If you are seeking inspiration for crafting the perfect funnel for your business, here are 17 sales funnel templates for you and startups to have a look at.

A sales funnel is a crucial entity for your sales team and can benefit you in deciphering where and how to polish your sales processes.

But with so many contending sales funnel definitions, let’s clear up some of the misperceptions.

Read on to understand what a funnel means to you, what are the B2B Sales funnel Stages and how to create a funnel for yourself.

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What are the Stages of a Sales Funnel?

Each business has its way of taking care of the sales process and the buyer journey.

The number and name of the stages may vary according to the company you are in and the sales process.

A lead considering buying your product enters the funnel but does not necessarily pass through each stage.

Let’s look at how sales teams approach prospects in each step with a clear sales funnel and why measuring conversion rates are vital at each stage.


There are three stages of a sales funnel:

  • Awareness: Here, your sales reps educate your prospects about their problem and are not insistent on sales. Relevant marketing collaterals like blogs, videos, whitepapers, case studies, and infographics can aid them in making more informed decisions and understand the topics that matter to them.
  • Qualify: In this stage, your leads recognize their problem and are actively looking for solutions that can help them achieve goals. Your sales reps start a series of discovery calls, sales meetings, or demos with the prospect to identify the challenges and explains to them how your solution can benefit by solving the prospect’s pain points. It’s a crucial stage for sales teams to impress a lead and convert. Marketing content like in-depth guides, competitor analysis, ebooks, how-to videos guides, and use case-based blogs will help prospects at this stage.
  • Decision and Close: At this stage, your lead makes an educated decision to buy your solution. In turn, your sales reps present pitches, terms of the contract, and other agreements to successfully win their business. The outcome of the prospect may sway either way based on the prospect’s agenda at this stage. The sales reps set the table for success—handling sales objections and negotiations—when it comes to closing the deal, win rates are quite unpredictable.

How to build a sales funnel?

Define your funnel stages and automate the emails; you can formulate your sales funnel software to support your salespeople to improve their lead generation and stop leads from leaking out of the funnel.

So, how do you create one for yourself that works for you?

  • Consolidate leads inflow: The first step to the sales process is capture leads. Capture leads of who visits your website, submit a form, download collaterals, email your company, and others. So it becomes easier for sales reps to start working with leads instead of spending time on data entry. Segment your leads based on your predefined criteria and assign them to the right sales reps.

  • Qualify the leads: Qualify the prospects is the second part of creating a sales funnel. Qualify prospects based on the lead’s property, interest, and behavior. Thus, saving you time and energy from scrambling inside the funnel. Sales reps should identify hot, warm and cold leads by using an effective lead scoring system.

  • Engage: You have now organized and scored the prospects. The next step for sales reps is to reach out to the critical leads over phone or email. Track the conversations—when was the last email or phone conversation, what was the conversation all about, if they read your email—it can help you plan your next course of action tactically.

  • Automate prospects’ movement down the funnel: Maintaining a sales funnel manually is a tedious job. It is a good practice to use lead funnel software when managing your sales funnel to have consistency in updating the lead stage. As leads evolve down the funnel, you should be able to analyze the number of prospects by step to ensure there are no leaks in your sales funnel. It is always full to the brim with opportunities. It’s also imperative to understand what stage each prospect is, and what is the next course of action. So once you establish contact with the lead, move the opportunity from the new to the contacted stage. The CRM can do this job for you quickly and help push it down the funnel automatically.

  • Create opportunities directing leads to the pipeline: After you’ve had a word with the prospect, and if they have committed to purchase, you’ll have to put a figure on the value of the opportunity. It is where the sales pipeline in CRM comes to rescue; you can track each prospect with maximum discernibility. A visual sales pipeline offers a general idea of your deals by stage, allowing you to perceive how leads are stirring down the sales funnel. It also gives sales reps a quick evaluation of their targets and urges them to close more opportunities in the funnel.

  • Nurture the prospects:  Not every opportunity in your sales funnel finds their way to the bottom. Occasionally, even all the qualified leads don’t reach the bottom of the sales funnel. It can be attributed to the negligence of sales reps to engage with the prospects or put in simpler terms; the opportunity is not ready to take the next step. Sales reps mustn’t perceive a qualified lead leaving the funnel at any point as a lost opportunity. 

