Sales and marketing are to be empowered to provide tailored experiences to the clients. Sales Intelligence tools and software provide a medium to empower the sales and marketing team to have a singular view of the customer.

Having unified data about customers helps to a synergy between the sales and marketing messages. This unified data is often confused with lead intelligence, which is very different from sales intelligence. We will explain it in subsequent paragraphs.

Sales Intelligence is the aggregation of all relevant data that enables sales reps to make sales effectively.

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There are various tools, and we have listed down the list of 20 sales intelligence tools that make the sales process operational and easy.

But first, let’s find out what lead intelligence is and how it is different from sales intelligence.

What is lead intelligence?

Lead intelligence is a way of data gathering and assimilating lead-related information on a common platform to grab hold of information on your leads to reduce the sales cycle.

The more relevant data you gather better equipped is your sales team; theoretically, there is a higher probability that they’ll win the deal.

It is just a part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Lead intelligence data consists of:

  1. First Name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address
  4. Company Information
  5. Contact Information
  6. Location Information
  7. Associated Social Profiles
  8. Associated Websites
  9. Demographics
    1. Gender
    2. Age
    3. Interest
  10. Pages visited on the website
  11. Time spent on each page visited
  12. Number of Conversations
  13. Time since the last conversation

Lead intelligence is not very different from sales intelligence, except for the difference in what data you are looking for and what perspective is the key to what differentiates them.

Lead intelligence is only the first layer of information on lead generated through the website.

Sales intelligence in the full 360 degrees view of an opportunity from the first time the prospect enters the pipeline to complete sales. Many software can take care of lead intelligence, and some are very costly to implement and use.

Therefore, understand what you need, test the alternatives, and then decide what works within your budget.

What is sales intelligence software?

Sales intelligence is an aggregation, breakdown, and demonstration of data that aids salespeople be up to date with clients’ information and recognizing new opportunities to grab.

Sales Intelligence tools work tactically to construct pipelines aimed primarily at sales development reps and business development agents.

Sales Intelligence is collecting evidence used to support sales in winning more deals. It also includes things like a win vs. loss evaluation and predictive analytics.

The definition of sales intelligence looks as if it is growing around CRM technology and functionalities’ primary growth.

If you constraint this kind of info to sales information, contact data, pipeline dashes, and others. You can say it is true.

What is the best software for sales?

There is an innumerable amount of sales software in the market. How do you decide what works for you? Most of the sales intelligence tools provide the following set of information concerning sales.

They are:

  • Demographics – Individuals level data like their name, age, gender, designation, and others
  • Firmographics – Organization level data similar to company performance (revenue, growth trends), status (private, VC funded, Public), Size (Employee count, sales growth), Industry ( health, list of consumers), location of offices, and people (designation, contact, hierarchy)
  • Behavioural – Prospects action data like clicks, views, actions, and actions they have taken towards various collaterals.
  • Tech Stack – Tech Stack is the technical data of the kind of technologies the company uses. Active and inactive AMCs subscriptions, technological spending across various products, and new tech adoption across the organization.
  • Intent Data – Buyers’ intent data are searches made on the website, articles read on your website, time spent on specific pages, and related information on the prospect’s actions.

The  below factors measure the effectiveness of sales Intelligence tools or software:

  • Improved customer experience: Is the tool providing an excellent customer experience? Are your customers going gaga about the sales experience you provide?
  • New leads generated: How many leads are you getting? What is the velocity of lead generation?
  • Increase in response rates: How fast are you responding to the queries of leads?
  • Relationship Management: How well can you take relationships with prospects to the next level?
  • Complexity in connecting to various CRM: How easy is it to join the sales intelligence software to your preferred CRM?

Best sales intelligence software

Ultimate List of Sales Intelligence Tools

Here is the list of best sales Intelligence software:

  1. Ampliz Enterprise
  2. Dun and Bradstreet
  3. Zoominfo
  4. Artesian
  5. Gryphon
  6. Growbots
  7. Salesmate
  8. Wealth engine
  9. Datanyze
  10. Beckon
  11. Velocify
  12. Rainking
  13. InsightSquared
  14. Winmo
  15. DiscoverOrg
  17. Clearbit
  18. MediaRadar
  19. Owler
  20. HGFocus
  21. Lead411
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1. Ampliz Enterprise

Ampliz Enterprise is an AI-based sales intelligence software with over 400 million contacts, 9 million companies, and a promise of over 95% accuracy.

Ampliz enterprise’s set of custom filters allows you to find the critical decision-makers based on the ideal customer profile that you can export at scale to your favorite CRM or excel sheets.

It will enable your sales and marketing sides to align and run targeted campaigns at scale. You can request custom sales intelligence that is not present in the filters and can be addressed quickly by our data specialists.

Ampliz is also one of the leading partners for serving APAC market intelligence and US healthcare intelligence

2. Dun and Bradstreet

Dun and Bradstreet information and the powerful Avention OneSource provide a sales intelligence software to give deals, showcasing, exploration, and acquirement experts with the data they have to settle on educated choices increase upper hand.

