For successful cold-calling you need two things, one is the accurate and updated direct dial of your prospect and other is a good and best real estate cold calling scripts

Without accurate and updated contact information of your prospect you won’t be able to reach them. But finding the accurate and updated direct dials of the prospects is a bit challenging, as people don’t update their phone numbers very often.

So is there any way that avails your direct dials of your prospects in less time and less effort? Yes, you can contact database providers who provide you all the information of your prospects including direct dials and email address. 

But this information should be accurate and updated. And when it comes to accurate, and updated information Ampliz provides you most accurate and updated direct dials of your prospects. 

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The next is a cold calling script for real estate investors. Unlike ringless voicemail drops that don’t require real time conversation, the cold calling script is very essential for having a smooth conversation during the call.

Whether you are talking to a new lead or an old client, getting awkward over a call is quite normal.

And to avoid this, to remain calm and comfortable, and to make the opposite person feel the same, scripting your call is always helpful. Additionally using a dialer for real estate can ensure a smoother and more efficient calling process.

And that’s why in this blog we are going to give you the five best real estate cold-calling scripts that you might use for different use cases.

Your scripts should be such that it helps you to talk in the interest of your prospects. 

Before we craft the script, let’s see what the things you should consider while scripting your call

Things you should consider while Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts your call

Though cold calling is an effective way of reaching out, it is quite tricky. In a cold call, you have a maximum of 30-40 seconds to convince your prospects to continue the call. 

You have to make the best of this time and try to last the call as much as possible.

The more time you have to convince your prospects, the more you can make them understand your service.

And for this, you should include the following points in your real estate phone call scripts.

  • Identify the pain point
  • Point to a solution
  • Offer proof
  • End with CTA

Your real estate cold calling scripts should always start with the pain point followed by a solution, some social proofs, and testimonials.

When starting with the pain points you are putting your prospect first. You thus make them feel that you understand their problems and can solve their problems. 

By providing them with social proof, you enhance their trust in you. And if you have decided to purchase real estate leads, it is important to not blow your investment by getting it wrong during your initial call with a prospective client.

Now let’s get started with the best scripts for real-estate cold calling for different cases.

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5 Effective Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts 

We are going to craft the real estate sales call script for various use cases that include

1) For sale by owner script

2) Elevator pitch script

3) Expired listing scripts

4) Referral sales scripts

5) Online buyer lead script

1. For Sale by Owner Script

The biggest concern of the person selling their homes could be selling as fast as possible and at the highest rate. As a real estate agent, you can pinpoint this concern by showing them you can help them to get the desired price of their home at the earliest. 

Moreover don’t show just numerical data, but show some foolproof research that might convince them. This way you can gain their trust and build a trustworthy relationship.

For this start a conversation like

YOU: Hey this is [name] calling from your [real-estate firm]. Got to know that you are looking for leads to sell your property[address of property]. Are you a legal house owner?

Prospect: Yes

You: Great! I hope this is the best time to talk!

Prospect: Yes

You: I found out about your listing[Mention the reference], and wanted to ask you the exact price of the property. 

Prospect gives an answer

You: Could you tell me how long have you been looking for a lead for your house

Prospect gives an answer

You: Perfect. The price you have quoted is perfect for the area. I have done some research about the location where your property is located. 

And as per my research, houses in your vicinity have been selling for about [mention the price] in the past five years.

I would like to help you with this. Are you interested in knowing the marketing plan I have designed especially for your home?

This way you can make your prospects interested in your service and make them your customer.

2. Elevator Pitch Script

The goal of an elevator pitch is not to close a deal but rather an opportunity to close your prospects’ attention and time. 

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to introduce yourself and your product in just 30 seconds, making sure you make the best of this opportunity. 

You: Am I talking to Mr[name of person]

Prospects: yes

You: I need just 2 mins of yours

Prospects: But who are you and what do you do?

You: I am[name], calling from[company name]. You must agree with how difficult it has become to find a home to buy for the first time.

Prospect: Yes

You: And that’s why we help people to buy their first home at a fair price in their choice of location. We don’t let our customers compromise either in price or location, both would be of their choice.

Do you know someone who might be looking to buy their first dream home?

Prospect answers.

Your prospect might answer this or might not, but you have planted that seed, which gives you sweet fruit.

3. Expired Listing Scripts

Many times, home sellers lose hope when their property doesn’t get sold even after waiting for a year. At that time reaching out to them with your offer with a great pitch can give them some hope. 

Let’s see how you can craft a pitch that can motivate your prospects to invest in you.

You: Hi this is [your name], calling from[your company name]. I have called regarding the property that you want to sell for a long time but could not sell. I hope this is the best time to call.

Prospects: yes

You: Are you interested in putting up it in the sale of your property which has expired 

Prospects: yes, but I am quite unsure about this.

You: We surely can for this issue, is this a good time to talk?

Prospect: Yes

You: Your house is a great property at a great location which is why I am interested in helping you to find the right buyer. What was the highest price you received last year?