If you understand the above points, you not only start understanding the customer but also the business as well.

It, in turn, helps in building a funnel that is unique to you. Measure at possible checkpoints to avoid leaky sales funnels.

Sales Funnel Templates

Now that we have covered how you can build your own funnel, let us have a look at these free sales funnel templates that you can teal from us.

These templates cover every possible user journey and will help you craft the perfect funnel for each campaign.

1. The Product Funnel Template

This funnel template incorporates the best of each sales funnel and combines them into a robust funnel designed for incremental revenue.

It starts with a discounted or scarcity offer of your product or its trial.

Once you get the customers through the door, and they have spent their valuable time on your sample offer.

Now that you have qualified them as a buyer and ones that are interested in your product.

Next comes the upsell, which is where the power of this funnel lies.

Make them an offer they cannot refuse. Such as a discounted price on more of the same product – and show them just how much they are saving and why it’s an excellent choice (after all, they’ve already decided to buy it, so why not save some money right?).

Product funnel template

2. Perfect Webinar Funnel

The Perfect Webinar sales funnel template steps, customers, through a series of optimized video pages designed to get them excited about your webinar/training and ensure that they show up.

Webinars are a perfect way to get started with video content, and you can start small with just a handful of audience members to grow your confidence.

Perfect webinar funnel template

3. Product Launch Funnel Template

Jeff Waker’s Product Launch Formula popularized the Product Launch Sales Funnel Template that promotes a video sales letter that includes an opt-in form with the promise of more awesome training.

Follow it up with 3-4 videos filled with useful, actionable information and add value for the customer.

Each step of this funnel provides value by design without giving the entire solution to the viewer.

By delivering value in each video, you get to build a rapport with your prospects and develop a relationship to a point where they are much more likely to purchase your product or course.

Product launch funnel
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4. Education Funnel

This funnel is a big one for information marketing for your digital products, training, and courses.

You spend less time setting up the technical side to your sales funnel and more time driving traffic to your highly optimized landing page.

Post-training contact them and upsell the product to the trainees or convert the new website traffic.

Education funnel

5. Automated Sales Webinar Funnel

Webinars are significant for businesses; not only do they convert exceptionally well, but they are one of the most under-utilized marketing methods.

This funnel uses the previously recorded Webinars, which means you can separate your time from the workflow and sales process and truly automate your funnel.

By implementing this highly-optimized landing page, a prospect is encouraged to sign-up for the free webinar and then directed to a “Thank You” page, which offers an upsell with a scarcity timer, and the ability to watch the webinar. Here’s the funnel template:

Automated sales webinar funnel

6. The Fishbowl Sales Funnel Template

The Fishbowl sales funnel template is a super meek marketing genius, but also very useful.

Here’s how it goes.

Fish bowl funnel template for sales

You make a free offer on the front end, which leads to an opt-in, for example, a contest of some sort that’s free to enter.

You get the prospects name and email address and enter then into the prize draw and others. From here, like all excellent funnels, we take advantage of the immediate offer.

We ‘upsell’ them with an enticing discount code or scarcity deal to convert them from freebies to paying customers.

It is an ideal sales funnel template for those new to funnel building in general since it converts traffic well as long as you have an enticing offer (which is why 100% free contests work so well with this).

7. Affiliate Survey Funnel

The Affiliate Survey Funnel takes advantage of the power of micro-commitments, which suggests that since new prospects or visitors to your website will naturally have reservations about doing business with you, by getting them to commit to smaller, more natural interaction (like a survey), you can then lead them to take more significant actions such as purchasing your product or service.

The power of this funnel lies in its simplicity.

We ask the customer a few questions and request their email address for our email marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to improve your top of the funnel conversion and interaction rates, this funnel template for sales has proven, time and time again, to deliver results.

8. High Ticket Client Funnel

If you offer high-ticket items, perhaps client coaching or some other form of training or event, then the high-ticket sales funnel is what you need.

This funnel has proven to be the best way to convert prospects into paying customers when used in combination with a subscription or payment plan option.

