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As per the report, Governor Kathy Hochul announced major investments to help to improve acute access to acute mental healthcare and hospital psychiatric beds in New York. She has promised to add 1000 more psychiatric beds and 3500 housing units for New Yorkers with mental health issues.

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Top 10 Psychiatric Hospitals in New York

Psychiatric Hospitals in New York
Name of hospitalCityNumber of beds
Rockland Psychiatric CenterOrangeburg440
Creedmoor psychiatric centerQueenVillage349
Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric CenterNew Hampton285
Pilgrim psychiatric centerWest Brentwood274
South Beach psychiatric centerStaten Island257
Manhattan psychiatric centerNew york209
Kirby Forensic Psychiatric centerNew York218
Four Winds WestchesterKatonah175
Kingsboro psychiatric centerBrooklyn163
Rochester psychiatric centerRochester, NY174

Overview of the Best Psychiatric Hospital in New York

1) Rockland psychiatric center

City: Orangeburg

Number of beds: 440

The Rockland psychiatric center provides treatment, rehabilitation, and support to adults with 18 and more with serious mental illness. This psychiatric facility is known for various treatments that include

  • Hospital-based care
  • Ambulatory/out-patient clinic 
  • Assertive community treatment terms
  • Mobile mental health teams
  • Residential programs

If your product is designed to aid 

  • Deaf adults
  • Geriatrics
  • Co-occurring substance disorders

then targeting Rockland psychiatric hospital can be worthy of your time and effort. 

2) Creedmoor psychiatric center

 City: QueensVillage

Number of beds: 349

Creedmoor psychiatric centers are continuously striving to provide compassionate, and high-quality mental health services for Queens County residents with the help of the best psychiatrists in New York

The hospital is known for providing a continuum of inpatient, outpatient, and related psychiatric services with inpatient hospitalization at the main campus and five outpatient sites in borough queens.

3) Pilgrim psychiatric center

City: West Brentwood

Number of beds: 274

Founded in the year 1931, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center was one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in New York when it was built. It is an independent community that has its own

  • Electric and healing plants
  • Sewage systems
  • Fire and police department
  • Court
  • Church
  • Post-office
  • greenhouse 


It provides both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services, where inpatient service includes

Central Nassau Guidance center and Transitional service

Charles. K post Addiction treatment center

Phoenix house is a residential treatment center for those who are in intermediate care.

4) South Beach Psychiatric Centre

City: Staten Island

Number of beds: 257

South Beach Psychiatric Centre provides the best psychiatric treatment to the people of Western Brooklyn, Southern state Island, and Manhattan south of 42nd street. It serves inpatient children and youth ages 12-18. 

5) Manhattan Psychiatric center

City: New york

Number of beds: 209

Manhattan psychiatric center is known for its comprehensive, evidence-based, inpatient, and outpatient treatment for adults. It also provides training for 

  • Psychiatric residents
  • medical students
  • Psychology interns and externs
  • Social work externs
  • Nursing students

6) Kirby Forensic Psychiatric center

City: New york

Number of beds: 218

Kirby is the maximum security forensic psychiatric center located in New York, that offers evidence-based practices in a therapeutic setting. This facility serves patients with the age of 18 or more. 

7) Four winds Winchester

City: Katonah

Number of beds: 175

Four Winds Winchester is a leading provider of inpatient psychiatric care for children, Adolescents, and adults. They believe and provide clinically effective and cost-effective treatment by providing quality treatment. It has various treatment programs namely

  • Child in-patient and out-patient treatment
  • Pre-teen inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Adolescent in-patient and out-patient treatment
  • Adult in-patient and out-patient treatment

8) KingsBorrow psychiatric center

City: Brooklyn

Number of beds: 164

Kingsboro psychiatric center is known for its competent psychiatric care by providing

  • Comprehensive and integrated 24 hrs psychiatric care for hospitalized patients
  • 48-bed transitional resistance
  • 65-bed family care programs with certified homes in the community


They provide their service in the region of Kings County and Greater New York.

They serve people 18 years and above.

9) Rochester Psychiatric Centre

City: Rochester

Number of beds: 174

Rochester Psychiatric center is committed to providing tailored psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation service that promotes recovery. 

It offers various services that include 

  • Inpatient, Residential, and community supports to adults
  • Residential and Community support programs to
  • Inpatient programs to forensic patients.

Their services are specially designed for adolescents and adults.

10) Mid-Hudson forensic psychiatric center

City: New Hampton

Number of beds: 285

This psychiatric facility provides a comprehensive program of 

  • Evaluation
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation

They serve people of 16 years and more.


New York is populated with psychiatrists and psychiatric facilities, and many more are coming up to make it accessible to as many mentally challenged people as possible. In such scenarios staying up to date with all the new facilities and staying in touch with old ones is quite important.

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FAQs on psychiatric hospitals in new york

1) How to find a psychiatrist in nyc

There are a lot of mental healthcare providers in NYC. NYC is saturated with psychiatrists of all types of degrees. And therefore finding their accurate details is quite challenging. These psychiatrists often change their organization or department, due to which their contact details are bound to change. 

So how do you get their details and reach them? To make your reach-out process easy, Ampliz provides you with a comprehensive database of psychiatrists in New York. Ampliz gives you a 98% accurate, real-time updated, and compliant database of the psychiatrist you are looking to reach out to.

2) How many psychiatric hospitals are there in New York?

There are about 97 psychiatric hospitals in New York.