Prospect answers

You: Did you face any objections from the buyers for not buying the property?

Prospect answers

You: Great, I can suggest to you some areas of improvement. As per my research, the house in your area is getting sold at the [mention the price]. I can help you to sell your property at an even higher price.

I sold the house in your area at the price[mention price]. Are you ready to alter the sales approach that can help you land the best price for your house?

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4. Referral sales Pitch

Next, real estate sales pitch sample to make people make quick decisions, you need to give them some social proof. We human beings make decisions based on other people’s experiences. 

And that’s why when you show them the review given by your past clients, they can trust you even more and become your customers.

For that, you need to pitch your past clients about giving you some reviews or recommendations. If they are happy with your service they would give. 

Let’s see how you can curate this script so that they can give you a referral instantly.

You: Hi, Am I talking to Mr[person’s name]? 

Prospect: yes

You: I am[your name] calling from[company name]. I hope you remember me. I had helped you in finding the best property in the choice of your location.

Prospect: Yes of course I remember you. 

You: Recently I sold a house in your neighborhood, that is why I remember you. How is the new house? How are things going so far?

Prospect answers

You: We are expanding our business and want our happy clients to be our brand ambassadors. Would you like to rate us and write a testimonial for us?

Prospect: Yes I will be happy to do that

You: Awesome, can I share the link to this email or phone number?

Prospect: yes

You: Just want to confirm. Would you mind if I use your name on our website when mentioning your review?

Prospect: I don’t mind at all

You: Also it would be great if you can refer any leads that might be interested in selling or buying the house.

Prospect: My niece is interested in buying a house. I will share his contact information with you.

You: That’s great. It was great talking to you.

5. Online buyer lead script

This digitally dominated world has made it quite easier for you to get inbound leads. Though these leads are the hottest lead with a maximum potential of conversion, you also have to take regular follow up. 

This online form gives you all the information of the prospects including email IDs and phone numbers. 

Though sending an email is the best way to follow up, don’t just rely on email. To get a prompt response call them directly. When you call, start the conversation by reminding them about the form they have filled up. 

You can use this script for reminding them about their interest in your service

You: Hi, am I talking to Mr[name]?

Prospect: Yes

You: I am[your name] calling from[company’s name], calling you regarding your interest in our service. You have filed the form on our website, do you remember?

Prospect: Yes

You: Great, is it a good time to talk?

Prospect: yes

You: Awesome! I wanted to make sure that you get the information you were looking for. I was waiting for your reply to our mail but can understand how overwhelming sometimes the inbox gets. 

And that’s why I thought to call you. May I know why you have chosen this location?

Prospect answers

You: This is the perfect area for buying a new property, as there are so many new developments coming in this area which will uplift the price of the home in the future.

Just recently I sold a house in this area. The owner is very happy with the location and all the benefits.

Would you like to meet and discuss the details in person?


Crafting an effective real estate sales call script can be a daunting task, but this guide has shown you how to do it with confidence. With the right approach, you can use cold calling as an invaluable tool in your real estate marketing strategy and build up a successful business from scratch. So what are you waiting for? Get started using these scripts today!

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FAQs: Commercial Real Estate Cold-Calling Scripts

1) Is cold calling still effective in real estate?

Yes, cold calling can still be an effective tool for real estate agents. While some may argue that it is becoming less effective due to the rise of digital marketing and social media, there are several reasons why cold calling should not be overlooked:

1. Personal touch: 

Real estate cold calling allows you to establish a personal connection with potential clients in a way that email or social media cannot.

2. Immediate feedback: 

With cold calling, you can quickly gauge whether someone is interested in your services or not, as opposed to waiting for responses from emails or online ads.

3. Targeted approach: 

By researching and creating a list of prospects before making calls, agents can ensure they are reaching out to individuals who fit their target market.

4. Cost-effective: 

Compared to other forms of advertising like billboards or TV commercials, cold calling is relatively inexpensive and has the potential for high returns on investment.

To maximize success with cold calling in real estate, it’s important to have a clear script prepared ahead of time and focus on building rapport with each person contacted rather than just trying to make a sale. 

Additionally, following up after initial calls with personalized emails or follow-up phone calls can help solidify relationships and keep potential clients engaged until they are ready to buy or sell the property.

2) Can you do real estate without cold calling?

Yes, you can do real estate without cold calling. While it is a common practice in the industry, many other strategies and techniques can be used to attract clients and generate leads.

One effective approach is to establish an online presence through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is especially fruitful for real estate agents because the platform connects them with clients in their target market. These LinkedIn real estate marketing examples can help you increase your reach but don’t forget to establish a presence elsewhere with your content.

By creating engaging content that offers valuable insights into the local real estate market, you can build trust with potential clients and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Another powerful tool at your disposal is email marketing. By building a database of contacts from past transactions or networking events, you can send targeted messages highlighting new properties or special promotions that may pique their interest.