High Ticket Page
Contact Form
Contact those who filled
Upsell with scarcity offer

There is a psychological barrier to online consumers that kicks in around the $500 mark, where anything above that price needs to have certain ‘other’ elements included…such as dripping payments out over a longer timeframe, for example.

By offering a series of quality video training to help the customer, in addition to testimonials, multiple calls to action, and social proof (for example testimonials or Instagram likes that you can buy), you can use this funnel to boost your sales by 2-5 times the baseline.

9. The Free Book + Shipping Funnel Template

Offering your e-book or paperback book for free where the lead only pays for shipping. In this case, the cost of shipping only includes the bare-bones price of the book.

It allows you to ship out thousands and thousands of books while covering all of your costs, inclusive of low-level advertising spend.

This free book offer is for generating a considerable amount of leads very quickly while covering all of your necessary costs.

You won’t make much money with the front-end offer of this sales funnel template, but it will generate a massive amount of leads.

After this, you allow for two other stages of the funnel, the onetime offers, to take over and generate profit.

Free e-book + shipping funnel template

10. The Report to Tripwire Offer – Sales funnel template

Report to Tripwire Offer is a straightforward funnel designed to build an audience of targeted leads at the same time, covering the cost of lead generation.

This funnel starts with a free report that you are offering that directly relates to the market you are after and the problem you are solving.

When prospect opts in to get the report, divert them to a thank you page with the industry report download as well as a recommended relevant resources.

If the lead clicks through the recommended resource, take them to a simple sales letter to sell a tripwire product.

On the order hand, you have the option also to have a “bump” offer (a one-click check box offer) to increase the scale of profitability on sale.

It is the most straightforward funnel for building an initial audience of 5,000 – 10,000 people from a list of 1,000 – 2,000 for the buyers to use.

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11. The Simple Advertising Funnel

Advertising Funnel is a one-step funnel that is infinitely deployable for highly targeted advertising campaigns.

Deploy keyword-targeted funnels for hyper-targeted Google Ads and Bing Ad campaigns.

In a short time, you can customize the funnel to your requirements for the target keyword and deploy a high-quality score, and high relevance lead generation funnel.

This sales funnel template provides just enough information and social proof to pre-qualify leads and let the sales call turn them into customers.

sales funnel template for advertisements

12. Ask Campaign Funnel – Sales funnel template

In this sales funnel, you prepare the leads by asking their most significant pain points and how you can address them.

You use this information to create the most easily consumable form of content like a video, whitepaper, or report.

Align the solution to their pain points to your product or service offering.

Collect the contacts of all those who opted in for the content. Nurture them or directly convert them into paying customers.

Ask Campaign Funnel template

13. Cancellation Funnel

In this funnel, you use your subscription cancellation page or message as your sales funnel.

This funnel focuses on retention and addressing the issues of the customers. 

In the cancellation funnel, you show your customers the other costlier and inefficient options they have to deal with if they cancel.

Sweeten the deal with a discount coupon on their service for the next month.

Cancellation sales funnel template

14. First User – Sales funnel template

Take your most popular product or service and create a special discount coupon or a limited offer for first-time customers.

Have a Thank You page that includes a feature to schedule a phone call for one-on-one onboarding.

First user funnel tempalte for sales

15. Lead Magnet Funnel Template

Use this funnel for the giveaways like a white-paper, a case study, or an elaborate industry report in exchange for contact information and personal follow-up.

Nurture the contacts and convert them into paying customers. 

Lead magnet sales funnel template

16. Live Demo Sales Funnel Template

Record your live Q&A shows and post them on the Live Demo Page.

Link the Live Demo page to the Subscription Upgrade page.

Run a limited time offer for people who stayed till the end of the video and convert the interested prospects to paying customers.

Live demo sales funnel templates

17. Membership Funnel

Create an exclusive member’s area or a community of high-end, potential, or current clients to do custom onboarding for them.

Run offers and provides exclusivity to content to entice new members as well as making existing members stay.

It would allow you to personalize the experience of each client.

Membership sales funnel templates


Sales funnels are very important in order to take your customers through the proper journey of making the purchase.

We’d recommend not copying these templates blindly. These sales funnel templates are for inspiration and it’d be best if you could make your own.

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