Dun and Bradstreet profiling and prospecting abilities give you significant bits of knowledge about organizations, contacts, and their regions of interest so you can create relevant messages and reveal your best possibilities.

Dun and Bradstreet’s natural examination causes you to target qualified potential customers, access current business data, and improve Return on Investment (ROI).

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3. Zoominfo

ZoomInfo is a far-reaching B2B information base with deals and advertising knowledge answers to distinguish quickly, target, and search qualified contacts.

ZoomInfo offers point by point, exact data, direct-dial telephone numbers, and email addresses, progress prospecting usefulness, building focused on arrangements of B2B relations, and beginning new discussions and combinations like module, ReachOut for LinkedIn and, information reconciliation, and structure altogether.

ZoomInfo lets clients gain admittance to itemized, exact data on individuals and organizations with more straightforward dial telephone numbers and email addresses.

4. Artesian

Artesian gives logical, necessary knowledge of establishments and their industry sectors progressively, facilitating you to become acquainted with your customers better and giving you a serious edge when it makes a difference.

Artesian accumulates data on ventures, associations, people, and subjects from many sources and uses brilliant calculations to channel and change the information into economically essential bits of knowledge.

With Artesian, you can follow your clients, possibilities, rivals, and accomplices, spot business openings, and oversee hazards.

Artesian sales intelligence platform helps to get inquisitive clients for your organization incrementing validity, seriousness, and consumer loyalty.

5. Gryphon

Griffin’s sales intelligence software engages numerous undertakings with instruments that improve enormous scattered deals groups’ profitability.

Griffin Sales Intelligence gives the project leads a convenient understanding of your association’s business execution across locales, workplaces, or sales associates.

Griffin’s cloud-based innovation guarantees call-action information from any gadget is naturally caught and immediately recorded through catchphrase aura labels.

All call subtleties are auto-logged inside Griffin’s safe cloud stage and CRM and continuously Griffin’s Sales execution dashboard. Griffin’s profoundly exact exhibition dashboards measure call information, including rational discussions, and convey instinctive, significant bits of knowledge for deals pioneers.

6. Growbots

Growbots utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI). Growbots empowers deals specialists to collaborate straightforwardly with planned clients instead of repetitive manual prospecting and effort measures. It permits every one of your colleagues to get a high-caliber, customized contact list rapidly.

Growbots highlights a self-refreshing information base that persistently adds new information sources keeping email skip rates under 10%. With admittance to 200 million contacts, Growbots sales intelligence software is one of the most generous and complete information bases available.

Growbots permits you to utilize channels to depict your optimal client profile or fabricate a rundown of all chiefs.

7. SalesMate

Salesmate is a platform that allows you to streamline your marketing, sales, and customer support processes. It is a comprehensive best google CRM that enables you to provide personalised solutions, run highly targeted campaigns with a drag-and-drop journey builder, nurture leads, and stay connected with your customers at every touch point. To measure your performance, Salesmate provides powerful features such as Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, Web Forms, A/B testing, Event Tracking, Chat Journeys, and Insightful Reports.

You can improve overall productivity, improve team collaboration, and scale your business with Salesmate’s extensive feature set and 700+ integrations.

8. WealthEngine

WealthEngine sales intelligence tool predicts who are your best purchasers, benefactors, or financial specialists and gives you the bits of knowledge you have to comprehend what drives their choices.

The exciting information removes the mystery from deals, promoting and raising support, so you can draw in with individuals destined to purchase, contribute or give – and you don’t squander energy on the ones who won’t.

9. Datanyze

Datanyze sales intelligence platform is the leading tech-stack data supplier that enables current deals and showcasing experts to settle on more reliable information-driven choices and ceaselessly dissect information on the web to decide technology use and other purchasing signals.

Datanyze offers free tools, for example, technographic investigation, chrome plugin, and online classes/eBooks.

Datanyze screens the web and captures sound tech decisions of 40+ million organizations to enable the clients to discover and arrive at their best possibilities when they are hoping to purchase.

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10. Beckon

Beckon enterprise software conveys spotless, believable information and constant marketing insight for corresponding prospects at the current time, showcasing pace and scale.

The sales intelligence platform consolidates data-related best practices. Beckon gives an automated information board with all-out targeted campaigns into cross-channel promoting execution, incorporated mission arranging, omnichannel examination, continuous dashboards and scorecards, and advertising KPIs directly out of the case for quick an ideal opportunity to appreciate.

Beckon sales intelligence software creates an instinctive task, which empowers the advertiser to open their information to accomplish growth.

11. Velocify

Velocify is a sales intelligence platform that accelerates sales. The organization helps over 1,500 sales groups and offers more closing rates and control to the complete sales quota.

Velocify helps deals groups prospect with more accuracy, quickens lead commitment, and actualizes improved work processes, at last helping deals groups find and convert more leads.

Velocify LeadManager naturally catches, de-hoodwinks, astutely conveys and organizes prospects so that sales agents remain ahead of the competition and spotlight on closing more meetings.

12. Rainking

Rainking is a SaaS-based sales intelligence tool for the Technology and Marketing Industries that allows clients to channel and rank dependent on their necessities and energizes clients’ sales and marketing groups to accomplish supportable development.

