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What is account based marketing? (abm)

Account-based Marketing (ABM) – How to develop a successful ABM Strategy?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is finding increasing popularity among several B2B marketers. They are making it an essential component of their marketing efforts. ABM is a concept that meets both the short-term goal – to generate leads, and the long-term goal – … Read More

Healthcare data

Top 6 challenges people face in accessing high-quality healthcare data

The exchange of healthcare data for various reasons is a touchy topic. Privacy, security, storage, and many other concerns contribute to the barriers we see today accessing healthcare data. However, in this blog, we will be focusing on healthcare data … Read More

Sales Promotion techniques 2021

8 latest B2B sales promotion techniques to boost business with examples

Sales promotion for business to business sales is so different from consumer sales, given how different they are. Business-to-business sales deal with the transaction between two organizations, while consumer sales directly sell to the end-user. Therefore, sales promotion by consumer … Read More

Ultimate List of Sales Intelligence Tools

The Ultimate List of Sales Intelligence Tools [2021 Update]

Check out the list of top 20 Sales Intelligence software you can use … Read More

Healthcare Database Providers

Top 16 Most Popular Healthcare Database Provider Here

The pandemic has claimed many lives yet provides an opportunity for many to still have and save others’ futures. For both scenarios, it requires collaboration from many parties. To collaborate, one must have the right and credible B2B healthcare data. … Read More

Definitive Healthcare Alternatives

Top 10 Definitive Healthcare Data Alternatives to look for

Finding the right healthcare email lists providers with adequate facilities for patient clinical data is of immense value. … Read More

what is sales enablement

What Is Sales Enablement & Why Is It Important?

Take a sportsperson as an example, and you provide that person with a selection of resources to improve and refer to while they work to get it finished, in all probability, it is okay to assume they are going to … Read More

sales pitch examples

7 Sales Pitch Examples and Ideas

Fashioning a good sales pitch is not easy — but it might be one of the most vital things a sales rep can do to improve lead conversion rates and quota attainment. That’s because it’s no longer a “pitch” in … Read More

The ultimate lead nurturing strategies

9 Ultimate Lead Nurturing Strategies

Lead nurturing is one of the toughest things to do in the buying process. There are various reasons and statistics to back the statement. Here are some figures to baffle your mind: 80% of the possible sales opportunities are lost … Read More