location or anything. This number is usually mandatory for HCPs for financial and administrative transactions carried out by HCPs, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses.

Now let’s understand how it is useful to you in targeting and marketing to HCPs.

NPI Numbers based targeting

When you know the NPI number of any healthcare professional, you can easily know the

  • Specialty
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Primary taxonomy, that describes the healthcare provider type, classification and area of specialization.

When you target your audience based on this information, you can engage them better and can drive better business outcomes.

When you do NPI based targeting you will have more return of investment and more conversion rate.

And that’s why I said  if you have decided to go with NPI targeting then you are on the right track.

Now let’s see how you can find NPI numbers for doctor, physician, nurse practitioner, dentists, pharmacists or any healthcare provider you want to target.


3 effective ways of finding the NPI number of HCP’s

There are 3 methods by which you can find NPI numbers of any healthcare professional working in the US.

1. NPPES NPI Registry

NPPES NPI Registry as its name suggests is a free dictionary provided by the center of medicare and medicaid service that contains all active NPI records. You can find NPI numbers of any healthcare professional by entering their name and business name.

Let’s see how you can find NPI numbers with the use of this.

  1. Go on the official website of NPPES
  2. Click on the “NPI Registry Public Search” button
  3. Enter the first and last name of the healthcare professional
  4. Click on the search button
  5. You will get to see the NPI number of the healthcare professional.
find npi numbers

Along with an NPI number, you will also get to see their primary practice address, phone number and primary Taxonomy.

2. NPI Number Lookup

With free service of NPI lookup you can easily find NPI numbers of dentists, pharmacists, physicians, doctors, nurse practitioners and many other healthcare professionals.

The NPI lookup service is powered by the NPI registry which records NPI data of all healthcare professionals across the US. 

In this website too, you can search the NPI number of healthcare professionals by entering their name, and business name.

3. NPI database

Another way of finding the NPI number of HCPs is with the help of an NPI database. NPI database is a comprehensive database of NPI numbers submitted to NPPES database by healthcare providers for 50 states, Washington DC, and Puret Rico.

Let’s see how you can find NPI number of any HCP using the NPI database.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Enter the name of the HCP
  3. Click on the search button
  4. You will get to see the NPI number.

Along with the NPI number you will also get Taxonomy, location and credential of the healthcare professional.

find npi numbers

Benefits of Find NPI Numbers and Targeting

As we said, NPI based targeting helps you to engage your audience better and get the maximum return of investment.

Now let’s see how NPI based targeting helps you achieve this.

1. Precision Targeting

With an NPI number in hand you can reach out to specific sets of HCPs, specialized in some particular area and working in some specific geographic area. At the same time marketers can also exclude some healthcare providers. For example, pharmacists target all the pediatricians except those using competitors’ products.

Thus, with NPI numbers healthcare marketers can target better and get more return of investment.

2. Personalization

NPI number allows you to have all the details about the target audience. With these details in hand you can curate personalized messages that can resonate with them easily. When you talk about their interests they can engage with you more and trust you more. This drives you more conversion.

3. Accurate Campaign Reporting

An NPI number is the ultimate identifier and should be any healthcare advertiser’s go-to tactic for any HCP campaigns. NPI targeting guarantees accurate campaign reporting, which gives advertisers the chance to engage their target HCP, leading to greater script lift. Plus, because they won’t be wasting impressions on those outside of their identifiable target audience, they’ll see a better return on ad spend (ROAS) 

4. Smarter Optimizations

NPI targeting means smarter optimizations. Without an NPI-validated reporting, healthcare marketers will struggle to optimize and scale their campaigns. With inefficient targeting, it’s harder to drill down into performance (both during and after the campaign) and make informed decisions about how to improve future campaigns


Thus, with NPI you can easily reach out to too busy healthcare professionals and engage them better. When they will engage with you they will trust you, and this will help you to close more deals.