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sales forecasting methods

9 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods That Will Give You a Reality Check of Your Business

Closing deals and increasing revenue are two of the primary tasks & goals of any business. It is also something that you invest a lot of time in, thinking and devising strategies around. In spite of putting all the efforts … Read More

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salesbuddy v1.6 product updates

Ampliz Salesbuddy v1.6 – What should you expect?

Leap Year may only come once every four years, but our tool ‘Ampliz Salesbuddy’ goes through a software update every week (most of the time!). This time, we’re bringing you the changes we have implemented in our version 1.6 and … Read More

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how to deliver a sales pitch

How to Deliver A Sales Pitch?

As everyone knows presenting a product or service to an unknown person is a daunting process, knowing the techniques of delivering a sales pitch will strengthen the confidence in the initial conversation itself. There is a myth in the domain … Read More

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what is sales intelligence

What is Sales Intelligence & Why is it Important in 2020?

As a business, your primary goal is to make sales. There are a lot of other things that you need to focus on to run a business efficiently, but sales are primarily how you make money. It’s a tough process … Read More

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marketing buzzwords in 2020

Marketing Buzzwords That Everyone Should Know in 2020

Stepping into the world of sales & marketing? Can’t figure out the terminologies used by your boss in daily meetings? Don’t fret, because we have got you covered.In this article, we cover the hot marketing buzzwords in 2020 that every … Read More

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what is sales enablement

What Is Sales Enablement & Why Is It Important?

Take a sportsperson as an example, and you provide that person with a selection of resources to improve and refer to while they work to get it finished, in all probability, it is okay to assume they are going to … Read More

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what is micromanagement?

What is Micromanagement? Are You Being Micromanaged?

Days are gone when micromanagement was working well and it was result-driven. In this era, the result of micromanagement is vice versa. According to Financialsamurai survey, 70% of people leave their job because of either a difficult boss, unfair & … Read More

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contextual intelligence

Want to Close More Deals? Contextual Intelligence is the key!

Cold calling is the most dreaded and the least liked job in sales. The success rate with cold calling is not expected to be very high. As a result, cold calling aims to endeavor as many connections as possible without … Read More

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How to build a sales team

12 Tips on Building a Successful Sales Team

A good sales team is the backbone of any successful business. However, building a successful sales team just doesn’t mean bringing together the brightest salespersons and making them sell your products or services. It can be a daunting task, especially … Read More

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