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email signature examples

How to Write an Amazing Email Signature? (With Email Signature Examples)

Emails have been the most formal mode of communication in recent history for a long time now. But in a world where our inboxes are flooded with tons of emails every day, how do you stand out? Apart from being … Read More

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what is smarketing

What is Smarketing & How Should You Use It?

Sales and marketing are the pillars of a business. They feed into each other and keep a business alive. But what happens when they are disjointed? The sales pipeline develops cracks through which leads and customers trickle out. Smarketing is … Read More

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best sales influencers in 2020

17 sales influencers to follow in 2020

Everyone needs some inspiration to move ahead in life and achieve positive results. It becomes much more important for people from the ever-challenging and ever-complex profession, sales. Having a mentor or influencer can really help, as it will make learning … Read More

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sales psychology

How is psychology used in sales?

Let’s begin by sharing and busting two myths that seem very true. The first is that people buy on logic. That’s not true. People buy on emotion, and then rationalize their decision with logic. The second myth is that understanding … Read More

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sales pitch examples

7 Sales Pitch Examples and Ideas

Fashioning a good sales pitch is not easy — but it might be one of the most vital things a sales rep can do to improve lead conversion rates and quota attainment. That’s because it’s no longer a “pitch” in … Read More

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what is data intelligence

What is Data Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning occupy a wide area in each and every industry these days. In the process of digital transformation, the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning has brought a plethora of developments. Data intelligence is one … Read More

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Impact of bad data on b2b sales

The Effect Of Bad Data On B2B Sales

Data holds the value of gold when it comes to sales and marketing. We live in an age where businesses have become consumer-centric due to which data assumes more importance. If you are someone who is closely associated with sales … Read More

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Sell me this pen - best responses!

“Sell Me This Pen” – How To Crack The Most Dreaded Question

As a sales or marketing person, you would have come across this question “sell me this pen” at least once during your interviews. While the question may look pretty straightforward, to clear the air, it is not. … Read More

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what is sales management

What Is Sales Management & Why Is It Important?

Despite having a knack for closing the deals, having an effective marketing strategy and possessing a well-crafted website, you are not able to maximize your profit? The aforementioned elements are required for an organization but not enough to maximize your … Read More

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