APAC has become a prominent marketplace for countless organizations. And, this makes marketers keener towards selling to C level executives or at least marketing to c level executives.

There are often times when your product or sales pitch is not heard as you expect them to be! Wondering, why? Perhaps, you do not have the right decision maker on the other end or you do not have the key decision maker at all. 

Companies trying to sell to B2B companies or enterprise customers must know that it is important to have executive engagement as 90% of sales strategy success relies on it.

Also, on the other hand, 90% of C level executives list said they never respond to cold emails or calls. So, how to reach c-suit executives? Let’s find out.

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How to Reach and Selling to C Level executives?

how to selling to c level executives

1. Find out Who in your C level Executives List?

selling to c suite executives
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The first step is to know to who are you reaching out to?. Who is your target audience? You cannot randomly say “C level Executives”. There are specific decision makers for a specific service or product your business is into.

So, get into the depths of your target audience, and figure out the answer for who? 

Define your ideal customer profile. Define the target audience. Remember it is not about the volume, but the quality of the audience. Build your database with contacts that have the right personas.

With a structured and organized database on c level executives, you can get the highest value from your service or product.

2. Target the C Suite and Key Decision Makers

Once you know who to target or build a c level executives contact list, the next step is to know the entire team.

In the case of B2B sales, executives depend and trust on their subordinates to research and evaluate investments. Managers are influencers.

It is essential to target the broader c level executive contact list. They are gatekeepers as well.

Have good relationships with your subordinates and help close deals faster and also help support future deals.

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3. Perform in Depth Research

C level executives list value commercial insights in order to convey how your product and services. Ensure that you have all your solutions ready and solve concerns.

The enterprise decisions have important aspects to be taken into account- knowledge, and understanding of the industry, knowledge, and understanding of the business, ROI and efficiency, and new ideas for business progress.

Therefore, you need to have detailed research to help you get the attention and engage with the target audience.

There are various ways to find those details on the C level executive contact list.  All the information and understanding from the research helps you stand out from the competitors.

4. Develop Multi-channel strategy

Multi Channel strategy to sell to c-suite executives
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Trying to reach out to the enterprise customers or wondering how to sell to c suite executives?

First, know that you people buy from people. Human to Human interaction is important and provides high-value B2B sales and technologies or tools that provide various channels and ways.

Multiple channel strategies include- emails, calls, social media, online advertisements, social ads, etc. So, in order to achieve your marketing objectives, create a strategy that arranges and channelizes multiple sources to reach diverse target accounts.

However, email marketing seems to work the best when followed up or accompanied by an adjoining channel strategy.

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5. Develop Personalized Content Strategy for Every Decision Makers

content strategy to sell to c suite executives

Focus on value proposition and remain relevant to your target audience from the C level with the personalized content strategy.

The acquisition campaigns for the C level to ensure interaction with the target contacts who can be interested in sales.

Ease up your sales process with the awesome and inexplicable personalized content strategy for the c level executives contact list. 

Understand the personas and know what the priorities are for executives. Content is important for businesses at every stage of the business.

It either makes or breaks the deals and helps in the conclusive stage of closing the deals.

Content should be credible, relevant, engaging, and tailored for effective consumer consumption.

Segregate your candidate categories and it can be in the form of whitepapers, newsletters, eBooks, webinars, videos, etc.

6. Strategy to Selling to the C Suite

Personalized messages help selling to the C suite and be more relevant, personalized, and be more valuable.

Make sure that you are clear about the objective for your business and the objectives of executives. Show that you understand the perspective and help them solve problems and build trust.

Try to think of the questions they may have and figure out the solution for them. Follow up with the executives as early as possible with them to stay on top of their minds.

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How has C level Suite Buyers Changed?

selling to the c level executives

C level executives or buyers have evolved over time. And, thus marketing to c level executives has changed too.

B2B Marketers need to adapt and learn more about the C level suite buyers and change with them. Here are some of the key trends to keep an eye on:

1. Teams make key purchase decisions and not individuals

This indicates that you need to target the team more aggressively and the one who influences the decision rather than one C level individual decision maker.

An executive overrides the team decision, but in practice, C suite buyers loathe to do it. People rely on them to get things done and ring in new creative ideas.

