B2B Sales intelligence Platform fuels the marketing campaign overall. It offers you the data business needs to win over the relevant audience, especially in the B2B sector. 

Even though Sales Intelligence has been around for a while, it is just gaining high traction among the salespeople. If you have not already boarded the bandwagon, it is high time for you to familiarize yourself with sales intelligence and the advantages of sales intelligence to boost your marketing campaigns.

In this article, we will learn deeply,

  1. What is sales intelligence? 
  2. Why is sales intelligence important? 
  3. Advantages of sales intelligence? 
  4. How to increase revenue with sales intelligence?

Let’s deep dive into sales intelligence.

What is Sales Intelligence?

The term coined for collection, organizing, and producing an analysis of the process of prospects data is sales intelligence. Often the database provider divides the entire B2B database based on different categories.

For instance, if you have a customer database in the USA and are looking for sales intelligence, you will call it USA Sales Intelligence. If you are looking for customers or prospects in the Asia pacific region, go for APAC Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence contains information on the prospects towards who you have planned your marketing campaigns. The primary goal stands to ensure that you get a better understanding of your prospects and personalize your campaigns or marketing efforts. Any data you obtain is unique to your business. 

Sales Intelligence drives typical customer data, you gain customer insights, source of acquisitions, buyer journey, and enhanced customer persona profiles.

Why is Sales Intelligence Important?

Sales intelligence has the power to provide new ways of obtaining sales. Here are a few reasons why Sales intelligence is important for your business.

1. Discover Market Potential

You get access to multiple markets and thus different prospects among the target market. Typically, companies only nudge the tip of the iceberg while indulging in conversations with the prospects. The great thing about sales intelligence is that it is comprehensive, detailed and ensures that you do not miss any potential opportunities.

2. Identify Target Audience

It must be nice to get rid of the extensive research and hard-to-find target audience! Learn what your target audience is looking for to personalize and boost your campaigns. Combine your static data and dynamic data to make it easy for you to identify the ideal customer.

3. Monitor Competitors

Sales intelligence tools help you identify your competitors. It helps in keeping track of things of what you’re doing and what your audience wants. Sure, you know most of your competitors, but honestly, you cannot say you are 100% confident of all those who are your competitors. Locate each competitor and monitor their performance in the market to tweak yours.

4. Find out Decision Makers

It is imperative to know who to speak to while reaching out to companies or prospects. It makes the process of finding out the decision-makers and reaching out to them effectively. The ideal sales intelligence tool helps you identify the best point of contact at the company. When you get the B2B database from a reliable high-quality B2B sales Intelligence Platform, you can simply filter out your ideal target audience in a few clicks.

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Advantages of Sales Intelligence

Data and actionable data are two different things. Sales intelligence can help you differentiate between the two. Here are the advantages of sales intelligence:

1. High-Quality Data and Better Management of B2B Data

There is no dearth of data in the prospect list. However, that does not mean that every bit of data holds value. Therefore, test the competitiveness, validity, timeliness, and uniqueness of the data recorded in the repository. The best Sales intelligence software will help you make use of high-quality data while maintaining database hygiene.

2. Efficient Prospecting and Lead Generation

You not only discover your high-quality data but are also helpful in boosting the outbound lead generation efforts. At the same time, the sales intelligence tool offers prospects to the clients efficiently. Create a pipeline of leads and prospects.

3. Sell more to Existing Clients

It is a well-known fact that selling to existing customers is cost-effective compared to reaching out to potential prospects. Via the sales intelligence software, sales reps have the required skills for closing deals with prospects. Obtain the information from the sales team to enable the sales team to carry out upsell and cross-sell.

4. Enhanced Customer Service and Support

Once the salesperson gets insight into the behavior and buying habits of the customers, they are in a better position to understand the business needs. Aided by the actionable intelligence provided by the sales intelligence, sales reps respond to the queries efficiently, introduce new products to the customers subtly, discuss cost-saving opportunities, etc.

5. Data-Driven Decisions Making

Any instinctive or emotional decision does not take businesses too far. Companies have to depend upon data-driven decisions to sustain their position in the industry. Any delayed or diluted data can slow down the ability of the sales reps to take any actions timely. To get over this, companies can adopt the sales intelligence platform delivering real-time and accurate data at their fingertips.

6. High Productivity

Salespeople are judged based on their productivity and value-based follow-ups with their customers. And, automating your lead management system, sales intelligence can identify how each account is ready to buy. Therefore, they shorten the sales cycle and enhance productivity. 

How to Increase Revenue with APAC Sales Intelligence?

Ready to learn how sales intelligence can increase your revenue.

1. Choose the best Sales Intelligence Companies

When it comes to selecting the right B2B sales intelligence platform, you need to select the one that suits your business needs. First, identify the goals and then choose the best sales intelligence tool. It is important to learn the features you need for maximum results. Some of the most common features offered include lead qualification, trigger data, data enrichment, and lead generation.

2. Build your Ideal Customer Profile

When it comes to qualification, lead generation, and nurturing, it is important to build your ideal customer profile (ICP). You are setting up for success with the above information. Since the market is fast-paced, the traditional ideal customer profile might not cut it. And, this is where the sales intelligence platform has the potential to improve the ICP accuracy by learning about more customers. 

3. Enhance Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is one of the primary tactics that directly get into the mind of your buyers that drives the purchase decision. Make use of the most effective methods for approaching the prospects. Once the intent data is incorporated into the best lead intelligence software, you can learn about the buying signals with the possibility of converting the customers. There are hot leads allowing your sales team to focus exclusively and get the prospects to convert. 

4. Identify Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

Increase your overall cross-sells by about 20% and then you may increase your profits by 30%. If you make use of both for your current clients,  you can help build a loyal customer base. Data acquired from the sales intelligence companies will help you drive more information and insights on the prospects. Also, maintain your lead generation simultaneously. 

5. Acquire Key Competitor Insights

As an enterprise, your goal is to reach your organizational goal for a certain revenue. Know that there are certain factors that rely outside on the facts of how much you sell and what revenue you bring in. Keep an eye on your competitor to remain ahead of the time. Gain information on the competitors via your lead intelligence software. Develop a strategy that helps in luring the prospects away from the competitors and divert them to your brand.

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