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Cold call scripts

14 Proven Cold calling Scripts

Let’s admit that cold calling is tough, and its critics even say that it has gone out of fashion and become dead. If you have ever faced a rude rejection, that compelled you to say that it’s true, however, it indeed can … Read More

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what is data enrichment

What is Data Enrichment?

In the B2B domain, data enrichment is one of the important elements of data hygiene. Data is considered to be the livelihood of the modern-day businesses and formulating customer service, marketing, and sales strategies is not possible without data. Business … Read More

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what is lead scoring?

What is Lead Scoring and How Does it Work?

Lead scoring comes into picture when you have a lot of leads in your sales funnel and your sales reps are not able to track them to measure their behavior. If your reps are tracking the leads’ position in your … Read More

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Sales forecasting - What is it and why is it important?

All About Sales Forecasting: Definition, Methods, and Tools

Forecasting is a crucial business exercise that companies practice. It not only helps to predict future sales but also helps reveal hidden causes of a particular business problem. The companies without a proper sales forecast have a very elusive target … Read More

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Sales funnel templates

Sales Funnel Templates for Start-ups

If you are seeking inspiration for crafting the perfect funnel for your business, here are 17 sales funnel templates for you and startups to have a look at. A sales funnel is a crucial entity for your sales team and … Read More

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What is a pitch deck?

How to Create Pitch Deck for Startups?

Startups quite often need a pitch deck to showcase themselves to prospective venture capital investors or angel investors. It is the first and most important step in the process of raising capital from investors. So it is very crucial that … Read More

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What is sales leadership?

What is Sales Leadership?

A true sales leader drives both the team and business with equal efficiency despite a plethora of obstacles. But generally, when we hear the term “Sales Leadership”, we picture a grumpy boss who doesn’t let his/her team sleep until targets … Read More

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Sales Skills every sales rep should have

13 Sales Skills Every Sales Rep Should Have

If you want to grow in the world of business development, there are certain sales skills you must possess. As easy as it sounds, business development actually requires a lot of strategies, planning and certain basic skills. There are diverse … Read More

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How to generate B2B leads

21 Ways To Generate B2B Leads In 2020

Lead generation for B2B is not about hurtling towards a “secret recipe” that can get you a massive number of leads. Instead, try building the best lead generation strategy that works for your business. It is about understanding and inculcating … Read More

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