Team members are often the direct and the most trusted route to taking decisions.

2. Executives have Information but need Insight and Understanding

Whether you call it information overload or content clutter, executives come across such information every day.

What they look for is how to solve a new problem? What can they do to eliminate them? Is it worth solving the problem?

3. Do not waste time with unnecessary questions

It is widely said that “there are no stupid questions”. But, maybe there are! Try asking a C suite level executive what keeps him awake all night.

This is a stupid question if you already have the answer to it. And, in case you do not know what their threat or trouble is, then you have not had your research or homework properly.

You can even bet that the competitors who make it know it. Executive leaders do not prefer to educate the markets or salespeople about the basics of the industry.

4. C level Suite Buyer Controls the Process and the Pace

C level leaders have numerous options to meet their challenges. Also, they have more issues than they address them.

All of this leads to an environment where priorities shift and the problems wait in a queue until it is addressed.

Have you ever experienced a hurry-up or been stuck in a wait cycle? It may have disrupted your plans and goals.

5. C level Suite Executives Expect Transparency and Best Fit

The Internet has trained consumers that they can find a solution that fits the best to their needs.

As a B2B marketer, you need to be firm with your approach, be transparent, and be easy to evaluate.

Professional services add greater relevance and value to the c level suites before they make a purchase decision.

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Strategies for Selling to C level Executives

5 strategies for selling to c level executives

1. Target Team 

Nowadays executives operate in an environment where important new insights come from several directions.

Look at your CRM and learn more about the firm before you start selling to c level executives. Let your content, messaging, and posts speak about your firm and the problems of the target prospects.

You never know which influencer you came across or even send across a referral. The most direct route to C level suite is through their subordinates.

2. Offer Insights and understanding

Provide original research work that highlights the important issues and problems that help simplify complex topics.

It is a good way to get noticed by the decision-makers. The strategy makes your expertise both relevant and tangible to the buyers.

Self-serving sales copy does not work with the team to pass it on to the boss. 

3. Choose Issues and Topics carefully

Work on choosing problem areas and topics carefully. For instance, internet security and workforce diversity are some pressing issues that businesses need to address.

Have solutions and issues that really bother to selling to C level executives. Take up the challenges and deal with them to present it to your C suite.

4. Start Early and Strong

Issues of C level executives know that dealing with problems means having multiple potential solutions.

It is effective to be visible to the buyer early in the journey. Share perceptions and demonstrate how your solution and methodological approach offers lasting value.

Be visible and relevant at every stage of the process that can begin and go on for an extended period of time. 

5. Dominate Digital Channel

Traditional face-to-face is helpful but you need to be effective and essential. Make no mistake, digital platforms can be your friends when it comes to marketing to c level executives.

You can approach them via online blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc. the c level executives comb through the vendor’s websites or google their key players. 

Find C level Executives List with Ampliz

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B2B marketers can have a spin on the millions of databases for C suite executives and design hyper personalized marketing campaigns for them. 

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All the data collected are ensured to be updated and refreshed regularly. Have access to the data and focus all your efforts on marketing efforts and campaigns to outreach to the B2B C level executives. 

Plan ahead with the strategic and smartest way to establish a better footing in the relationships with your business executives.

Selling to the c-suite executives is not the big task when you have the right c-level executive contact list. Book Ampliz Demo now and focus on how to reach c-suit executives

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FAQ: Selling to C Level Executives

How do you pitch to C level executives?

Successfully pitching to C-level executives requires understanding their needs and knowing how to communicate it in a concise and persuasive way.

You should begin by doing your research about the company, the executive, and their goals for the meeting.

Start with an overview of your product or service, then explain why it is a good fit for the executive’s needs.

Lastly, be sure to demonstrate confidence and passion when presenting your pitch.

Remember, C-level executives have heard hundreds of pitches in their career—make sure yours stands out!

Why sell to the C-suite executives?

C-suite executives are the decision makers and most influential people in a company. By targeting this group, you have the potential to drive growth and profitability for your organization. A well-crafted pitch to these individuals will help demonstrate that your product or service is a valuable asset and can drive tangible business results. Furthermore, targeting C-suite executives opens up opportunities for deeper partnerships and long-term relationships that can benefit both parties.