Rainking offers solutions such as ABM and ABS, Actionable Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Customer Success and  Retention, Data Quality and Management, Data Sets, Integrations, Lead Generation, Predictive Analytics, Sales and Marketing Alignment, and Targeting.

Rainking delivers customers the companies that fit their ideal buyer persona and identifies the decision-makers and budget holders they need to associate with and access comprehensive profiles.

13. InsightSquared

InsightSquared is a sales intelligence platform focused on sales execution analytics that rapidly conveys pre-constructed accounts with critical deals metrics. In contrast to excel sheets, InsightSquared’s visual supports free reports, and dashboards give a custom-focused argument into sales results.

Use InsightSquared to build up better associations with the entire sales team and set objectives for better sales. InsightSquared utilizes Accurate Sales Forecasting models that can anticipate bargains that are additionally precise and reliable. Each sales rep is vital for businesses.

They will have the option to get information more readily comprehensibly and accomplish numbers.

14. Winmo

Winmo is a sales intelligence software focused on prospecting that provides actionable insight for companies looking to connect with marketing agencies.

Winmo offers information like agency/brand relationships, brand-specific decision-makers, a 120-day verification cycle, recommendations, and deals alerts.

Winmo shows brand media spend, research requests, ad creative vault, digital display detail, integrations with LinkedIn, Salesforce, and sharp spring, single sign-on authentication, predictive analysis, accounts & decision-makers on the move, spending shift forecasts, and top 100 most vulnerable prospects.

Winmo allows users to quickly generate targeted prospect lists using advanced search filters for the industry as media spend, geography, and titles.

15. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a complete sales and marketing intelligence suite that gives Sales and Marketing teams the data and experiences they need to discover, associate with and provide the right offer to target purchasers with more noteworthy viability.

DiscoverOrg offers high points, for example, deals and promoting contact information update like clockwork, direct-dial telephone number, continuous, significant data, speedy inquiry usefulness, multi-level look, snappy pursuit choices, tech-stack channels, HG Data’s introduced advanced information, coordinated CRM or marketing mechanization instrument, adaptable information gadgets and incorporations with numerous CRMs.

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Salestools sales intelligence software intends to accelerate your business cycle by rapidly distinguishing new records and prospects with Live Data. Live Data is a state-of-the-art, robust, and prospect information system that is invigorated at regular intervals to guarantee you tap at the right potentials.

With precise information, you can spare hours spent prospecting and close more deals quicker. Sales tools uses account-based prospecting, which empowers your agents to investigate straightforwardly through focused information.

Salestools experiences will permit you to mine any site by division and rank utilizing real-time information.

17. Clearbit

Clearbit Enrichment is a sales intelligence software that converts each new email or website data into a total individual or organization profile, improving client understanding, and giving the sales reps the right background information to make a move.

Clearbit Enrichment offers data highlights, for example, continuous hunt, cutting-edge data, pre-manufactured gadgets, map information, Clearbit for Developers, and understandings with Slack, Marketo, Salesforce, Segment, and Zapier.

Clearbit Enrichment right away surfaces significant information centers like area, work title, organization size, and even what tech items they are utilizing.

18. MediaRadar

MediaRadar is an exhaustive Ad-sales intelligence tool that gives coordinated prospecting tools, important advertising data, and the specific contact data that organizations need to engage in sales to close more deals and increase the customer base.

MediaRadar allows you to decide whom to have conversations with, when you should connect, and what you have to state to trigger deals.

MediaRadar has a detailed information base evaluated at regular intervals and is accessible by organization and hierarchy, helping you locate the correct contact.

19. Owler

Owler gives a community-based business data platform that sales experts use to have a serious edge over competitors through constant news and alerts.

Most business experts hold essential information about a reasonable cluster of organizations concerning their managers, rivals, and industry pioneers. Through its locale-based model, Owler empowers this data to be shared consistently on its page or through information cards in Owler’s email items.

Individuals from the Owler group contribute crucial details, for example, privately owned businesses, income assessments, and CEO endorsements and appraisals, at regular intervals.

20. HGFocus

HGFocus is the fastest, most exact business intelligence tool for folks and lean teams to get a momentous understanding of what technologies are introduced at target organizations when the clients are visiting on the web.

It gives sales and leads generation teams a brief look into how HGData has confirmed its utilization of critical snippets of data to qualify leads, make exact and meaningful informed, tailored discussions to fit both clients’ requirements, condense the business cycle and increase the ROI.

21. Lead411

Lead411 is an event-based sales insight solution for human resource representatives, Sales teams, Marketing heads, and business development execs, which gives corporate and contact background to expand their lead identification evidence and increased lead conversion rates.

Lead411 offers unlimited verified emails, list building, sales triggers, CRM Export, Gmail Integrations, Chrome Extension, IT Intelligence Data, and many other features.


As sales professionals, we all know the importance of prospecting. The more information you have about your prospects, the better. However, gathering data on a wide range of sources is time-consuming and tedious. Ampliz solves this problem by providing an easy to use platform that brings together all the necessary contact information, intent data and relevant news from media platforms into one single tool – saving you time and making it easy for you and your team to keep track of everything.